which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Samuel and Sarah (née Bainbridge) BOWER

The following notes have been submitted by Alan Brigham.

Samuel BOWER (1822–1897) was the landlord of the Black Swan from before 1853 to about 1880. He then became a farmer and was Surveyor of Highways from about 1885 until 1895.

photo of the Black Swan

Samuel BOWER was born 24 Nov1822 in Alfreton.
His parents were Richard & Martha (née Eyre).
Known sibling – Ellen(12/1825).
Samuel died(aged 73) 13Jul 1895 at Crich, of cerebral haemorrhage (reported by son Charles)

His wife, Sarah BAINBRIDGE was born 22 Sep1822.
Her parents were John and Sarah Bainbridge.
Siblings – Emmanuel (1816), John (1819), Hannah (18??).
Sarah died 15 Aug 1897 at Crich, of cerebral haemorrhage aged 74 (reported by son Charles)

Sauel and Sarah were married 16 Mar 1852 at the Parish church of Duffield. Witnesses were F M McCullum and Mary Marshall. Fathers were – Richard Bower (a butcher) and John Bainbridge (a farmer) .

Children included John Eyre (Bp 13 Mar 1853), Samuel (Bp 24 Jun 1855), Mathew Eyre(Bp 7 Nov 1858), Charles Robert (Bp 3 Sep 1865) (all born at the Black Swan, Crich).

1841 Census shows Samuel (apprentice framefitter) as a lodger with the Cary family (framesmiths), at Street, Alfreton. Sarah was with her mother and brother John, in Holbrook district.

1851 Census shows Sarah with her mother in Holbrook on an eight acre farm. Samuel was a lodger in Alfreton (still in the Cary Household), and he is shown as a framesmith. Their 1852 Wedding certificate confirms Samuel is still a framesmith

Trade directories of 1857, 1860, 1870 shows Samuel at the Black Swan, Crich.
Note The Black Swan was owned by Samuel’s Uncle – Mathew Eyre of the “Shoulder of Mutton” in South Normanton. Matthew died June 1867 and left the Black Swan its yards, gardens, outbuildings and land at Cow Close, Crich to Samuel.

28.1.1853 John Eyre Bower (1st son) born at Black Swan

1861 census shows them at the Black Swan, Crich. Samuel as a publican and framesmith with three sons and a servant, Hannah Berresford

Derby Mercury: Wed 29 May 1861
On Whit-Monday, the Black Swan Friendly Society held their annual anniversary, at the Black swan Inn, Crich, when 120 members sat down to a dinner, provided by Mr and Mrs Bower in their usual style. Dr Hathway occupied the chair, supported by the much respected curate, the Rev Mr Mellish. The Belper brass band was in attendance, and was much appreciated. The healths of Albert Hurt Esq and the Misses Hurt, and Michael Jessopp, Esq were proposed by the chairman, and drank with much enthusiasm. The members of the club, and the band, by the kind permission of the Misses Hurt, visited Chase Cliff House, in front of which the band played some choice selection of music. The next day upwards of thirty members sat down to dinner, and enjoyed themselves heartily.

Derby Mercury: Wed 11 Mar 1863 (Royal Wedding of Price and Princess of Wales)
Mr Samuel Bower, of the Black Swan, Crich, provided a string band, and entertained his friends and customers, and placed his club-room at their disposal, for the purpose of dancing and amusing themselves. 78 children were entertained with good tea at the Wesleyan Chapel. 320 women and children sat down to tea, also provided by Mrs Hurt, at Mrs Burley’s Whatstandwell Bridge. Mrs Hurt also proved several tar barrels, which were placed on Crich Cliff, and when lit up would afford a magnificent sight, owing to the elevation position of the Cliff; the bonfire would be seen from the towns and villages surrounding. A baron of beef and a sheep, was roasted, at the Jovial Dutchman, kelp by Ralph Whieldon Smith, at which 200 sat down to dinner, 367 children were entertained with tea at the expense of the Rev Mr Chawner and Mrs Hurt.

Derby Mercury: Wed 19 Jun 1864
PETTY SESSIONS, Wednesday, June 22
[Before G. H. Strutt, L. E. Mann. and R. Smith Esqrs.]
Wm. Litchfield, framework knitter of Crich, was charged by Mr Samuel Bower, licensed victualler of that place, with using abusive and threatening language. – Bound over in £10 and two sureties of £5 each, to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for the next twelve months.

