which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Burials in William Piggin's note book

William Piggin's book was courtesy of Ken Stinson and Roy Siddons

The transcription below is taken from the notebook of William Piggin who was sexton at St Mary's Church for many years. In the book he notes the graves, their position and depth. The depth was important in case of a second burial and whether this was feasible. He also adds (sometimes) age and address. The names are transcribed as he spelt them.

Other burial records on this site show those graves with monumental inscriptions or a visible record of who is buried. This record shows all the burials over a given period of time (c1900 to c1920), many of the graves are unmarked. However, it should be possible to find the site from the description given.

In addition to the transcription I have added a few known MI pointers to aid anyone who wishes to find a particular grave site.

A note of appreciation to Ken Stinson and Roy Siddons for entrusting a piece of their family history to me so that I could transcribe it. The actual book, with all its additional non-burial notes, will be put onsite in the near future.

William Piggin Burial Record: Burials on new ground

    depth of grave
Visible MIs
From behind the headstone of Annie Willlgoose reading east to west           Annie Willgoose – marble headstone and kerb died 14 Aug 1904
  Griffin Gladys child Crich Carr    
  Hyde George Lynam little boy Moorwood Moor    
  Brocklehurst Ethel child Bullbridge    
  Linnie Marjorie child Tors, Crich    
  Halls   baby Fritchley    
  Bowmer   boy of Joseph Bowmer Crich    
  Cowlishaw Louise Ann   Coddington, Crich    
  Wragg Willie killed at Cliff Quarry Crich    
  Thorpe Samuel   Park Head, Crich    
  Fitzgerald Miss   Crich    
  Radford Samuel & Mrs lie in one grave by the right hand side of the two little ones mentioned above viz Gladdis Griffin and Geo. L. Hyde Fritchley   Gritstone headstone. Samuel d. 4 Jul 1905, wife Susannah Elizabeth d. 6 Jan 1905
From behind the headstone to Joseph Mather            
  Parnham Benjamin   Hill Top, nr. Crich 4  
  Hyden Wm   Crich 3  
  Storer Ann (Nancy Dawes) Crich 3  
  Taylor Celia   Crich 3  
  Pares Samuel   Plaistow Green, Crich    
  Butler Jim   Fritchley    
      I did not bury the last two here mentioned      
From behind Dysons headstone reading from east wall up to footpath (1st row)            
  Roe Mary   Crich 4  
  Cooper Jabez   Fritchley 3  
  Amatt Dorothy   Crich 3  
  Flint Dorris   Fritchley 3  
  Taylor Elizabeth   Fritchley 3  
  Slack Jane   Fritchley 4  
  Lee William   Crich Carr 3  
  Perkins Thomas   Moorwood Moor 5  
  Slack Lucy P and Henry Slack Park Head 5 Marble headstone Lucy d. 2 Nov 1906; Henry d. 3 Dec 1925
  Henshaw Emily   Crich 4  
  Bradley Rebecca   Crich Carr 3  
  Platts Sarah   Park Head 3  
  Dick Reuben   Fritchley 3  
  Nightingale Mary   Crich Common 5  
  Beresford George   Moorwood Moor 3  
  Howe Mary   Crich Carr 3  
From the side of Dysons headstone reading east to west up to footpath (2nd row)            
  Curzon William and his little boy Sam Crich Carr 5  
  Dehny Henry and Mrs Dehny Church Farm, Crich 6 Marble headstone Henry d. 24 Mar 1906, Lucy d. 22 May 1913
