which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Subsidy to Charles I 1628

Dr Alan Wilcockson

This is the assessment of Morleyston and Litchurch wapentake towards the fourth of five subsidies granted to Charles I in 1628. It was drawn up at Derby on 12 December that year. The commissioners noted in the heading of the roll the appointment of Nicholas Gilbert of Kniveton as high collector.
The below transcription is for the parish of Crich only and contains fourteen names.

  Jhon Clay gent in lands £4 16s
  Jhon Kirkeland in goods £3 8s
  George Mather in goods £3 8s
  Jhon Alsebrooke in goods £3 8s
  Anthony Wille in goods £3 8s
  Henry Butler in lands 20s 4s
  The persons undernamed within the sayd constablery have
not received the holy comunion within one yeare last past
  Thurstan Radforde   8d
  Robert Hiberson   8d
  Elizabeth Hiberson wife of the said Robert Hiberson   8d
  Margery Smyth wife of George Smyth   8d
  Isabell Gisborne wife of Cawme/bawine Gisborne   8d
  Sum 55s 4d


Words of which I am unsure are shown in red text

The following document is reproduced with permission from The National Archives,
ref. E179-93-361
Crich subsidy 1628

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