which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

The Perry Family

Photos & information courtesy of Clifford Raven

Annie and Mary Perry

Photo of the Perry sisters

Left is Annie Perry (to become Mrs William Barnes)
Right is her sister Mary Ollerenshaw (née Perry)
There was another sister Phyliss Hawkley (née Perry)

William Rose Perry (1875–1953)

William Perry

William RosePerry, son of Mary Faulks Perry, was born at Crich in 1875. He was an accomplished athlete; this picture shows him surrounded by only a fraction of his prizes. He was a member of The Ambergate Harriers as a young man, and into the 1900s.

Article about William Perry
An undate newspaper article, courtesy Alan Flint

William was a miner and one-time landlord at the "Greyhound" on Roes Lane.

Perry Family in mourning

Crich Wakes Parade

Crich Wakes Parade, about 1909, with the Perry family in mouning dress for Henry Perry.
Centre in large gey hat is Marjorie Wherret (née Ollerenshaw) born 1884.
To her right, in black, Annie Barnes (née Perry) 1877–1959 and her sister Phylis Hawksley (née Perry) 1866–1953.
Young girl on the right facing forward is Esther Barnes, daughter of Annie, born 1900.

photo of Henry Perry
Henry Perry 1834–1909
photo of Ann Perry
Ann Perry (née Faulks)

Henry lodged with Samuel Wheatcroft, publican, until he married Ann in 1859. He was a framework knitter until 1897 when he became a road man. Although his wife was unable to read or write she composed poems, prose and rhyming couplets which were penned by her daughter. They lived at Chapel Row and Crich Market Place .
It is reported that Henry and Ann becamed debtors to Crich butcher Vaughan Taylor and in order to clear the debt their daughter, Phylis, went as servant to the Taylor family. She was not well treated there. Some time later she was collected, in very poor health, by Henry and Ann. Phylis later married George Hawksley and had thirteen children.

Perry sisters

The three Perry sisters, daughters of Henry and Ann Perry, from left to right is Annie 1877–1959, Mary 1854–1932, and Phyliss 1866–1953, all of them being born in Crich.

Photo of Fountaine Perry and his wife

The delightfully named Fountaine Perry (1861–1936) and his wife Hannah (née Rowe) (1862–1933). Both were born in Crich. They married 24 July 1881 at St Mary's, Crich. Fountaine was brother to Annie, Mary and Phyliss.

Photo courtesy Betty Sykes
Madge and Mary Perry

Madge, Joe and Mary Perry taken about 1923.

Photo courtesy Betty Sykes
Perry airmen
William (Billy) Perry, John Cooper (cousin) and Joseph Perry; RAF WW2.
These were cousins – grandsons of Joel Perry (b. 1856).
William born 1917c, John born 1917 and Joseph born 1915.

Information courtesy Cliff Raven & Alan Perry

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