which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Samuel Barnes of Wadshelf dated 1875

Transcribed by Alan Flint and reproduced with his permission

BARNES, Samuel - of Wadshelf i/t/p Brampton co. Derby, farmer, 22 Feb 1875.
my son John BARNES to have all my personal estate i/t/p situate at South Wingfield Park and Fritchley co. Derby, subject to … payment of the mortgage debt (and) maintainence of my dear wife Elizabeth BARNES; my said son John BARNES, my said son Thomas BARNES, and my son in law James Stanhope SALT and the survivors &c. (my said trustees or trustee) to have personal estate &c. upon trust to pay and divide monies &c. between my children namely, Elizabeth HEATH, Ann STEVENSON, Mary MELLORS, the said Thomas BARNES, Isaac BARNES, Henry BARNES, Sarah SALT, William BARNES, Harriett BARNES, and Lucy HILL in equal shares and proportios;   it is my will and desire that my said son John BARNES shall succeed me in the tenancy of the farm at Wadshelf which I now hold under his Grace the Duke of Devonshire provided that his grace and his agent … shall consent.

Joint Executors: said John BARNES, Thomas BARNES, and James Stanhope SALT. Signed by the said Samuel BARNES in presence of:

Witnesses: Henry WATTS blacksmith Brampton, and Samuel REDFERN clerk to Mr D WIGHTMAN solicitor Chesterfield.

Proved at Derby 30 Dec 1876 by the oaths of John & Thomas BARNES the sons and James Stanhope SALT, executors.

Testator died 18 Sep 1876 at Wadshelf aforesaid. Personal estate under£450 Extracted by Dossey WIGHTMAN solicitor, Chesterfield.

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