which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Henry Hyll of Crich dated 1538

Transcribed by Stuart Hill and reproduced with his permission

In the name of God amen (….missing….) in ye xxix year off Kynge Henry viiith I Henry Hyll of Frichley in ye pyshe (of Crich …missing…) pfett mynd and goode memory make my last Wyll and Testament in …. & form (following). First I bequeath my soul to God almighty to our lady Saint Mary and to all saintes and my body to be buryed within the holy sanctuary att Crytch. Also I bequeathe to eyther off ye mother churches (xii d.?). Also I bequeathe to Margett Haryson one ewe shepe. Also I bequeathe to Margery Marshe an other ewe shepe. The resideue of all my goodes my last wyll fulfilled & my (debts) payd I gyffe and bequeathe to Alice my Wyff & to Thoms my sone (….ydyd….. ) be (done) them. Also I wyll yt Robt my sone shall have the (o….yng) and (…dyng) off Thomas my sone & (….) the goods so longe as yt shall please God they so (lyf….). Also I confirme & (…..) Alice my Wyff Robt Hyll & James Hyll my sones my true & faythful executors to se yt this my last wyll be fullfylled & pformed. Wyttness by John Mariott January 1st at Cryche John Hyll (..missing..) xfer (Christopher) Normanton wyth others …. Ye day & yr beforsayd.


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