which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Talbot Papers (Crich) 1499 – 1580

The following are Crich references in the Talbot Papers which are held at the Lambeth Palace Library.

1) Talbot Papers MS.3196 1558-70
Enclosing folio 1
Sir George Vernon and others, commissioners for the muster in Derbyshire, to the Earl of Westmorland, Lord Lieutenant in the North, from Crich, 11 July 1558. Only two hundreds of Derbyshire are outside the Earl of Shrewsbury's inheritance, Morleston and Repton, from which 38 labourers and 48 soldiers have already been sent, and 60 able men remain ready furnished. 1p. Copy.
This muster was for service in Ireland. total muster from Derbyshire was 1500 footmen.

2) Talbot Papers MS.3203 1583-1612
Folio 380
The examination of John Dakin, 8 January [1605/06], touching certain slanderous speeches used by John Clay of Crich, gentleman, accusing the Earl of Shrewsbury of being forewarned of the Gunpowder Plot and of absenting himself from Parliament 'under colour of his happy gout'; of having created Sir John Harpur, a man devoted to him, a deputy lieutenant of the county just before; and of conniving at the absence from Parliament of Sir John Harpur, a knight of the shire, and from London of Sir Charles Cavendish. 1p. Clerk's hand, annotated by the seventh Earl. Address in seventh Earl's hand.

3) Talbot Papers MS.3203 1583-1612
Folio 563
Sir John Bentley to the Countess of Shrewsbury at Sheffield, no place, 10 February 1608/09. He reports on assessing land in Crich and Shirland. He has sent the Countess a copy of the Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury's rental. A long postscript discusses the building of a furnace and the location of ironstone and coal pits. 3pp. Clerk's hand, signed. Endorsed. Address in Countess's hand asking him to inform the Earl of tenants who refuse to help with enclosure.

4) Talbot Papers MS.3206 1499-1580
Robert Swift the younger to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 28 April 1548. He has spoken with Mr. Beaumont about the true value of the lands lately those of gilds and chantries in Derbyshire and Mr. Beaumont suggests that the Earl sends a trustworthy fellow to Crich to seek information for a correct rental. Sir Anthony Browne is reported dead. 1p. Endorsed. 'To my lord'.

Also, at the Sheffield Archives –

5) Sheffield Archives BFM/2/137 Aug 1595
[Talbot, Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, to Mr. Manners and Sir Humfrey Ferrors]. 'From my house in Broadstreete'.
Draft, with corrections in Earl Gilbert's hand, requesting them to make enquiry concerning the refusal of the inhabitants of Crich (Derbyshire) to contribute to the charges towards Her Majesty's provisions and other assessments. The Manor is his mother-in-law's and the reversion is the Earl's.

With thanks to Alan Wilcockson for unearthing these references.

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