which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

School Photographs

Parochial School c1883

Photo courtesy of Clifford Raven

Photo of Crich School 1883

The Parochial School (Top School) in about 1883. Annie Perry seated centre second row up and centre top row is her brother, Frederic Perry.

The headteacher in the bowler hat is likely to be Mr Sumner and the mistress his wife.

Fritchley School 1890

Photo courtesy of Tony Lester

Fritchley school 1890

Form IV.
In 1890 the Master of the school was Mr Cousins.

Bottom School c 1900

Photo courtesy of Sue Worboys

photo yop school pupils

The schoolmaster on the right would be Mr Heywood Dyson

Photo courtesy Joyce Lester

Bottom School photo c 1900

Bottom School 1901

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Hall

Crich County School 1901

Elsie Hartle, aged nine, is on the third row up – first girl on the left.
Mr Heywood Dyson on the right.

Bottom School c1902

Photo courtesy of Sue Worboys

Top school pupils 1902

Back row: 6th Rose Allen

Fourth row: 4th Mabel Allen, 5th Thomas Hartshorn

Second row: 1st William Redfern

Crich Bottom School 1920

Photo Courtesy Rosemary Hall

Crich School 1920

Back: Jack Russell, Cyril Else, Dick Petts, Ernest Cowlishaw, Eric Dawes, Jack Taylor, Eric Stocks,
Eric Holden

Middle: ? Litchfield, Florence Kneebone, Marion Barber, Winifred Horsepool, ? ? , Charlie Cauldwell

Front: Edna Kneebone, Nellie Martin, Kathleen Gaunt, Marion Smith, Irene Beresford, Mabel Harrison, Connie Dawes, Gladys Crowder

Crich C of E c1919

Photo courtesy Nellie Brumwell

Crich school children

Miss Edith Robinson with her class of 36 children

Crich C of E 1921

Photo courtesy Maurice Hudson

Crich School 1921

Crich School 1921

Photo courtesy Nellie Byard (neé Allen)

Crich School pupils 1921

Crich Infants 1922

Photo courtesy Tony Lester; names courtesy of Maurice Hudson

Crich school 1920

Back row: Mrs. Else,Tom Hutchinson, Roy Else, Joe Perry, Frank Brumwell, Frances Hall, Jesse Barrat, Frank Byard, Kenneth Harrison, Hilda Laughton.

Fourth row: Billy White, Laurence Thorpe, Esme Smith, Jack Brown, Dorothy Taylor, Harry Holtam, Mary Taylor, Stanley Piggin, Ivy Byard, Gladys Lee.

Third row: Kathleen Porter, Marjorie Beresford, Mary Perry, Arthur Swanwick, Kathleen Fantom, Freddy Wragg, Evelyn Redfern, George Byard, Madge Perry.

Second row: Blake Berresford, Albert Heappy, George Dowler, Jack Whitehead, Harry Cowlishaw, Norman Eddy Seals, ? Mellors.

Front row: Jack Porter, Charlie Holtam, Reggie Tomlinson, Ronald Stocks, Sidney England.Standards

Standards 1 & 2 September 1922

(unknown School)

Photo courtesy Christine Mee

Crich School 1922


Crich C of E 1922

Photo courtesy Maurice Hudson

Standards 1& 2

Crich school 1922


Crich C of E 1922

Photo courtesy of Maurice Hudson

Standards 3 & 4

School photo at Crich 1922


Crich C of E 1922

Photo courtesy Ken & Mary Haywood

Standards 5, 6 & 7

Crich school in 1922

Back: Clifford Wragg, Eric Stevenson, Arthur Smith, Jack Holtham, George Bowmer, Cyril Fantom,
Walter Bramley

Row 4:Amy Gretton, Dorothy Julian, Annie Harper, May Slack, Winnie Stevenson, Mary Bingham,
Beth Swindell, Vera Stocks, May Houseley, Mr Haywood

