which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Crich Parish Field Names 1849

The map, which has been photographed, is in the hands of George Wigglesworth, and we are grateful for permission to use the images.

Each of the maps is slice taken from the top of the parish (near Canada Farm) down the parish to the bottom at Bull Bridge. There is an overlap on each slice.

The small map shows the complete parish area.The blue boundary is pre-1897 before this part was annexed by Holloway.

map of Crich parish boundaries

This grid, which is not to scale, shows roughly the location and area covered by each of the following maps –

grid of field name map

Click on any map to see an enlarged view (please note that this may take a little time to download depending on your connection). Use your browser magnification option to make the image even larger.

Map 1

mapa 1849

Map 2

mapb 1849

Map 3

mapc 1849

Map 4

mapd 1849

Map 5

map 1849

Map 6


Map 7


Map 8

map 1849

Map 9

map 1849

Map 10

map 1849

Map 11

map 1849

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