which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Henry Thomas Wake


The following information has been submitted by Prunella Bradshaw.

The Advertiser Adelaide
25 March 1914

There has just died in the Derbyshire village of Fritchley Mr. Henry
Thomas Wake, the eminent Quaker antiquary. Fritchley is famed the
world over as the residence of a colony of Quakers, who retain and
live up to the traditions of George Fox and the early Friends. Here
for a great number of years, we gather from the "Nottingham Guardian,"
which publishes a singularly interesting notice of the deceased, Mr.
Wake lived a peaceful 'life "in the pursuit of learning, surrounded
by thousands of rare volumes, manuscripts, and articles of virtue. Mr.
Wake carried on from his private house in the Quaker village the
business of an antiquarian book- seller, and it is safe to say that in
learned circles he was almost as well-known in America and Australia
as he was in the old country.

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