which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

16th and 17th Century Radfords of Crich Derbyshire

Compiled by Garry and Terry Radford

Terry and Garry Radford have researched the name RADFORD in the Crich and Fritchley area. Their report contains several family trees so is in pdf format to retain the formatting. Click the link below.

Radfords of Crich in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Descendants of Thurston Radford

Thurstan RADFORD1 was born about 1585 probably in Crich Derbyshire England. He died and was buried on 28 April 1633 in Fritchley Derbyshire.
Noted events in his life:
He was a yeoman farmer. A yeoman is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate - qualifying by possessing land of an annual value of forty shillings to serve on a jury, or vote for the Knight of the shire"

Thurstan married Dorithye SMYTHE1 on 7 Jun 1607 in Crich, Derbyshire, England. Dorithye was born about 1590 in England. She died and was buried on 29 Mar 1630 in Crich. They had one son: Thurstan; (there may have been a second son Joseph.)

Thurstan RADFORD1 was born about 1610 in England and died in 1696.
Noted events in his life :
He was a yeoman farmer.
Joseph is described as a “gentleman” and appears to have married into local aristocracy
They lived in Horsley Woodhouse and in his will dated 2-06-1696 (probate granted in 1697) he left "one cottage in which we now live with one orchard" to Margery and eldest son Thurstan. Thomas by then owned "Hilltop" Horsley Woodhouse,
Thurstan married Margery STEDMAN1 on 8 Oct 1635 in St. Alkmunds, Derbyshire, England1 Margery was born about 1615 in England. They had four children: Dorothy, Thurstan, Joseph, and Thomas.

Dorathy RADFORD was born in 1636 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England
Thurstan RADFORD1 was born in 1640 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England and died a bachelor in 1696
Joseph RADFORD1 was born in 1645 in Horsley Derbyshire, England. Joseph married Elizabeth of Holbrooke. They had one child Martha.

Martha died in 1729. She married Thomas Radford of Woodhouse at South Wingfield on 13 July 1710. Thomas who was a Tanner died in1755 They had eight children: John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Martha, Sarah, Hannah, Thomas, Mary.

THOMAS RADFORD2 was born in 1644 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England and was buried on 15 Nov 1723 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England.
Noted events in his life were:
He was a yeoman farmer
He had a residence in 1704.3 Hill Top, Woodhouse, Horsley, Derbyshire, England Thomas was baptised in Horsley although his father Thurstan was originally from Fritchley in the parish of Crich It seems Thomas spent several years in Fritchley, possibly on the family farm, as his first four children were baptised there. By 1690 when Thomas Jnr was born, the family had moved to Horsley Woodhouse at Hilltop. Thomas also owned land at Kirk Ireton. Hilltop was about half mile from Stainsby House where Elizabeth of Denby lived with her first husband, also Thomas, and when widowed married Thomas Jnr.
In his will he left most of his estate including Hill Top to his son John the first child of his second marriage to Edith Vallance

Thomas married wife 1 name unknown ie (Mrs Thomas) in 1672. They had three children: George, Robert, William –

George RADFORD was baptised on 14-03-1674 in Crich Derbyshire.
George married Alice Flint on 4 May 1702 and they had seven children –

Thomas Radford
George Radford
John Radford. Baptised 2 May 1710
Joseph Radford
Benjamin Radford
William Radford
Alice Radford

Robert RADFORD was baptised on 13-11-1678 in Crich Derbyshire and was buried 19-10-1694 in Crich
William RADFORD was baptised on 15-03-1683 in Crich Derbyshire and was buried on 8-10-1683 in Crich Derbyhire

Thomas next married Eidith VALLANCE2 on 23 Jun 1686 in England. Eidith was born about 1666 in Wirksworth. They had six children John, Thomas, William, Grace, Elizabeth Hannah

John RADFORD2 was born in 1688 in Fritchley Crich Derbyshire, England and was christened on 5 Dec 1688 in Crich, Derbyshire, He died in 1769. On the death of his father he inherited Hill Top and in his will he left most of his estate to “my nephew John the elder of Stanley in the parish of Spondon"

Thomas RADFORD 2 Jnr was born in 1690 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England and was christened on 7 Sep 1690 in Horsley, Derbyshire, England2 and died in 1727. He had a shop in Horsley where he made and hired out stocking frames

Thomas Jnr married Elizabeth Radford (her second marriage) in 1710, She was born in 1682, and was buried in Horsley on 07-10-1737, they had five children. John, Elizabeth, Anne, Charles, Robert

John Radford baptised 23-05-1711
Elizabeth Radford baptised 17-02-1713
Robert Radford baptised 25-02-1717
Ann Radford baptised 07-03-1720
Charles Radford baptised 04-09-1723

Elizabeth was first married in Horsley to another Thomas Radford on 20-05-1700. She had four children by her first marriage. Thomas, William, Catherine, Francis

Thomas born approx 1701 and died in 1737
William baptised 22 April 1704 In Horsley
Catherine baptised 04 Mar 1705 in Horsley and was buried 22 Nov 1714
Francis baptised 18 Jan 1706 in Horsley

During her first marriage she lived at Stainsby house, Horsley Woodhouse In her will dated 06-01-1737 Elizabeth left bequests to Thomas, William, and Francis from her first marriage, and John, Robert, Charles, and Elizabeth from her second marriage. Francis was her sole executor. Her eldest son Thomas died six weeks after her aged thirty-six. He was a bachlor.

The Fritchley and Crich descendants of Thurston Radford went to Horsley and from there the descendents settled in various parts of the world from London, Warwickshire, New Zealand, and elsewhere.


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