which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Wealthy contributors to the Gell Ship Fund

At the Derbyshire Record Office, in the Gell Estate Papers, is an assessment for ship money from the wealthy people of Crich dated 1635. (D258/10/85/25).

Sir John Gell (1593–1689) had the task of raising money to build 30 warships. In the Estate Papers is a list of names of the "most able men" in various parishes to pay "ships money". Below is the entry for Crich.

A presentation of the names of such men within
the constablery of Chriche as are thought able
to pay towards the providing of a shippe 23 September 1635
John Kirkland
John Alsebrooke
John Bowler
Richard Gryffin
Dennice Wetton
George Beyghton
William Tomblinson
Robert Wilcockson
Anthony Wood
Henry Jenkinson
Thurston Radford
William Radford
?oach? Oates
Richard Warden
Raphe Meacocke
John Amatt
Thomas Meacocke
Thomas Smyth of the Lyndway lane
Thomas Smyth of the Chase
Samson Houghe
John Lowe
John Warden
Jno. Bruckshaw
Jno Woodhouse
Widow Harrison
John Marshe Senior
John Marshe Junior
Henry Wilcockson
John Bradwell
Robert Spencer
Godfrey Langley
William Gregson
William Marledge
Robert Wilcockson Senior
John Woodhouse Senior
James Sowter
Anthony Lichfield
William Wood
Henry Beardmore
John Phrichley
John Greye
Francis Jenkin...(bit missing)


Richard Carden

Thanks to Dr Alan Wilcockson for bringing this record to our attention and for help in its transcription.

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