which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

WESSINGTON in Harrison and Harrod Co. Directory & Gazeteer (1860)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla


Frost, John, Bunting House

Bansall, Matthew, farmer
Bryan Matthew, farmer
Cardeux Mary Ann, schoolmistress
Cresswell, farmer and brickmaker
Cross, John, shopkeeper
Goodwin, William, farmer
Hodgson, Thomas, farmer
Lane, William, shoemaker
Marriott, Mary, farmer
Marsden John, farmer
Marshall, Elizabeth, farmer
Mountney, james, shopkeeper and farmer
Rawson, Eloizabeth, shopkeeper
Rawson, William, farmer
Sadler, Thomas, wheelwright
Sims, James, Three Horse Shoes
Sims, John, farmer
Sterland, William, Horse and Jockey butcher, and tanner
Taylor, Timothy, shoemaker
Thorpe, Thomas, farmer
Tomlinson, W., blacksmith
Wetton, George, farmer
Wheatcroft, William, shoemaker
White, Joseph, farmer
Willott, George, farmer
Willott, Jonathan, farmer
Wragg, Edward, farmer
Wragg, George, farmer
Wragg, Samuel, farmer
Yeomans, John, farmer

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