which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Subsidy to Charles I 1640

Dr Alan Wilcockson

This is the assessment of Morleyston and Litchurch wapentake towards the first two of four subsidies granted to Charles I in 1640. It is undated but was delivered to the Exchequer on 17 April 1641 and, judging by other assessments for this tax (National Archives Ref: E 179/93/366-7), was probably compiled in late March that year. The commissioners appointed one John Osborne of the 'Burrowes' as high collector; like the assessment for Repton, the collector's name shows sign of an erasure (E 179/93/366). The reason for this erasure is explained at the end of the assessment: Francis Mundy had been nominated as high collector and refused to serve, being fined £20; the commissioners had then named Jacinth Sachaverell as high collector who had likewise refused and was fined. Osborne, then, was the third choice.
The below transcription is for the parish of Crich only and contains nine names.

  Tymothy Pusy Esquire in terr £4 32s
  William Butler in terrs £1 8s
  John Kirkeland in bonis £3 16s
  John Alsebrooke in bonis £3 16s
  John Slater in bonis £3 16s
  Robert Wilcockson junior in bonis £3 16s
  George Pole gent a recusant1 in terr £4 £3 4s 0d
  Robert Iberson and Elizabeth his wife recusant1 x pole   2s 8d
  Total   £8 10s 8d

1 A “Recusant” was one who refused to comply with the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. It was most commonly used of Roman Catholics and Nonconformists and other Protestant dissenters.

Words of which I am unsure are shown in red text

The following document is reproduced with permission from The National Archives,
ref. E 179/93/366-7
Crich subsidy 1640

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