which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Crich ground rents paid to the Duke of Norfolk, Martinmas 1584

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

Rents were paid to the Duke of Norfolk twice a year – at Pentecost and Martinmas. Pentecost was seven weeks after Easter (between 10 May and 13 June) and Martinmas was on 11 November. Rents payable were Chief Rents and Ground Rents.

Chief rents were annual sum payable on some freehold property, common in North West England, but found throughout the UK. Despite its name it was not a rent.

Ground rents were regular payment required under a lease from the owner of leasehold property, payable to the freeholder. A ground rent was created when a freehold piece of land or a building was sold on a long lease.

What follows is a transcript of the record held at Sheffield City Archives (R333/IM/RW)

Red text shows words or letters of which I am not convinced.

*****in de*      
Chriche Martynmas 1584    
  Georg Sellers for the manor house dekayed & ye domaynes p(er) di(midium) an(n)o 0s.. 5d Name of tax collector undecipherable
  The same for del*hi* ***** at wyll p di ano 33s ..4d Rap***sap
  The same for ye vicke*s close p di ano 5s ..0d  
  John Ptynton for a farme p di ano 25s ..6d  
  Robert Hill for a farme p di ano 23s ..4d  
  John Smith carpenter for a farme p di ano 6s ..4d  
  Henry Douglas for a cottage p d ano 12d  
  Tho Grastne for a farme p di ano 5s ..6d  
  Jerman norman a cottage 2s ..6d  
  James Trewlove for a farme p di ano 3s ..6d  
  Amos Ptantem for a cottage 6d  
  John Ive for his farme p di ano 31s ..8d  
  Vidua2 Shawrer for her farme p di ano 20s  
  Tho Wollen for a house & ground ye chase p di ao 1d  
  Jermin Radford for a cottage p di ao 2s ..6d  
  Robert Arton his f*r* 7s  
  Ellen Alsopp a cottage 3s ..4d  
  The same for an ***in ye *ard** la*** p di ao 3s ..2d  
  Uxor1 Graye a cottage 3s ..4d  
  Henry Hally*ly a (shepp/shop) p di ano 12d  
  John Wood ye smith a cottag p di ao 12d  
  Wm Grexon for a farme p di ano 30s  
  P**for Healawe for his farm 20s  
  Jo. Smith junior for his farm p di ao 21s ..8d  
  Wm. Radford his farm p di ao 25s  
  James Cheatam for a farm p di ao 21s ..8d  
  P**for Bagworth for the molde meadaw 14s ..2d  
  The same for an *** in ye f**dy la*g* p di ao 20d  
  Ed Burgon for a cottage p di ao 12d  
  Richard Grane for his farme ** church p di ano 5s ..6d  
  The same for his house wherein he dwelleth 14d  
  Wm. Cardyn for a close p di ano 13s ..4d  
  The * same for a house ** p di ao 6s ..8d  
  Raffe Radford ye collyer his farme di ao 10s  
  Isabell Jowles for a cottage p di ao 2d 2d  
  Thomas Bagaley for a cottage p di ano 3.4. 3s ..4d  
  Page £20..5s..11d  

NOTE:  p(er) di(midium) an(n)o: Means paid for the half-year.

1Uxor means wife

2Vidua means widow

'Sheffield City Council, Libraries Archives and Information: Sheffield Archives ACM/S/114. Reproduced with permission from His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, DL and the Director of Culture, Sheffield City Council'.

Martinmas rents for Crich 1584


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