which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Descendants of Thurstan Radford of Crich Derbyshire

Compiled by Adrian, Garry and Terry Radford

This document was mainly researched by Adrian Radford with minor additions by Garry and Terry Radford. It details the descendants of Thurstan Radford from his birth in 1585 down to 1911. We are unable to show the last 100 years of “Radfords” on this record so as to maintain confidentiality of living relatives.

However the complete document is held in “Word” format by Terry Radford who will be pleased to respond to any requests for further information.

His email address is

Terry is also particularly interested in any research that ties in the “Radfords of Devon” into the “Radfords of Derbyshire”.

Out of passing interest the diagrammatic schema of the “Descendants of Thurstan Radford” occupies the full width and 15 feet of wall paper!!!”

Descendants of Thurstan Radford

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