which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Edward Fidler of Crich dated 10 April 1721

(written 14 February 1717)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla

copy of Ince's wills recordRobert and Elizabeth were mentioned in Edward FIDLER’S will, which was recorded a Book of Wills by Ince - a Wirksworth solicitor who moved to Wakefield. The page referring to the Will of Edward FIDLER was sent through the post to Ince dated 25 December 1853.
The Will was written (according to INCE) in 1777. Ince miscopied the date - it was 1717.

His note shows that Elizabeth was the only surviving child - we know that her siblings John, Mary and Anne all died in infancy.
This record shows Edward marrying Susannah - Edward dying before 1780. We know that Edward married Susannah HAYNES and he died July 1779. It also shows Edward and Susanna having four daughters - they had Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth and Nancy (a son Robert died an infant)
It also shows the youngest son of Robert and Elizabeth as Robert (he was born 1732). It also shows three daughters - in fact he had five..
A side note states George Hay had a will dated 1785. A George Hay was born in Crich during 1710 but I cannot connect him to this family. (PCP)

Derby 10 April 1721
Will of Edward Fidler

In the name of God amen I Edward Fidler of Wakebridge in the parish of Crich and County of Derby Yeoman being weak of body but of perfect memory blessed be God for the same and mindfull of my own mortality do constitute ordain and make this my last will & testament in manner & forms following first I commit my soul to my Lord Creator hopeing through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour to obtain salvation and my body to the earth to be buryed in Christian burial at the discretion of my executor hereinafter named And for my worldly estate my debts legacies& funeral expenses being first paid and discharged do hereby will and devise give & bequeath the same as followeth First I do will and devise all that my third part of the same being divided into three equal parts of that messuage Cottage and Tenement with the appurtenances in Southwingfield in the County of Derby aforesd. with all Barns Stables outhouses edifices buildings yards gardens & orchards together with the Third part of the same being divided into Three equal parts of all these grounds closes medow pastures in Southwingfield aforesd. and belonging to the said messuage or cottage noworlate in the possession of widow Hollingworth And all that Close now divided into two parts lying in the liberty of Brackenfield in the parish of Morton, county of Derby aforesd. containing by estimation eight acres of the same moreorless, noworlate in the possession of Thomas Nightingale or his assigns And all these two parts of the same being divided into three equal parts of a Close in the liberty of Crich aforesd. the whole containing by estimation two acres, three roods be the same moreorless , now in possession of Joseph Tomlinson or his assigns with all ways waters easements comons profits priviledges appurtenances and herediments whatforever to the said messuage cottage or tenement grounds Closes, premises with their and every of their appurtenances thereinto belonging or in any wise apportaining to that use and behoof of my son in law Robert Hay and my daughter Elizabeth Hay his wife for and during the terms of their two natural lives and the life of the survivor of them and after their deceases and the decease of the survivor of them To the use and behoof of the heirs of the body of the said Robert Hay upon the body of the said Elizabeth Hay his now wife and my daughter begotten orto be begotten and for want of such ?? then To the use and behoof of Jacob Boomer of Crich Chase in the county of Derby aforesd. Yeoman and Arthur Fidler of Horrod in the said county of Derby the same to be equally divided betwixt them the said Jacob and Arthur their heirs and assigns forevermore Item I do give and bequeath all my goods quick and dead unto my said daughter Elizabeth hay wife of the said Robert Hay and to her heirs executors and administrators forever And lastly I do give and bequeath the sum of Tenne (??) pounds of lawfull mony of great Brittain which is now due upon bond and owing to me by William Allen of Wirksworth in the said county of Derby unto the aforesd. Jacob Boomer his executors and administrators the same to be employed for the payments of my debts my funeral expenses the charges of proving my will and for defraying all such other necessary and lawfull charges and expenses as he the said Jacob Boomer his executors and administrators shall or may happen to be at or in or about the execution of this my last will and testament And I do hereby nominate constitute ordain and appoint the said Jacob Boomer to be executor of this my last will and testament desireing him (if the said Tenne? pounds shall exceed the payment of the said debts and charges) that he will give the overplus thereof unto my said daughter Elizabeth Hay and evoking all former wills by me made I do constitute ordain and make this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of February in the fourth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George by the grace of God King of great Brittain France and Ireland defender of the faith Anno Domini 1717

Edward Fidler - (his mark)

Signed sealed and publishes by the testator in the presence of us who have now subscribed as witnesses and subscribed by us as witnesses in the presence of the said testator
Henry Wholdon
Susannah Wholdon
Alfred Briddon (his mark)

18 November 1720
A fine inventory of the Goods, Cattell &Chattell and personal estate of Edward Fidler of Wakebridge in the county of Derby Husbandman deceased viewed and prized by us who have subscribed this day and year aforesaid and as followeth

His purse and apparrell £01 10s 00d
His irons £00 04s 05d
Pewter, Brass, a cupboard, a table, a buffett & two chairs £01 14s 10d
In the parlour
two bedsteds and beding belonging thereunto £01 10s 00d
Three old coffers £00 10s 00d
In the chamber
An old bedsted and two old boxes £00 05s 00d
An old cow and three sheep £02 10s o5d
Things forgottten and unseen & some disparate debts £10 10s 00d
In all £18 14s 10d
By us Henry Wholdon
John Silkston (his mark)


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