which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of William Hill of Wessington dated 1589

Transcribed by Stuart Hill and reproduced with his permission

In The name of god Amen the thirde daye of februarie in the eight & twentieth yeare of the

regne of or sovereigne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England ffrance & Ireland queene

Defender of the faith et Ano Dom 1589 I willia~ hill of wessington in the countie of Darbie

husbandma~ Sicke in bodie but of good & pfect mynde & memorie thankes be to god doe ordaine

& make this my laste will & testament in manr & forme folowing: ffirst I bequeath my Soule

unto almightie god my creator & redemer trusting by his sons death & blood sheding to be one of

the number of his electt children, and my bodie to be interred & buried in the pish church of

Crych Also I will that my Sone Robert hill have & [manage?] the revertion of my lease & ye***s

of my farme in wessington aforesaid wth my implements of husbandrie & any houlde stuffe whatsoever

wholely as beding pewter brasse & [green?] or wood ware movable & unmovable Also I geve & bequeath

unto willia~ hill my Sone one cowe or vvviijs. iiijd. in mooney. And to his children tow [two] sheepe. Also I

geve & bequeath unto my Sone henry hill one cowe or vvviijs. iiijd. in money, and to John hill his Sone

one yowe & lame. Also I geve & bequeath unto my Sone Thomas hill iijs. iiijd. Unto Agnes cockyne

iijs. iiijd. And unto Grace Robinson my daughter iiis. iiijd. Also I geve & bequeath unto Willm~ hill

Elizabeth hill Sone & Daughter unto Thomas hill aforesaid one heffer & calfe or vvvs. in money

Also I geve unto willm~ hill my nevie [nephew] now dwelling wth mee one [beste? or bullock?] calfe or xxxs. in money

Also I geve unto the children of John Cockyne tow sheepe and unto the children of Thomas Robinson

tow sheepe Also I geve & bequeath unto my Sister nicolas Alisson his wyfe one stucke of wheate

Also I geve unto Thomas hill Sone unto Robert hill one bulacke calfe or xxxs. in money

and also one sheepe, and unto his brother willm hill one weaninge calfe or xixs. in money

and also one sheepe also I geve unto Agnes hill & Jone hill Daughters unto the said Robert hill

ether of them, one yowe & lame & unto every god childe iiijd. also I geve towardes the

[repayre?] of my pishe church, xxd. Also any Debtes being paide my funerales &

legacies discharged I geve unto my Sone Robert all the resedue of my goodes unbe-

queathed whatsoever movveable & unmovable And I ordayne & make my Sone Robert hill my

true & lawfull executor, And Robert Ordiss Thomas wooward & Robert Teler
overseers to

see that this my last will & testament is pformed as [or?] he will answere to the contrery

att the dredfull Daye of Judgment

Robert? Ordysse
Thomas Woodward
Robert Teler
Rychard ???


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