Row 3: Vera Knowles, Dorothy Bower, Dorothy Dakin, Dora Holmes, Doris Cowlishaw, Agnes Swindell

Row 2: Victor Swindell, Sam Redfern, Stanley Fantom, Charlie Mason, Charlie Laughton, Stanley Gibbons, John Thorpe, Arthur Wragg, Charlie Williamson

Front: Frank Else, Frank Heappey, Oscar Lee, Fred Dowler, John Argile, George Cowlishaw

Pupil Teachers c 1922

Photo courtesy Maurice Hudson

Pupil teachers at Crich 1922

Standing: Amy Gretton, Stella Haywood, Elsie Blackham

Seated: Hilda Laughton?

Stella was daughter of headmaster Joseph Haywood and went on to teach at Crich Carr.

Crich Council School 1924

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Hall

Crich School 1924

Miss E. Corker is the teacher on the right. Marjorie Gaunt with plaits third row back .

Crich Carr teachers1925

Photo courtesy Maurice Hudson

Crich Carr terachers 1925

L to R: Miss H. Griffith, Miss M. Booth, Miss S. Haywood

Crich C of E Teachers

Photo courtesy Elizabeth Griffiths

Crich teachers

L to R: ?, Ethel Else, Joseph Haywood, ?


Crich teachers 1925

Back row: Charles Laughton, H. Brightmore, Miss Robinson, John Argile

Front row: Mrs Else, Joseph Haywood (headmaster), Mrs Lander (c. 1925)

Photo courtesy Elizabeth Griffiths

Crich teachers

Back: John Argile, ? , H Brightmore, ?, Charles Laughton

Front: ?, Joseph Haywood (head), Ethel Else

Crich Carr C of E c 1915

Photo courtesy Clive and Sandra Redfern

Crich Varr School c1913

George Herbert Redfern (1901-1982) of Whatstandwell is pictured third from the right on the back row (with the cross above his head).

Crich Carr C of E 1925

Crich Carr School 1925

Back row: Miss Stella Haywood, Desmond Kirk, Donald Lynam, Reggie Smith, Arthur Ashman,
Frank Lowe, Jackie Harrison, Jack Ballington, Clifford Cowlishaw

Middle row: Enid Parkes, Irene Bird, Phyllis Barber, Elsie Lynam, Marjorie Harrison, Edna Barber,
Edna Winson, Joyce Kirkland

Front row: Gordon Minkley, Kathleen Lowe, Stephen Jackson, Gladys Street

Crich Carr C of E c1925

Photo courtesy Rose Kelland

Crich Carr School 1926

Douglas Street (4th from left on the back row)
Elsie Lynam (3rd from left on the front row)

Fritchley School 1928

Photo courtesy Ken Stinson

Fritchley pupils 1928

Reg Stinson is second from the right on the back row

Fritchley School 1928

Photos courtesy Jackson family

Fritchley school in 1928

Fritchley School c 1930

Fritchly School c 1930

Bottom School c1930

Photo courtesy of Sue Worboys

photo of top school pupils at Crich

Back row: Roy Brown, Jack Beresford, Gerald Leafe, Desmond Lee, Ernest Davenport,
Arnold Davenport, Francis Stanley, Andrew Lineker

Second row down: Joyce Martin, Miss E, Corker, Dorothy Allsop, Phyllis Allsop, Dylis Taylor, Beryl Key, Brenda Hall, Aillen Taylor, Dorothy Barber, Connie Bowmer

Third row down: Dora Davenport, Violet Davenport, Jean Porter, Brenda Allsop, Bessie Grenhough, Joyce Ludlam

Bottom row: Alan Smith, Phyllis Porter, Dereck Heappey, Stella Barratt, ??, Jim Barber, George Bolton

