which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of William Hill of Washington dated 1634

Transcribed by Stuart Hill and reproduced with his permission

Note: original line-breaks are preserved so it's easier (when necessary) to recheck. Original spelling also retained.

1) In the name of god Amen the ffifteenth daye of September in the yeare of our Lord god one Thousand sixe hundreth

Tertie & three I william hill of washington in the Countey of Derby yeoman beinge sicke in Body but thankes be to god

of a good and perffecte memorie doe make this my last will & testament in maner and fforme ffollowinge ffirst I bequeathe

my soule into the hands of all mighty god my maker hopeing assuredly to be saved by the death and passion of his onely

5) soone & my [redeemer?] & saviour Christ Jesus & my sinnes to be washed awaye by his pretious bloode [once?] shed for me &

for all mankinde, and my boddie I comite to the earthe from whence it came desiring it maye be buried in

the prshe Church of Cryche as neare unto my seate as conveniently maye bee And as concerning all my

worldly goods cattells & chattells wch [?mene are?] or wch I shalbe Righte owner of at the Tyme of my decease I give

and bequeathe them as ffolloweth ffirst I will that all my debts & ffunerall expences be payd & discharged out

10) of my whole goods & personall estate Then I give and bequeath unto my eldest soone Robert hill the soome of one

hundreth pounds of Currante mooney of England to bee payde unto him by my Executrixe when hee shall Accomplishe

the ffull age of one & twentie yeares. Item I give and bequeath unto margret hill my daughter three scoare pounds of

like Currante mooney to be payde by my Executrixe or put fforthe in her name & to her use within three yeares next

after my decease Item I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth hill my youngest daughter the soome of ffiftene

15) pounds of like Currante mooney to be putfforthe for her in her name & to her onely use by my Executrixe

within ffoure yeares next after my decease. Item I give and bequeath unto my youngest soone William hill

the soome of ffiftey pounds of like Currente mooney to be likewise putt fforthe for him in his name by my

Executrixe within ffoure yeares next after my decease And if yt happen any of them the said ffoure children as

named Robert hill william hill margrete hill & Elizabeth hill to dye beffore they shall come to there full ages

20) or be married then my will is that his or her portion for & *** be equally devided amongste the Rest of my said ffoure

children. Item I give unto hellen woodward one [brown?] coulte for & in the name of her whole filiall childs parte

Item I give & bequeathe unto my Towe Grandchildren Henry woodward & Ane woodward either of them Towe

younge ewe sheepe Item I give & bequeathe unto eache everie of my Godchildren Twelve pence Item I give and

bequeathe unto the poore of washington Ten shillings to be devided amongste them at the discression of my Executrixe

25) and overseers. Item I will that my Lovinge wiffe hellen hill shall have the imediate possession of all my premises

and grounds wch are nowe in my possession for & towards the education & bringine up of my youngeste children soe longe as

shee shall keepe her in my name & bee unmarried But if shee happen to marrey then my will is that my eldeste

soone Robert hill shall gain the posession of all my said pmises and grounds. Item I give & bequeathe unto my said

Lovinge wyfe hellen hill all the Reste of my goods cattells & chattells & personaull estate not herein nor hereby

30) formerly bequeathed to keepe & mentenaine [all our?] said ffoure children untill they shall come to their full ages


And alsoe to & for the mentaening of Thomas hill my Brother with reasonable & sufficient *** of [meate and drinke?]

Loginge and apparell bothe of Lynnen & woollen duringe the [terme?] of his naturall lyffe if hee please to staye and

live with her soe longe and if hee happen to dislike & will not staye with her but goe to Live with some other frend then

I give & bequeath unto him Twentie pounds of Currante Englishe mooney and a good and sufficient Bedd to lie in or

upon with ffittinge & convenient cloathes to the same Item I ordaine constitute appointe & make my said Lovinge

wyffe my full and sole Executrixe for the Execution of this my last will & testament And I desire my Lovinge sone in

Law Thomas Woodward and my Lovinge brother in Law Robert hunte my Lovinge ffrends George Taylore and

Robert wilcokson to be overseers of the same hopeing he will see my mind herein performed Accordinge to my truste in

them reposed and I give unto them every one Twelve pence In witness whereof I have hereunto put myhande & seale

the daye & yeare ffirst above written

Sealled Signed published &
Reade in the psens of
ffra more
William Hill
John Spooner
his marke

Signed william Hill his marke

fiat probaco [latin]
Ob: dia Ellena hill de Washington in Com Derbie vid Robertus Hill
de Washington pred yeoman et Robertus Wilcoxson de Wheatcroft
in Com pred yeoman.
Jurat erat Carolus Ashborntia deput


"Com" = county
"pred" = predict (as said formerly)
"Jurat erat" = "was sworn"

The comments about his brother suggest perhaps he was disabled in some way?


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