  Wharmby Samuel and his widow Robin Hood, Crich 6  
  Greenhough John and his son Bernard Crich 5  
  Smith William   Cottage on the Cliff 3  
  Gee Ethel Mary   Fritchley 3  
  Parnham Ellen   Crich 4  
  Slater Thomas   Crich 3  
  Highton Mr and Mrs John   Crich 6  
  Peacock Annie   Whatstandwell Crich 6 Marble Cross. Annie d. 23 Apr 1907
  Greenhough Ellen   Wakebridge, Crich 5  
  Henyon Luke   Thurlow Booth Crich 3  
  Wood Joseph H   Hill Top Crich 4  
  Brown Tryphena   Cromford 5  
  Henshaw Betsy   Crich 3  
  Sully John H   Fritchley 3  
Reading from East wall up to the footpath (3rd row)            
  Darwin Mary Rebecca   Cromford 3  
  Knowles Clifford baby Crich 3  
  Stoppard Hannah and husband Somercotes 5  
  Haslem Frederick   Crich 5  
  Mason Hannah died at county asylum Crich 4  
  Dakin Mary and husband Wheatcroft 6  
  Monk Arthur navvy Crich 4 Marble Urn. Arthur d. 31 Dec 1907
  Pierpoint Agnes E   Culland Farm Crich 3  
  Taylor Samuel   Crich 3  
  Bowmer Sarah H   Thurlow Booth Crich 5  
      Judge Jones      
  Gaunt Robert   Crich 4 Marble Cross. Robert d. 27 Feb 1908
  Cooper John Wm. died at county asylum Fritchley 3  
  Bothrill Julia navvies wife Crich Carr 4  
  Pares Margerett Emma   Wheatcroft 4  
  Brown Alice   Fritchley Crich 4  
  Murphy Harriett   Amber-grove Crich 4  
  Smith Eliza Ann   Fritchley 4  
  Hollingsworth Henry died at Belper Crich 3  
Reading from East wall up to the footpath (4th row)            
  Spendlove Mr & Mrs Robt   Plaistow Green Crich 6  
  Wood Mrs John   Hill-top Crich 6  
  Bellamy Martha   Wheatcroft Crich 5  
  Allwood Henry   Wakebridge Crich 4  
  Beighton Mary Ann   Fritchley Crich 5  
  Willgoose John   Crich 4 Marble Kerb. John d. 10 Aug 1908
  Roe William   Crich 4  
  Poyser John Charles   Park Head 3  
  Smith James S   Bulls Head Inn Crich 3  
  Sully Leiviner died at county asylum Crich 3  
  Henshaw James   Crich 4  
  Oliver George   Crich 3  
  Cowlishaw Mary   Crich 3  
  Atkins Mary   Fritchley Crich 3  
  Rodgers Catherine & William Rodgers Fritchley Crich 5  
  Nash John   Coddington 3  
  Sully Elizabeth   Fritchley Crich 3  
Reading from East wall up to the footpath (5th row)            
  Porter Lily baby Hag Farm Crich 3  
  Lynam Elizabeth Ellen   Fritchley Crich 6  
  Hyde Frank Marshall   Moorwood Moor Crich 4 Marble headstone. Francis d. 24 May 1900
  Sheldon Mary Ann   Park Head Crich 4  
  Harrison John   Crich Carr Crich 3  
  Perry Henry   Crich 4  
  Briddon Samuel and wife the Common Crich 4 Marble headstone Samuel d. 21 Aug 1909. Thirza d. 10 Sep 1923
  Brocklehurst George Smith killed at Ashover   4  
  Boot John H   Plaistow Green Crich 3  
  Duffield Ann (Tomlinson) Crich 4  
  Wragg Hannah and Luke her husband Chapel Row Crich 5  
  Lakin Mr & Mrs John   Crich 5  
  Holden Lizzie   Crich 3  
  Prince Ann   Crich 3  
  Limb Mary   Prospect Terrace Crich 4  
  Stinson Eliza   Fritchley Crich 3  
  Street Joshua   Cliffe Inn Crich 5 Believed buried 1 Jan 1910
Reading from East wall up to the footpath (6th row)            
  Storer William brick vault Fritchley Crich 6  
      Lynams preserved ground for one grave moorwood moor      
  Barber Emma died at Matlock   4  
