which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Robert Hill of Wessington dated 1582

Transcribed by Stuart Hill and reproduced with his permission

1) In the name of god ame~ the tenth Daye of Januarie in the xxiiijth yeare

of the Regne of or soveregne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god queene of

3) England ffrance & Ireland Defender of the faith I Robert hill of

wessington in the Countie of Darbie husbandma~, sicke in bodie, but of good

5) and pfect memorie, thankes be to god, Do ordayne & make this my last

will & testament in manr & forme folowing: ffirst I bequeath my soule

to almightie god my creator & redemer trusting by his ps[precious] sons Death &

8) blood sheding, to be one his elect children And my bodie to be interred in the

Churchyard of Crych. Also I will that my Debtes being payde &

10) my funerales Dyscharged, the resedue of my goods to be equally devyded

in three ptes, wheareof I will that one pte remayne to grace hill

my wyfe, and the othr towe ptes to be equally devyded among my children

13) that is to say Robert hill Rychard hill & alis hill, also I will that

my Sone Robert hill & grace my wyfe have & use all my implements of

15) husbandree, cominge Betwixt them and as unknowing there ptes during

her naturall lyfe, and after her Death to belonge wholy to my Sone Robert

And also I will that my Sone Robert & grace my wyfe shall make

18) there lent seednes together, & if the[y] cannot agree to keepe house all

together that the~ she shall att harvest devyde it on the felde & other

20) One there ptes att there ?clearance, & no chylde to medle or deal for

any pte there of And furthermoore I will that if my said wyfe

grace & Robert my sone cannot well agree together in the mansion

23) house, that she the said grace shall have & gryttely inioy [enjoy] the banke

house during her lyfe or durance of my lease, and also for her thirde

25) The [preest?] Golde medow for her in the [crase?], the barow clift, the

Broad peese, the litle psell beyonde the brook in the [cowdloon hayg?]

And also I give & bequeath to my said Daughter Alis [over x'd out] moore &

28) over her chyldes pte one whyte headed heffer to be kept att the

house untill shee be [married?], also I geve to thomas hill xls. & unto

Edward haslum one sheepe. further it is my will that my sone

Rychard do dwell with my said wyfe if shee cannot agree to her sone

Robert so longe as she can well lyfe And that all my goods be

33) kept together att the house untill mundaye next after the Date

heareof & the~ to be devyded & I ordayne & make [John hill crossed out] Robert

35) hill my true & lawfull executors to see that this my last will &

testament be pformed as they will answer to the contrery att the

last Daye

John hill
Robert hill [jurat] junior overseers.


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