which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Parochial Visitation of 1823–24

The parochial visitation of the Rev Samuel Butler, archdeacon of Derby in the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry.

Visitation Returns

Bishops carried out a visitation of their diocese during their first year of office and at regular intervals thereafter to correct clerical and lay abuses. Ministers and churchwardens were questioned about the state of the parish and any misdemeanours were dealt with by the bishop's officials or in the consistory court. Over time, bishops started to issue printed questionnaires that concerned the extent of the parish, residence of the incumbent, number of church services, prevalence of Nonconformity or Roman Catholicism and the religious instruction of the youth.

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For an explanation of the numbers see table 2.

visitation of 1823

visitation articles of 1823

visitation 1823b

Source: The Church in Derbyshire in 1823-4; Derbyshire Archaelogical Society Record Series 1972; volume 5 for 1969-70; edited by M. R. Austin; courtesy of the Derbyshire Archaeological Society

Thank you to Heather Eaton for the reference to this information.

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