  Mowbrey George and his widow Crich 6 Marble headstone. George d.3 Nov 1910. Harriett d. 9 Dec 1921
  Frost William   Hockley Hole Crich 3  
  Shipley William died at union Belper   3  
  Taylor James A died at Childrens Hospital Derby Fritchley 3  
  Coleman Joseph killed at Cliff Quarry Chadwick-a-nick Crich 4  
      Judge Jones vaults      
  Parkin Mr & Mrs George   Bullbridge Crich 5 Marble headstone. George d. 6 jan 1910. Mary d.4 Sep 1910
  Cowlishaw William painter Fritchley Crich 3  
  Beresford Frederick and his wife Ellen (Collins) killed at Ambergate lime kilns   5  
  Bowmer Lucinder and Thomas Bowmer Crich 5  
  Bollington German   Crich Carr Crich 6  
  Prince John   Nr Church Crich 3  
  Greenhough Elizabeth Joseph Greenhough Whaetcroft Crich 5  
  Nash Charles   Coddington Crich 4  
From east wall reading east to west to the foot of the grave of George Mowbrey (7th row)            
  Hinds Sarah   Bullbridge Crich 3  
  Haynes John and his widow, vault the Dimple Crich 5 Marble cross. John d. 26 Jan 1911.Ellen d. 30 Apr 1917
  Bainbridge Ann   Crich 3  
From east wall up to footpath reading east to west (7th row)            
  Hallam Arthur aged 6 years. Vera Hallam 5 years Opposite Kings Arms Crich 4 Marble cross. Arthur d.31 Oct 1912, Vera d. 23 Seo 1914
  Leam William   Cromford 4  
  Taylor Elizabeth (Cauldwell) Crich 4  
  Purdy Mary died at Babbington House Belper   3  
  Dawes Ann   Pump Green Crich 3  
  Wright Elizabeth Hannah and Joseph Wright Ambergate Heage 5  
  Bingham Charity Jane   Hedge Farm Crich 4  
  Taylor Ronold   Potters Hillock Moorwood Moor Crich 3  
  Goodall Thomas   Fritchley Crich 4  
  Walters Joseph (NAT) died at Union House Belper   4  
  Wilton Nellie (died at Derby) and her mother Mary   5 Marble headstone. Nellie d.22 dec 1911. Mary Elizabeth d. 21 Feb 1918
  Bowmer Hannah   the Fields Crich 4  
  Harrison Edith   Crich Common 4  
  Cooper Elizabeth and Philip Cooper Fritchley 5  
  Walker John Thomas   Nr P.M. Chapel Crich 3  
  Holmes Sarah   Rose Lane Crich 3  
  Cotton Robert   Plaistow Green Crich 3  
From east wall up to footpath reading east to west (8th row)            
  Redfern Clifford 2 years Town end Crich 3  
  Taylor Evelyn Ford 20 years Bulbridge Crich 4  
  Porter John Alfred 52 years. Killed at Ridgeway Crich 5  
  Harrison Charles 67 years. Died sudden Coddington 3  
  Harris William 65 years Whatstandwell 3  
  Bollington John 32 years Crich Carr 3  
  Kenyon John Samuel 25 years Fritchley 3  
  Woolley John 72 years. Died sudden Crich Carr 3  
  Clarke William 42 years Crich 3  
  Taylor Charlotte 70 years Rock Terrace Crich 5  
  Brown Elizabeth 54 years Market Place Crich 4  
  Barratt Eliza 42 years Park Head Crich 6  
  Slack Alice Ellen 48 years Crich Carr 4  
  Prince Samuel 88 years. Died at Belper Union Robin Hood Crich 4  
  Henshaw George 84 years. Died at Belper Union Crich 4  
  Amatt Henry 79 years Fritchley 4  
  Cauldwell William 69 years. Thurlow Booth Crich 5  
Reading east to west up to the top of quarry hole by the right hand side of the footpath (row No 1) 1912            
  Fantom James Thomas 37 years. Oct 21st Nr Cross Crich 4 Marble headstone. James d. 18 Oct 1912
