which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Register of Seaman's Services

National Archives, Kew

Service from 1853 to 1872 (series ADM 139)

Until the early nineteenth century the Royal Navy used impressment to man warships. However it created problems during times of war when there was an urgent need for more ratings to man the ships.

From 1853, all boys from the ages of 14–17 joining the navy had to sign an engagement to serve ten years, from the age of eighteen. There was the possibility of serving further engagements, towards the twenty years required for a long service pension. This form of service was also extended to those joining aged eighteen and over.

Existing ratings could opt to serve an initial seven-year continuous engagement, along with further engagements to qualify for a pension. For each engagement served, a continuous service number was issued. These numbers are also known as "CS numbers". So it is possible that a rating could have been issued with several continuous service engagement numbers throughout his career.

Service from 1873 to 1923 (series ADM 188)

In the original documents there are three groups of service records covering the periods: 1873–1891, 1892–1907 and 1908–1923.

If a rating joined the Royal Navy before 1873 and continued service after 1873, he might have a service record in both the ADM 139 and ADM 188 series. Also, some men may appear to have two accounts of service within ADM 188; firstly in the register and then continued in the Continuation Books ("new register"). We have linked these together, so both are attached to the same man's online entry.

While the last entrants were added in 1923, further entries were made to existing registers up until 1928. In 1928 the Royal Navy adopted an index card system instead.

The records listed below can be downloaded from the National Archives site as a pdf file for a small charge. These records might tell you:

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Name Official Number Birth Place Date Reference
Henson, Norman K34010 Crich 29 Aug 1896 ADM 188/935
Prince, Harry Rodgers K48448 Crich 07 Apri 1893 ADM 188/963
Haslam, Arthur 362613 Crich 03 Oct 1887 ADM 188/552
Simpson, George 198656 Crich 24 Feb 1881 ADM 188/344
Whyte, Maurice Samuel F30288 Crich 13 Apr 1880 ADM 188/620
Sayles, Albert SS106958 Whatstandwell 22 Jul 1885 ADM 188/1112

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