which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Subsidy to James I 1610

Dr Alan Wilcockson

This is the assessment of Morleyston and Litchurch wapentake towards the first payment of the subsidy granted to James I in 1610. It is dated 2 October that year and in the heading the commissioners named William Walton as high collector. Walton was also collector for Wirksworth wapentake and the lack of an endorsement recording delivery into the Exchequer on this roll and that for Wirksworth may indicate that both these assessments were the collector's copies, brought to the Exchequer when he came to render account.
The below transcription is for the parish of Crich only and contains six names.

  John Clay gent in terr £5 13s 4d
  John Kirkeland in bonis £3 5s
  George Mather in bonis £3 5s
  Raphe Mercocke in bonis £3 5s
  Will* Butler in terr 20s 2s 8d
  Roger Alsebrooke in bonis £3 5s
  Total   36s


Words of which I am unsure are shown in red text

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