which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Crich and Tansley rents& tithes paid to the estates built up by the Countess of Shrewbury 1678

Transcribed by Peter Patilla, Dr Alan Wilcockson & Sue Brown

This record of rents and tithes, relating to estates originally built up by the Countess of Shrewsbury, is held at the Nottinghamshire Archives, Reference DD/6P/4/5/10/1-2.

Contained in the documents are rents and tithes for: Barlow, Dronfield, Linicare, Cosse, Newbould, Chesterfield, Spittle, Grasmore, Brampton, Riley, Bloor, Woodhouse and Swincow, Couldon, Cheadle, Kingsley, Elkeston, Bradwall, Blakewall, Midleton by Youlgrave, Windley and Crich and Tansley (which was in Crich parish)

A rentall for Derbysher, Staffordsheire out Excepting
Bolsover & ye Apportinaces thereunto xxxx
Bellonging as ye lands wh'in menconed are now leett xxxx
And valleued This present yeare Anno Domini xxxx

Tyth Due at Martlemas only: 1678
Tho: Lowe for Tyth wool and lambe 06:13:09
Hadon Tyth 03:00:00
Mr: Mich Heathcote for Buxton Tyth 08:00:00

Tansley record –

Scnd: Jny: Rents in Tansley Due at

Mich only
Mr Sam Hough for pt of Mr pouly lands 00:13:06
Robt Bunting for pt of Mr pouly lands 00:02:06
Mr Joseph Wigley for pt of Mr pouly lands 00:02:06
Mr John Statham for gould hill 00:02:03
Itm. for Sidans land 00:00:10
Itm. for Keyles lands 00:00:05
Hen. Statham for Spout house 00:04:04
Mr Joseph Wigley & Anto. Souther for Soatr land 00:00:06½
Mr Wigley for ye Lees 00:00:03
Itm. for Rouland Statham millne land 00:00:02
Itm. for wagstafs land 00:00:08
Rob. Farmer & his ptnr for Greensmith land 00:08:00
Wdd Fauset for her house and land 00:02:06
Ant. Taylor for BownStorth 00:00:06
Mr Joseph Wigley for part of Bowns land 00:01:03
Antho Taylor for pt 00:00:10
Hen Statham for pt. 00:00:03
Tho Haywood for pt 00:00:02
Tho Haywood for his house and land 00:00:03½
Itm for Wm Marshall house 00:00:02
Rich Marshall for his land 00:02:06½
Anto Knowles for his land 00:01:00
Geo. Hodkinson for ye oxclose 00:00:08
Wm Slater for Tho Allins lands 00:01:04½
Ser Gilb. Clarke for his land 00:08:00
Tho Gilbor Thorpe for Dayry land not yet found 00:03:06
Mr John Statham for a stonDelfe not sought 01:00:00
Sume totall 03:19:00

With thanks to Dr Alan Wilcockson for tracking down this document and for helping in its transcription; also Sue Brown and Brian Gibbon for their help.

The transcription is taken from records held in the Nottinghamshire Archives, Reference DD/6P/4/5/10/1-2 (MSD/EH/36/Portland/11-1468 cc 101/1/3) and the following extracts from those records is reproduced below, with permission of the Nottinghamshire County Archivist.

rents for Crich 1678

Crich rents 1678

Tansley rensts 1678

Crich rensts 1678


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