which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Daniel Farnsworth & Julia Storer

The following notes have been written by Andrew Wright, great, great grandson of Daniel and Julia (nee Storer) Farnsworth

Daniel FARNSWORTH, born at Bagthorpe and baptised at Selston on 24 November 1811. He married Julia STORER, of Crich Carr, at Crich on 5 November 1838. Julia was baptised 24 May 1818 at Crich (parents George and Hannah Storer).

Daniel was a stone-cutter or quarryman by occupation. In 1841 Daniel and Julia were living in Crich Carr near Julia’s relatives. By 1851 they were living at Crowden Brook, Tintwistle, Cheshire which is in Longdendale just west of Woodhead Reservoir in Longdendale near to the boundary with Derbyshire. This was an encampment of about 300 people living in groups of eight or nine. The camp was associated with the construction of either the reservoirs in Longdendale or of the Manchester and Sheffield Railway. Daniel and Julia, with three of their children, had three single men living with them at that time. By 1857 they were living at Old Brampton where Daniel may have been working on the construction of the Linacre reservoirs.

Some time later Daniel travelled to Europe where he worked on the Danube and Black Sea Railway. Julia and the children returned to Crich Carr to be near her relatives. On 12 July 1861 Daniel obtained a visa to return to England from Kustendge, Turkey (now Constanza, Romania). This area was notorious for malaria at that time and it is conjectured that he had become ill and wished to return to England. He probably wanted to travel overland, which is why he needed the visa; however, in the end he was not fit to travel and died in the workmen’s camp on 28 October 1861. His death was registered with the British Vice-Consulate at Kustenjie.

Julia continued to live in Crich Carr during Daniel’s absence and at the time of the 1861 census she was recorded as wife, not widow. Nevertheless, she was remarried in August 1863 to Thomas HOLYLAND.

By the 1881 census Julia was again recorded as a widow and was living with her daughter Clara in Brimington, Derbyshire.

Daniel and Julia had six children:
1. Hannah FARNSWORTH, baptised at Crich 30 June 1839. She died on 22 November 1840 and was buried at Crich.

2. John FARNSWORTH, baptised at Crich on 16 May 1841. John was a stonecutter by occupation and was living with his mother at Crich Carr at the time of the 1861 census. A short time later he married Mary Ann TOPHAM, who was born at Crich in about 1843. In about 1869–1870, John and Mary Ann emigrated to the USA with their three children. Their next two children were born in the USA where the family remained for at least four years before returning to England. Daughters Julia and Lucy were born at Rawtenstall before the family moved to Tintwistle where William was born and where the family were living at the time of the 1881 census. The family returned to the USA sometime after the 1881 census with John’s brother William and several others from Crich.
John and Mary Ann had eight children –
i) Ellen FARNSWORTH, born at Thornhill, Dewsbury on 11 October 1863 and baptised at Crich Carr on 15 May 1864
ii) Clara A. FARNSWORTH, born at Ramsbottom, Lancashire in 1866
iii) Mary Ann FARNSWORTH, born at Ramsbottom, Lancashire in 1868
iv) Emma FARNSWORTH, born in the USA in 1871
v) Daniel FARNSWORTH, born in the USA in 1874
vi) Julia FARNSWORTH, born in Rawtenstall in 1876
vii) Lucy FARNSWORTH, born in Rawtenstall in 1878
viii) William FARNSWORTH, born in Tintwistle, Cheshire

3. Sarah FARNSWORTH, born at Crich Carr in about 1843. She appears in the 1851 census aged seven years, but not in the 1861 census