  Cowlishaw Edward 32 years. Nov 10th Fritchley 3  
  Cauldwell Frederick 28 years Crich 3  
  Swift Ann 63 years Fritchley Crich 4  
  Holmes Mary 87 years Wheatcroft Crich 3  
  Hutchinson Lucy 30 years top of Dimple Lane Crich 3  
  Walters Barbara 84 years. And William Walters The Tors Crich 5  
  Fletcher Ann Margaret 79 years Fritchley 4  
  Dawes Abraham 62 years and his wife Elizabeth Dawes Crich 5 Marble kerb. Abraham d. 27 Sep 1913. Elizabeth d. 25 Aug 1917
  Bown Susannah 52 years Coddington Crich 5  
  Wragg William 44 years Bulls Head yard 5  
Reading east to west to top of quarry hole (Row No 2)            
  Pierpoint Arthur 7 years Farnsfield Southwell 4  
  Hawkes Harold Bruce 24 years Crich 4 Limestone headstone Harold d. 17 Feb 1913
  Rodgers Harriett 48 years Fritchley 4  
  Richards Mary 81 years Bullbridge Crich 3  
  Clare Ann 77 years Crich Carr 4  
  Martin Catherine 47 years. Died at county asylum Somercotes 3  
  Prince William 88 years Fritchley 4  
  Ollerenshaw Hannah 77 years The Tors Crich 4 Ceramic plaque. Hannah d. 5 May 1914
  Wragg Thomas 14 years. Killed at Oakerthorpe pit Thurlow Booth Crich 4-6in  
  Redfern Mary Ann 59 years and Henry Redfern 62 years Saw-mills Heage 5  
  Limb Jane 65 years. and James Limb her husband Burtons Yard Crich 5  
  Radford Joseph 65 years South View Fritchley 7  
Reading east to west to top of quarry hole (Row No 3)            
  Heappy George 4 months Town end Crich 3  
  Frost George 73 years Rose Lane Crich 3  
  Wright Joseph 76 years Fritchley Crich 3  
  Barton Marion 23 years Derwent View Whatstandwell 4 Marble kerb. Marion d, 5 Oct 1914
  Hinton Jane 85 years Workhouse Row Crich 4  
  Davis Ann 85 years. Died at Derby   3  
  Watts William 53 years Bullbridge Crich 3  
  Wetton Hannah 67 years South Wingfield Park 4  
  Taylor Emily 65 years The Mount Crich 6  
  Twigg Ann 74 years. and George her husband Canal side Ambergate 6 Marble kerb. Ann d.8 Nov 1914. George d. 18 Apr 1918
  Turner James 69 years Crich Carr 5  
  Cowlishaw Eliza 82 years. and James her husband Market Place Crich 5  
Reading east to west to top of quarry hole (Row No 4)            
  Cotton Bessy 73 years Wheatcroft Crich 3  
  Critchlow Mary 25 years Culland Farm 4  
  Woodward Ada 45 years Homesford Wirksworth 3  
  Smith Samuel H 80 years Bullbridge Crich 4  
  Slack Adaline 16 years Wirksworth 3  
  Hall Isaac 47 years The Tors Crich 3  
  Taylor Ellen Amelia 47 years Ridgeway Heage 5  
  Duffield Alice Eliza Tomlinson 37 years Crich 3  
  Smith Colin Charles 48 years Wessington 5 Marble headstone. Colin d. 5 Aug 1915
  Storer Hannah 57 years and Hiram. Vault Fritchley Crich 6  
  Walker Mr & Mrs Geo 68 & 82 years The Populars Crich Common 5  
Reading east to west to top of quarry hole (Row No 5) 1915            
  Mason James William 55 years Crich Carr 4  
  Redfern Samuel 49 years Fritchley 3  
  Cutts Alice 85 years Fritchley 3  
  Bonsall Leslie (Hughes) 4 years Crich Carr 3  
  Martin Sarah 56 years Coddington Crich 3  
  Wain Jane 49 years Fritchley Crich 4  
  Hiden Sarah 67 years Thorphill Fritchley 3  
  Allen Mary Ann 49 years Nr Wesleyan Chapel Crich 5  
  Peach Elizabeth (Bryan) 56 years and husband Bents Hill farm 6 Marble headstone/ Elizabeth d. 19 May 1916. John Bryan d. 14 Dec 1925