Derby Mercury: Wed 30 May 1866
The members of the various sick societies in the neighbourhood assembled on Monday, at their various lodge-rooms, and marched in procession to the church, where the Rev Mr Harbeck delivered the sermon. The members afterwards dined at the Black Swan Inn, kept by Mr Samuel Bower, The Rev Mr Harbeck presiding, supported by C. B. Dunn Esq, surgeon to the society, Mr B. Taylor, Grand Master and secretary. After doing justice to the good things placed on the table, the Chairman read a statement of the accounts.
After concluding the business of the lodge, the rev chairman proposed the usual loyal toasts, and the “Army, Navy, and British Volunteers” which were warmly responded to; as also the health of the “Grand Master and prosperity to the lodge” the “Honorary Members” including T. W. Evans Esq MP, A. F. Hurt Esq, M. Jessop Esq, and a number of other gentlemen. Mr Dunn then, in very appropriate terms, proposed “The health of the Bishop of the Diocese and the ministers of all religious denominations” coupling with the name of Mr Chawner, the highly esteemed vicar of the parish, which was responded to my Mr Harbeck. Then followed “The health of the host and hostess” which was received with great applause. Mr Bower, in reply, expressed the happiness it afforded both himself and his wife, when called upon to provide dinner, to find they had given satisfaction, and he hoped that every member present might live many years, and that they should often meet again. During the evening the Sutton band (which was engaged for the occasion by Mr Bower) played some excellent pieces of music and sang several admirable glees. The entire arrangements were creditable to Mr Bower and gave the greatest satisfaction to his patrons.

1871 census Samuel was still at the Black Swan with four sons and a servant

1873. Crich and area "Return of Landowners" records that Samuel owned two acres with a gross estimated rental of £20

Derby Mercury: Wed 4 April 1875
APPOINTMENT OF CRICH OVERSEERS – Mr John Dawes, assistant overseer for Crich informed the Bench that Mr Luke Allsop, who had been one of the overseers for Crich for the last ten years, had died suddenly on Sunday last, and applied to them to appoint Mr Samuel Bower to succeed him. The Bench accordingly appointed Mr Bower and expressed their regret upon hearing that Mr Allsop was dead. The deceased, who was surveyor and barmaster for the liberty of Crich, was between 50 and 60 years of age, and generally respected.

1879 Wedding certificate of son John Eyre Bower shows Samuel as “Publican”

1881 census shows Samuel and Sarah with son Charles R on a 20 acre farm in Crich

Derby Mercury: Wed 2 Jan 1884
SINGULAR TRANSACTION AT HIGHAM FAIR – At Higham fair on Wednesday last Samuel Bower of Crich, purchased from Mr Wm. Marriott, of Over Birchwood, a cow, and during the “settlement” some rather sharp practice took place. The buyer, with the seller, adjourned to an adjacent inn, to complete the purchase, leaving the cow amongst other stock at the fair. On Mr Bower returning a few minutes afterwards he was surprised to find that the animal had been taken away, and no trace of it could be discovered.

8 Jul 1885 At probate of his mother, Martha’s will, Samuel is shown as being a Surveyor of Highways

1891 Census Samuel and Sarah with son Charles R and grandson John Charles(son of John Eyre Bower) with a servant aged eleven

1891 and 1895 Kelly’s Directory show Samuel Bower as a farmer and Surveyor of Highways, of Sheldon House Crich.

Son John married Sarah Storer. They had children John Charles(1880), Doris Ada(1881), Isabella(1883), Lilian Gertrude(1884), Samuel Eyre(1887), Mathew Eyre(1890).

Son Samuel married Elizabeth Howitt (bn 1854). They had children John Henry (1879 Crich), Edith E (1881 Derby), Annie E (1884 Derby)

{NOTE: Elizabeth Howitt was daughter of Joseph & Hannah and they lived at Orchard House on Crich Common. Her father was a stockinger/hosier and grocer. These Howitts are connected to the famous Mary Howitt (author) who had a school named after her in Heanor PCP}

Son Mathew married Mary Ann Lee(Bn 1863). They had Doris E (1893 Leicester),

Son Charles married Harriett Brumwell (Bn 1870) in Sept 1899. They had children Oswald Bower Brumwell (1895 Crich), Jane Adelaide (1900).

Derby Mercury: Wed 4 Aug 1895
BOWER – on July 30, at Sheldon House, Crich, Samuel Bower, aged 72

Will of Samuel Bower
Dated 1 November 1893, witnessed by John Higton and Mary Ann Higton. Samuel died 30 July 1895.
Executors were his son Samuel Bower(railway clerk of 54 Douglas St, Derby and his friend William Yeomans (estate agent of Holloway House, Matlock).
After his just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, he bequeathed all his rents, issues and interest, and  annual proceeds of all his real and personal estate to his wife Sarah Bower during her life.
After her death, the real and personal estate should be sold either by public auction or private contract. After the sale he bequeathed £10 to his son Charles Robert Bower. The remainder to be divided between his four sons John Eyre Bower, Samuel Bower, Mathew Eyre Bower, and Charles Robert Bower.
He gives a gold watch and double barrelled gun to his son Charles Robert Bower for his services in managing his farm.
He gives copper coins and revolver to his son Mathew Eyre Bower.
He gives single barrelled gun and three silver watches to his son John Eyre Bower.
Probate granted to his Executors 26 August 1895.

Gross value £114 14s 6d.

2009 value of his estate would be:
£9,820 using the Retail Price Index
£12,200 using the GDP deflator
£55,000 using the average earnings
£66,800 using the per capita GDP
£105,000 using the share of GDP

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