which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

TANSLEY in Harrison and Harrod Co. Directory & Gazeteer (1860)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla


Post Office at John Thatcher’s; letters arrive by foot-post from Matlock Bath at 10.0 a.m., and are despatched at 4.30 p.m.
Holmes, Rev. Melville, incumbent
Staley, George

Blackwell, Joseph, farmer
Bobanks, James, grocer and chandler
Bown, William, Gate Inn and farmer
Calow, Francis, wood turner
Calow, William, shoemaker
Cook, John, farmer
Eaton, Ann, farmer
Farnsworth, John, bleacher
Fox, James and Joseph, millers
Garton, John, bleacher and paint works
Hackett, Thomas, smallware manufacturer
Hicklin, William, farmer
Potter, John, stonemason

Radford and Sons, cotton spinners
Smith, Joseph and Stephen, nurseryman
Smith, Samuel, dyer
Spencer, Thomas, farmer
Spencer, William, shoemaker
Spendlove, Job, farmer T
Taylor, Timothy, George and Dragon Inn
Thatcher, John, grocer
Twigg, Ben., farmer
Watts, Grace, farmer
Wetton, Elizabeth, farmer
White, George, blacksmith
Whittaker, William, shopkeeper

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