  Earnshaw Charles A 61 years and his wife Whatstandwell 5  
  Atkins Gilbert (pte) 18 years died in hospital Fritchley 4 On Crich Roll of Honour. Gritstone headstone. Gilbert d. 25 May 1917
Reading east to west to top of quarry hole (Row No 6)            
  Rowe Ronald 4 years Fritchley 3  
  Twigg John 54 years Saw-mills Heage 3  
  Rawson Benjamin 32 years Fritchley Crich 4 Ceramic marker. Benjamin d. 17 Nov 1915
  Wragg Ann 87 years Ambergate Heage 4  
  Barber Fanny 62 years and Samuel Wakebridge Crich 5  
  Holmes Samuel 75 years and Eliza Sandy Lane Crich 6  
  Benson Mary 27 years and her mother Maria Mansfield Woodhouse 5  
  Wragg Frederick (pte) 31 years Crich 5 On Crich Roll of Honour
  Dawes Robert 70 years Crich 6  
  Cowlishaw Mary Ann 57 years Crich 6  
  Hinton Sarah 74 years and James and James Hinton her husband Crich 5  
From East wall to top of quarryhole reading East to West (Row No 7)            
  Allen Lorna 2 months Fritchley    
  Cauldwell Martha 26 years Nr Kings Arms Inn Crich 3  
  Redfern Ann 65 years died Robin Hood Duffield 4  
  Taylor Thomas 42 years died at Nottingham Crich 4  
  Hinton Frederick John 80 years Crich 4  
  Hill William 80 years Sandy Lane Crich 4  
  Hall John 60 years Ridgeway Lane Heage 3  
  Holden John 76 years and wife Hannah Nr Wesleyan Chapel 5  
  Kenyon John H Shaw 37 years and his father Fritchley 5  
  Wyles Edith 21 years Police Station Crich 4 Marble cross. Edith d. 29 Apr 1918
  Wootton Ceiley 2 years Thurlow Booth 3  
Reading from East wall to top of quarry hole (Row No 8)            
  Spendlove Florence 41 years Crich Carr 5  
  Cheetham Mary Hannah 47 years Crich Carr 4  
  Kenyon Martha 78 years Thurlow Booth Crich 4  
  Woolley Samuel 61 years Crich 3  
  Day John 81 years Fritchley 3  
  Dawes John 66 years Crich 5 Limetone kerb. John d.15 Mar 1915
  Taylor Florence Elsie 25 years Fritchley 5  
  Slack Henry 62 years Mill-green Crich 5  
  Sellors George Herbert 5 years Ambergrove Crich 3  
From East wall to top of quarryhole reading East to West (Row No 9)            
  Peacock Jonathan 91 years Whatstandwell 4  
  Poyser Edith May 24 years Crich 4  
  Else Annie 33 years Robin Hood Crich 3 Marble block. Annie d. 5 Feb 1917
  Beighton Thomas 75 years Fritchley 3  
  Fogg Thomas 52 years Crich 4  
  Wragg James 57 years Cliff House Crich 5  
  Barber Mabel 41 years Crich Carr 5 Reconstituted headstone. Mabel d. 2 Nov 1918
  Lee Louisa 20 years Nr Cross Crich 5  
Reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 10)            
  Martin William 66 years Crich Market Place 4 ft 6 Limestone vase. William d. 26 May 1917
  Goddard John Henry Smith 45 years Crich Carr 4  
  Barber Margaret 51 years opposite church Crich 3  
  Haynes Martha 55 years Dimple Villa Crich 4 Marble Cross. Martha d. 8 Dec 1917
  Sully Henry 54 years Mill-green Crich 3  
  Taylor Frederick 70 years Fritchley 3  
  Limb Gladys 14 years Crich 3  
  Ludlam Elsie 12 years Thorpehill Crich 3  
Reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 11)            
  Fritchley Joseph 61 years Fritchley Crich 4  
  Prince Mary Ann 80 years Fritchley 4  
  Kirk Mary 55 years opposite Kings Arms 4  