Bottom School c1930

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Hall

Crich County School 1930

Back row: Denis Barber, Alan Stocks, Clifford Litchfield, Tom Else, Derek Gratton, Percy Wetton,
Charlie Perry, Albert Hunt

Standing girls: Elsie Stanley, Doris Lee, Grace Hopkinson, Marjorie Gaunt, Emma Holtham,
Beatrice Barrat, Edna Smith

Sitting: Mr Day, Eileen Martin, Gladys Dawes, Eva Barber, May Fantom, Mary Wetton, Elsie Hopkinson, Doris Beighton, Harold Martin

Front row: Sam Else, ? Beresford, Melson Davenport, Will Day, Sydney Bown, Lenard Lichfield

Fritchley School Football Team 1931 – 32

Photo courtesy of Ken Stinson

Fritchley School Foiotball Team 1931

See Peter Black's photographs of Fritchley School VIEW


Bottom School 1939–40

Photo Courtesy of Ken Hall

Crich School 1939

Crich Junior School 1951 – 52

Photo courtesy Janet Patilla (née Lynam)

Crich Junior school 1951

Back row: Barbara Worth, Winifred Yates, Ann Turner, Beryl Bown, Ann Gregory, Christine Yates,
Elizabeth Hetherington, Alice Walker, Miss Fawcett

Middle row: Peggy Broughton, Janet Lynam, Janet Haslam, Norma Cheetham, Jean Wragg,
Jill McArthur, Janet Daniels, Margaret Greenhall

Front row: Peter Barratt, David Heappey, Michael Hallam, Keith Stocks, Patrick Cooke,
Granville Martin, Tony Bradshaw, David Smith

Crich Junior School 1952

Photo courtesy Stan Smith

Crich Juniuor School 1952

Back: John Gregory, John Knowles, Margaret Heappy, Betty Waller, Shirley Critchlow, Brenda Worth, Errol Else, Brian Travers, Bill Florey (teacher)

Centre: Mary Barratt, Colleen McArthur, Ann Dowler, Muriel Stocks, Janet Knowles, Christine Jackson, Margaret Henson, Janet Byard

Front: Selwyn Fantom, Harry Land, Eric Smith, Ray Cheetham, Brian Perry Stan Smith,
Peter Berresford, Peter Broughton

Crich Junior School 1954

Photo courtesy Christine Toft

Cich school 1954

Extreme back: Mrs Smith

Back row: Sandra Haslam, Daphne Fern, Joe Hodgkinson, ?, ?, ?, Mervyn Day,?, ?,
Roderick Newborough, Ken Smith, Michael Smith

Middle row: Beryl Cooper, Sheila Turner, Patricia Gregory, Christine Sellors, Rita Smith, Mary Gration, Alan Barratt, Granville Mosely

Front row: ?, ?, Rita Redfern, Geoffrey Chelu, Barbara Heappey, Barbara Moss, Michael McArthur, Kathleen Holmes

Thank you to Ruth Flint for information on names

Alderwasley School 1939

Photo courtesy Ruby Gould

alderwasley school

L-R Boys: Wilfred Watson, Frank Bunting, George Cooper, Geoffrey Walker, Reggie Cook,
Lawrence Wheeldon, Charlie Redfern, John Gould,

L-R Girls: Jean Watson, Eileen Petts, Mavis Bunting, Dorothy Dickens, May Taylor, Joan Watson,

Margaret Rowland, Maisie Damms, Dorothy Mosley, Betty Cooper,
L-R Girls: Joyce Kinder, Hillary Fisher, Thirza Gould, Edith Flint, Gladys Kinder, Betty Ryde,
Kathleen Dickens, Dorothy Rowland,

L-R Boys: Bob Rimmes, George Rowland, Harry Allsopp, Eric Mosley, Ken Bunting, Victor Damms,
Frank Cooper.

Teachers: Miss Tomlinson & Miss Hutley

Top School 1964

Photo courtesy Nellie Brumwell

Top School, Crich 1964

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