4. George FARNSWORTH, born at Crowden Brook, Tintwistle, Cheshire in about 1848. He died before the 1861 census.

5. William FARNSWORTH, born at Crowden Brook, Tintwistle, Cheshire on 31 January 1854. He was living with his mother at Crich Carr in 1861 but moved to Derby Lane, Chesterfield in 1863 when his mother remarried. On 10 May 1875 he married Sarah YATES at Chesterfield Parish Church. Sarah was born at Crich Carr, Derbyshire on 19 July 1854. Her father was Walter Yates.
William was a stone cutter by occupation (also described variously as a labourer and quarryman). Soon after their marriage, William and Sarah moved to Walmersley near Bury, Lancashire where their first child was born. However, by 1877 they had returned to Crich Carr where their next three children were born. In 1881, William and Sarah were still living at Crich Carr, Derbyshire with their children (Emma, Ellen, Clara Amanda Jane and Alice Ethel who was just one month old at that time). At some after 1881, inspired by his elder brother John’s experiences, William and the family emigrated to the USA where their youngest four children were born.
The family lived initially in Oberlin, Ohio but because of his health the family moved to Florida in about 1887, first at Lake Helen and later at De Leon Springs, not far from Daytona Beach, Florida where he was the manager of a quarry. William died in Florida, USA in about 1890–1891 and Sarah returned to England with the children in about 1892–1893 and kept house for her widowed father, Walter Yates with some of the children dispersed among relatives in Crich Carr. After her father died in 1910, Sarah spent most of her time visiting her daughters. She died at Chesterfield, Derbyshire in March 1925.
William and Sarah’s children were:
i) Emma (Veronica) FARNSWORTH, born at Bank Lane, Walmersley near Bury, Lancashire on 25 May 1876. She married Alfred Joseph PEARSON (from Bolton) at Belper, Derbyshire in 1898 and they had five children one of whom died in infancy – Percival PEARSON (born in 1899 and died 1972, he married Hilda COOPER and they had three children), Reginald PEARSON (born in 1900 and died 1994, he married Florence and they had four children), Kathleen PEARSON (who died in childhood) and Ronald PEARSON (who died in childhood). Emma and Alf lived at Matlock. Alf, a musician, was church organist and had a dance band. Emma wrote two novels (Eric and Deric Daring in 1923 and Judge Not in 1929). Alf died in about 1937 and Emma in about 1942.
ii) Ellen FARNSWORTH, born at Crich Carr, Derbyshire on 25 November 1877. She married Tom Wood WRIGHT at Belper Primative Methodist Chapel, Derbyshire on 8 July 1902. Their witnesses were Samuel Wright and Alice Ethel Farnsworth. Ellen and Tom had three children – Olive Muriel WRIGHT (born in 1903 and died in 1906), Irvin William Farnsworth WRIGHT (born on 5 July 1905 and died on 28 February 1978, he married Winifred Mary FARNSWORTH and they had two children), and Inez Sarah Noreen WRIGHT (born in September 1908 and died on 16 July 1995, she was married to Harry DAVIDSON who died in 1947 and then to Frank SALT). Ellen died at Bakewell, Derbyshire in February 1961 and was buried at Brimington, Derbyshire. Tom died in March 1949.
Ellen’s son Irvin married Winifred Mary FARNSWORTH and this marriage brings three Farnsworth/Farnesworth lines together. Winifred Farnsworth is the daughter of Joseph William Farnsworth and Kate Sanderson; son of Edwin Farnsworth and Mary Paul; son of Joseph Farnsworth and Ann Cheetham; son of Joseph Farnsworth and Mary Brooks; son of Charles Farnsworth and Elizabeth Kesteven; son of Charles Farnsworth and Ann Galton. The third Farnsworth line comes in via Mary Brooks who is the daughter of Anne Farnesworth and William Brooks; daughter of Thomas Farnesworth and Martha Taylor.
Thomas Farnesworth senior, husband of Martha, made a will on 27 August 1796 some three years prior to his death. He could not read or write but made his mark. He named his wife as his executrix and left property to her as well as to his sons Thomas (and his son Thomas), George and Charles, and his daughters Elizabeth Wainwright and Anne Brooks.
iii) Clara Amanda Jane FARNSWORTH, born at Crich Carr, Derbyshire in 1880. She married James Alfred MARTIN, a stonemason of Crich, at the Baptist Chapel, Crich Carr on 8 April 1901 and they had two children – Clifford MARTIN and Colin MARTIN. Clara emigrated to Australia some time after 1920 and she remarried
iv) Alice Ethel FARNSWORTH, born at Crich Carr, Derbyshire in 1881. She married Samuel WRIGHT at Belper, Derbyshire in June 1905. They adopted Samuel’s niece Doris PARKER who died in 1953.
v) Adelaide Violet FARNSWORTH, born in the USA. She married George SIMPSON at Belper, Derbyshire in 1908 and she died in about 1953. They had two sons who died in childhood and later adopted a daughter – Kathleen who, when married, became Kathleen MILES.
vi) Walter Yates FARNSWORTH, born in the USA. He married Clara NIND at Belper, Derbyshire in June 1909 and they had four children – Kathleen FARNSWORTH (who married Eddie WARD and they had three children), Stella FARNSWORTH, Hazel FARNSWORTH and William FARNSWORTH. Walter was a blacksmith in Whatstandwell, Derbyshire from about 1908. He emigrated to Australia in the 1920s and became an arable farmer at Swan Hill, Victoria. He died in about 1948.
vii) Jessica L. FARNSWORTH (Jessie), born in the USA. She married her cousin Harrison ASHMORE at Belper, Derbyshire in March 1912 and they had eight children two of whom died in infancy – Doreen ASHMORE (who married W.H. TAYLOR and they had two children), Gladys ASHMORE (who married W.F. WILKS and they had two children), Gordon ASHMORE (who married Edith SLACK and they had one child), Muriel ASHMORE (who married S. CAPE and they had one child), Bryant ASHMORE (who married Kathleen BAGGULEY and they had two children) and Trevor Farnsworth ASHMORE (who married Margaret BUTLER and they had two children). Jessie died in Brimington, Derbyshire in 1975.
viii) Edna FARNSWORTH (Willi Edna), born in the USA. She was married a number of times (possibly as many as six times), first to Frank RAWLINGS and they had three children – Tessie RAWLINGS, Iris RAWLINGS and Colin RAWLINGS. Her second husband was Samuel PEARSON no other details known.

6. Clara Amanda FARNSWORTH, born at Brampton or Brimington, Derbyshire and baptised at St Thomas’ Church, Brampton on 26 July 1857.   She married Thomas William ASHMORE at Brimington, on 29 September 1878.   Thomas was born in Brimington Common in about 1854 and was a tailor by occupation.   In 1881 they were living at Heywood Street, Brimington, with their five- month old son Wilfred and her widowed mother (Julia Holyland). Clara and Tom’s children were
i) Wilfred O. ASHMORE, born at Brimington, Derbyshire in 1880
ii) Amanda ASHMORE, born in about 1881
iii) Alice ASHMORE, born in about 1885
iv) Harrison ASHMORE, born in about 1888. In March 1812 he married his cousin Jessie L. FARNSWORTH at Belper


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