  Peat Hannah 94 years Fritchley 4  
  Bunting Ellen 57 years Robin Hood Crich 4  
  Laband Elizabeth 72 years Crich Common 4  
  Wilson William 76 years The Archway Crich 4  
Read from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 12)            
  Oldfield Thomas 89 years Crich 5  
  Coleman John 39 years Crich 4  
  Kneebone Thomas 74 years Crich 4  
  Allen Frances 37 years Crich Carr 4  
  Draper Annie 23 years (Berisford) Mansfield Woodhouse 4  
  Bramall Joseph Baggerley 44 years Crich 4 Marble cross. Joseph d. 1 Aug 1918
  Lynam Katherine 61 years Crich Common 4  
Reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 13)            
  Housley Luke 15 months Market Place Crich 3  
  Oliver Charles 58 years Crich 3  
  Tomlinson John 71 years died at Belper Fritchley 3  
  Gehrhardt Otto 23 years died at Prisoners of war camp Crich   3  
Reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 14)            
  Kaminski Franj 28 years died at Prisoners of war camp Crich   3  
  Koyub Franz 31 years died at Prisoners of war camp Crich   3  
From North wall reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 1)            
  Adams George 54 years Crich 4  
  Martin Alfred 40 years died at Ripley Crich 4  
  Gration G. (pte) 25 years died at Colchester hospital   4 Crich Roll of Honour George Frederick Gration aged 25, 24/12/1918 husband of Ethel Mary (Ceramic Plaque)
  Taylor Murice (Heappey) 24 years Crich 4  
Row 2            
  Bingham James (pte) 37 years died in hospital at Canterbury Crich 4 Crich Roll of Honour 14/11/1918 Driver in Royal Engineers WR313269 (Gritstone Headstone)
  Hall Frank Arthur (pte) 28 years Crich 4 Crich Roll of Honour
  Buckley Anthony 73 years Parkgate Crich 5  
  Gibbons Elizabeth 69 years Wheatcroft Crich 5 Marble headstone. Elizabeth d. 4 Mar 1919. Daniel d. 9 Dec 1919
  Gibbons Daniel 66 years Wheatcroft Crich 4  
From North wall reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 3)            
  Martin William H 37 years Nottingham 4  
  Prince Eliza 52 years Chapel House Crich 3  
  Bown Frederick C 22 years died at Leicester Fritchley 4 Crich Roll of Honour died of wounds
  Wetton Bertha 5 years Crich Common 3  
From North wall reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 4)            
  Brumwell Geo Herbert 78 years Crich 5 Granite headstone. George d. 31 Jul 1919
  Mason Flora 15 years Nr church Crich 4  
  Kirk Murice 18 years The Common Crich 4  
  Lynam Elizabeth M 69 years Post Office Fritchley 4 Limestone kerb. Elizabeth d. 27 Dec 1919
From North wall reading from East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 5)            
  Patilla John 44 years Wheatcroft 4  
  Bowmer Joseph 58 years Coddingon Crich 5  
  Martin Timothy 73 years Whatstandwell Crich 5  
  Steer Dora 38 years Fritchley Crich 3  
Row No 6            
  Dixon Sarah 60 years and Robert her husband Ambergate Crich 5 Ceramic plaque, limestone kerb
  Northridge John 80 years Crich Cliff 4  
  Pickard Elizabeth 64 years Sheffield 4  
  Dawes Margarett (Maggie) 49 years Crich 4  
Row No 7            
  Marriott George 84 years Fritchley 5  
  Cauldwell Wm 71 years Crich Carr 5  
  Cauldwell Arthur 26 years Crich 4  
  Fox George 6 months      
