which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Diocesan Papers
Ecclesiastical Visitation of 1639,

Archdeaconry of Derby,
Crich Parish, “libri cleri” section

Lichfield Record Office
Ref: B/V1/64

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

  Thomas Shelmerdine

Vicar ib(ide)m hath not for the mainternance of
himselfe and greate familie above twentie marke
p(er) ann(um) from the sayd Vicaridge.  Whereas the
impropriat & teithes doe extend to towe hundred pounds
& upwards yearly, & are in the possession of the right
honourable the Earle of Pembrooke & Mountgomery, the
Shrewsbury & the Earle of Newcastle, the right W’orll (Worshipful) Timothie Puzey Esqr Thomas Stone gen(tleman) & the inhabitants of Wheatcroft in the sayd parish

See also Thomas Shelmerdine, vicar of Crich 1629 – 1654

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