which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Diocesan Papers
Ecclesiastical Visitation of 1636

Archdeaconry of Derby,
Crich Parish, “ACTA” section

Lichfield Record Office: B/V/1/59

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

The “ACTA” or open session of a Visitation dealt with charges against individuals and could levy fines or excommunication those charged. In some cases, as with Rob Sawter and Judith Cheetam below the person would be let off with a warning.


Johem Amitt(Arnitt)

For non payment of divers levies viz. 35s 2d Quo Die Ex(communicated)


Edrus(Edward) Hoomes

Silr (Similar) 3s 8d Quo Die Ex





Robtem Iberson

Recusant Ex


Elizane Iberson

Recusant Ex


Margeria Smith

Recusant Ex





Petrus Cheetam

For non payment of his cessment viz 6d Quo Die ** comparuit et het ** solvend et certren cilva 14th Octobris prox





Joh: Scott   S.

Silr (Similar) viz 4s 8d Quo Die (Ex crossed out) noncomparuit *** het ut supra (as above)





Tomas Booth

Silr (similar) 3d Quo die…Ex

Similiter contra (Same place as previous page)




Robtum Sawter

Pro suspicione.incon cm(suspicion of incontinence with) Jditha (Judith) Cheetam their parents both complaine Quo Die comparuit et negavit unde dominus iniunxit purgacionem 14th Octob: proximus (he came to court and denied it. The court ordered purgation at Lichfield on 14 October next) cm 4th Januarius et monit etc (and he received a motion of warning)


Jditham Cheetam

Ut supra (As above) Quo Die ut supra




Vide post

William Meacocke

A non coccant [abbreviated form of ‘communicant’] at Easter last comon drunckard and for usuall absence from church Quo Die   Excom





William Jackson

Silr (Similar) Quo Die   Excom





Ffrancum [Franciscum] Burton

For a common drunckard & usuall absence from his parish church  Quo Die       Ex





Henricus Burton

A drunckard sc*it fama & for being druncke at Lea Hall on the Saboth daie [daye] & usuall absence from his parish church and for saying the church warden was a false forsworne wretch & that he would sweare any thinge  Quo Die   Ex





Petrus Cheetam

For sowing discord amongst his neighbours  Quo Die compte et cm **o**c**** d**ists





Petrus Cheetam

For rayling at the church warden saying as he presented them for there la*e he wold doe as he had done present upon maline Quo Die    Ex




Thomas Skelmdine Vic(ar)
Jo Kirkland  Econ
Jo Bradwall  Econ

Rich*** *leaine

For usual absence from the church  Quo Die    Ex




Sil’r contra

Vida premis


William Meacocke


For disturbing the minister & congregacon in ***ie of divine service die d**co 13 December ult & for opposeinge & defyinge his Graces authority & threatening the Vicare for denounceinge an excom against him for raylinge upon our Vicare & giveing him many filthy words not fitt to be named for **tlinge [hustling?] him in the streete challenging him the field & he would gave him his horse to feight with him for threatening the churchw(arden) for presenting him. And beinge required by them to come to the church answeared he would come when his list, within this yeare last there hath been 30 warrants ag(ainst):him.   Quo Die   Ex prins




2 - 6

William Radford

For not payeing the Vicare his dues and for not giveinge 1s per annum for 3 yeares last past according to hco pronnse valet £500  Quo Die  Excom





Thomas Rowbotham

For a drunckard & for divers misdemeanours, beating his wife & mispendinge the p’ish money & for frequentinge **** disorderly howses tempe dio** Quo die  Ex






To: Shelmadine   Vicar



Jo: Kirkland    Econ



Jo: Bradwall    Econ



Hen: Wilcoxson   Econ



Hen: Beardmore   Econ


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