Row No 8            
  Brumwell Elizabeth 53 years Post Office 7 Marble scroll. Elizabeth d.13 Sep 1920
  Radford Annie Caroline 66 years Hollins Farm 5  
  Seals Doris M 2 years Edge Moor Farm Crich 3  
From North Wall reading from foundation of old East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 9)            
  Oliver Thomas 52 years Town end Crich 5  
  West Ellen 78 years died sudden and her sister M. J. Mergerison 82 years of Crich Carr Crich 5  
Row No 10            
  Bradley Sarah Ann 56 years Fritchley 5  
  Needham Bertha Ann 34 Years Fritchley 4  
Row No 11            
  Sowter Martha Elizabeth 31 years Fritchley 4  
  Smith John Wm Allen 57 year Fritchley 4  
Row No 12            
  Bollington Sarah E (Heappey) 20 years Crich 4  
  Brown Samuel 80 years Crich Common 5  
From North Wall reading from foundation of old East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 13)            
  Howitt Hannah 83 years Crich 4 Marble kerb. Hannah d. 31 Dec 1920
  Reed Hannah 67 years Fritchley 5  
Row No 14            
  Brocklehurst Mary A 64 years Fishpond Farm Crich 6  
  Hitchcock Phyllis 69 years Wheatcroft Crich 5  
Row No 15            
  Curzon Francis (Frank) 32 years The Common Crich 4  
  Griffin Benjamin 19 years Whatstandwell Crich 4  
Row No 16            
  Kneebone Thomas 57 years Crich Common 5  
  Lee John (Cramp) 50 years died at Culland farm Crich 3  
  Wallace Frederick 10 months Crich 3  
Row No 17            
  Fisher Ellen 77 years Robin Hood Crich 4  
  Cheetom Ellen 78 years Nottingham 5  
  Taylor James S. 3 years Bullbridge 3  
From North Wall reading from foundation of old East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 18)            
  Walters Charles 50 years The Tors Crich 5  
  Wilton Edward 64 years and wife Newhaven 5 Marble Cross. Edward d. 21 Aug 1921
  Taylor Bernard 6 years Potters hillock Moorwood Moor 4  
Row No 19            
  Mellors James 62 years Nr Royal Oak Crich 5  
  Poyser Hannah 58 years Bullbridge Crich 5  
  Taylor Adeliza C. 75 years died at South Wingfield   4  
Row No 20            
  Booth Lawrence 60 years Fritchley 5 Marble shield. Lawrence d. 22 Nov 1921
  Derwin Mary Elizabeth 71 yeras Fritchley 3  
  Wragg Alfred 25 years Crich 3  
Row No 21            
  Wragg Martha A. 53 years Crich 5  
  Amatt James 34 years Crich 4  
  Brown Jane 21 years Crich 3  
From North Wall reading from foundation of old East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 22)            
  Cauldwell John 61 years The Common Crich 5  
  Kneebone Adam 46 Years Fritchley 4  
  Bradley Matilda Elizabeth 34 years Crich 5  
Row 23            
  Allen Mary 75 years Nr P.M. Chapel Crich 4  
  Rowe Catherine 41 years Fritchley 4  
  Andrews Martha 67 years died at Belper   3  
Row No 24            
  Curzon Charlotte 89 years Park-gate Crich 4  
  Else Eliza 63 years Pump green Crich 5  
  Sims Sarah Ann 72 years Heage 4 Marble vase. Sarah Ann d. 1922
Row 25            
  Emans Edward 77 years Park head Crich 5  
  Eaton Fanny Eliza 80 years Wheatcroft 4  
  Bowmer Mary E 29 years Crich 3  
  Furguson George Vincent 50 years Crich 5 Marble kerb. George d. 15 Jan 1925
From North Wall reading from foundation of old East wall to top of quarryhole (Row No 26)            
