which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Moorwood Moor Sunday School c1951

Photo courtesy of Janet Patilla

The photograph was taken at the Sunday School Anniversary in about 1951.

moorwood Moor Sunday School

Back row: Shirley Whiteman, Gwen Yeomans, Jenny Ludlam, Joe Yeomans (Superintendant), Colin Fantom

Middle row: (first two could be Sandra Ludlam and Doreen Baldwin), Anne Hunt, Eric Fantom, Sylvia Yates, Winifred Yates, Janet Lynam

Front row: Pauline Baldwin, Iris Hunt, Billy Hunt?, Neville Yates, Joan Lynam, Mary Baldwin, Howard Thorpe

Moorwood Moor Chapel

Moorwood Moor Chapel is still used as a place of worship.

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