which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Robert Hylle of Crich dated 1544

Transcribed by Stuart Hill and reproduced with his permission

In the name of god amen the seconde daye of aprell ye yere of owre lorde god thousande fyve

hundreth xliiijthe I Robert hylle of ye prishe of Cryche hole & of good Remembrans in my soule butt feeble

in my body make my last wylle & testament in manr & forme as folowthe fyrste I gyve & bequeathe my

soule unto almyghtie god or [our] blessed lady sent marye & all ye company in hevyn & my body to

be buryed wt in my prshe churche of cryche in ye body of ye churche before ye heyghe Rode

so neyre unto my syste [seat] yt I used to sett in as maye conveniently be wt ye advyse of ye vicar of Cryche

Also I gyve & bequeath unto emotte my wyfe hyre thyrde pte of all ye goodds att my house yt pteneth [pertaineth?]

to my house moveabull & unmoveabull & to have occupy & enioe [enjoy] ye halfe of my house & ferme wt Robte

my sonne so longe as god sends hyre lyfe & aftr hyre decyse both of thme to discend unto Robt my

sonne to have ye ffulle governens of hitt helpeng & socurging [soccage?] my sonne thus wt suche things as I shall

more pleynely [plainly?] appoyest in ys my last wyll. Also it is my last wylle & mynde yt thomas my sonne

shall have ye closse yt is called ye prest fylde to helpe hym & socurge hym wt payeng yerely to his

brothr Robt for ye Rente of it & ye house - vjd. of good & laweffull money of england: Also it is my

last wyll & mynde yt thos my sonne shall have helpe & socurge at my house wt Robt my sonne so longe

as they too cane agreye to gethr. Also yf ytt so fortune yt Robert & thomas my sonnes cane nott agreye

to gethr in my house I wylle yt thos my sonne shall have my lettell house yt I boulded myselfe of my

pers'l costs & chargs to his best use & pfett: Also it is my last wylle & mynde ytt Robt my sonne shall have iiij

[pyeson?] yt I bought att mansfelde & one cowe wt a shortle teyle & one bolloke of ij yrs of Age & A fole wt

fyve sheppe and halfe of all my housbanye [husbandry?] ware: as ploues [ploughs] waynes: harrows : [thyengs?] : youlkes wt all yt

belongs unto ye same in so ampley & large manr as and I dede use in my tyme & halfe of ye corne bothe in ye

bire & in ye fylde putteng to his helpyng hands as is [meetest?] he wylle beying on good diligent & loveng to hys mothr

& too olde nobulls of golde: Also I bequiethe to esabell robt my sonns daughtr one cowe calfe: Also I bequiethe to wyllm

my sone: A olde nobulle of golde: Also it is my last wylle & mynde yt Esabell: Also & Anne my daughters shall

have evry of theme: one olde nobulle to pry for my soulle & all chrysten solls: Also it is my last wylle & mynde yt

Esabell together my daughters in lawe shalle have evry of theme xxd to Remember my soulle & all chrysten soulls: Also

I wylle yt Robt my godson shalle have a uewe & a lambe: also I wylle yt evry one of my god chyldren have iiijd

to pry for me soule Also it is my last wylle & mynde yt I be honestly broughte home of ye hole of my goods be ye a vyse

& cocell [council] of ye vicar of chryche: Also I bequiethe to prson [*****] preste of ye trenite chappell A olde nobulle to synge

a trentall of my??? for my solle my fathrs mothrs soulle & all chrysten soulles & ye c'n halfe to be songe att chyrche & ye odr att ye

trenite chappell & vj d to same prson to helpe to brenge me to churche & to saey [depsnd?] att evry cross betwyxt ys towne

& chryche tylle he mete ye mothr churche: Also I charge my sonnes wyllm, Robt & thos: of my blessings yt the

do Agreye lovengly to gether as brethren to do & yf yt thye wylle one [fighte] wt a nothr I wylle yt ye vicar

of chryche shall horder them as my speciall trest[trust] it in hym Also it is my last wylle & mynde yt when

I broughte home my detts beyquests legacys & all hodr thyngs discharged: thenne I freyly gyfe & beqthe all ye on

plus of my goods unbeqthed unto emott my wyfe & thos my sonne whome I order make & constitute my [fetfulle?]

executors to order & dispose for my soulle helthe as mi fuerall cofidens & trest [full confidencee & trust?] is in theme & if yt Rembrance ye vicar of

Cryche ye supervysor of my wylle to see yt myne executors do justly & truely execute my wylle & evry parte or article

there of: & yt mi too sonnes Willm & Robt shall helpe to gyve councell wt ye vicar overneng whyne ??? shall

Reque in all lofull ???? thyese wyttnes nycholas allesson housbande man of ye prishe of sowthwyffold

Robte bestylow of ye prishe of chryche: [******] housbande man of ye forsayde prshe of wynfolde

wt maney more ys daye & yere afore specifyde


[1] Unfortunately, there were two names which defied translation - that of the Parson, and that of the third witness. Perhaps one day I will be inspired, and suss them out!

The vicars of Crich at around 1544 were R. Banyks and E Woolley (PCP)

[2] It would appear that Robert was absent from Crich when he made the will, and his journey home is reminiscent of Queen Eleanor, was it, whose funeral procession stopped at the cross of every town it passed through?

[3] It was normal practice prior to the Reformation for testators to leave money for the survivors to pray for their soul, "their father's soul, their mother's soul, and all christian souls". Hence the Chantry and Trentall chapels, where prayers could be said or sung.


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