  Williamson Mary 70 years Fritchley 4ft 6in  
  Beighton Mary E 73 years Fritchley 4ft  
  Allen William 77 years Nr P.M. Chapel Crich 4  
Reading from footpath up to the new west wall            
  Slater Ellen died at Derby   3  
  Flint Eddie   Ronin Hood Whatstandwell Crich 3  
  Hardshorn Harriett and John Hardshorn Crich 5  
  Radford William F killed at Sims quarry Crich Carr 6  
  Flint George Wm   Ronin Hood Whatstandwell Crich 3  
  Hambledon Richard   Crich 4  
  Green John   Crich 3  
  Gough May   Crich Carr Crich 3  
  Cheetom Thomas     4  
  Green Edith M.P.   Crich 3  
  Tomlinson James   Fritchley 4  
  Mace Emily Mabel navvies baby Crich 3  
  Hartshorne Ernest died at Heckimadwike   5  
  Holmes Judith Harriet   Nr church Crich 6  
  Holmes Samuel and Mrs Holmes Crich 6  
  Peach Alfred   Crich Carr Crich 4  
  Brocklehurst Elizabeth   Bullbridge Crich 4ft 6in  
  Wood James Thos   Nr Wheatsheaf Inn Crich 3  
  Bainbridge John Wm (baby) Florence Stone Crich 3  
From footpath up to the new west wall east to west            
  Wheeldon Rose Ann (Gaunt) died at royal infirmary Derby and John Saw-mills Ambergate 5  
  Smith Hannah and Ferdin opposite church Crich 5  
  Kirk Percy   opposite Kings Arms Inn Crich 4  
  Crowder George   Nr Cross Crich 3  
  Patilla George and his wife Maria Wheatcroft Crich 5  
  Archer Mary died at royal infirmary Derby Fritchley 5  
  Holmes George died sudden Old Vicarage Crich 5  
  Richards William   Fritchley 3  
  Taylor Eric Arthur   Ridgeway Heage 3  
  Amatt Sarah   Fritchley 3  
  Marriot John died at Leicester Fritchley 3  
  Cooper Tryphena died at workhouse Belper Fritchley 3  
  Crowder Mary   Nr Cross Crich 3  
  Bown George Ernest 3 months old Fritchley 3  
  Rowland Ernest Arthur 2 years Crich Carr 3  
  Bowmer Florence May 5 years Market Place Crich 3  
  Allsop Robert Edwin 4 years 9 months Crich Carr 3  
  Smith William Allen 6 months died at Derby Fritchley 3  
  Bown Hannah 75 years Fritchley 4  
  Litchfield Beatrice May 10 years The hat factory Fritchley 3  
  Gaunt   unnamed babies of Wm Gaunt Cowper Lane    
  Stanley Cyril 9 months the hat factory Fritchley 3  
  Bunting Lenard 3 months Whatstandwell 3  
  Lynam Victor 1 year 9 months Crich Carr 3  
  Slack Samuel Carline 79 years and wife Crich Carr 4ft 6in Marble vase. Samuel d. 1912
  Chelu Myrtle Jean 12 months Whatstandwell 3  
  Daniels Kathleen May 11 years Whatstandwell 3  
  Cowlishaw Sydney 4 years Coddington Crich 3  
Top of page missing, hastily written            
  Minkley   Horace Minkleys baby Saw mills    
  Carline   Carlines child (in debt) Fritchley    
  Booth Violet Irene   Fritchley    
  Leafe   Miss Leafes baby Roes Lane Crich    
  Litchfield Gwendoline   Hat factory Crich    
  Kelshaw Mrs   Crich   Could be Helshaw
  Bonell Lewis Baby Crich    
  Porter Katherine   Fritchley    
  Hughes Joseph   Crich Carr    
  Taylor Thomas A   Crich    
  Pask Edna Eileen   Crich Carr    
  Withers Derick Arthur 9 months Hat factory Fritchley    
  Sanders Stanley        
  Whitehead G.A.        
  Carline F.        
  Sowter J.T.        
  Gretton Joyce        


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