which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of Joan Bradshaw of Wheatcroft 1639

Probate 1639/40

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

charity boardt at St Mary's Church, Crich
Charity board in the ringing chamber at St Mary's Church: Photo courtesy of Peter Patilla

The asterisks **** show letters I cannot understand.

Red text words, or letters, are ones of which I am not convinced.

For this will and inventory I have, as far as possible kept the original spellings. For a few words I am sure of my transcription of the letters in the words but have no idea what the words mean. In the Inventory where obscure words appear I have given their meaning in the footnotes at the end.

  1. In the name of God Amen the theirteoth day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundredth theirteye and
  2. neen. I Joane Bradshaw of Wheatcrofte in the parish of Cryche and in the County of Derby widdowe Beeing sound
  3. in boddie stronge in mynde & of a good & pefecte remeberance thanks be given to god for the same doe ordayne
  4. and make this my present last will & testament in maner & forme followinge. First I give & comend my soul
  5. into the hands of my Lord god & creatore well hoepinge & assuredly trustinge that by the merits deathe & passion of my Lord
  6. and savioure Jesus Christe to gave remission & forgivenes of all my sinnes at the greate daye of the generall
  7. resurrecsion when as I fall apptare before the judgment seate of Christe and my boddie to be enterred and
  8. buridd in the parish churche of Cryche soo neare unto my husband as maye bee: Impremis I doe herby
  9. rewake frustrate & make voyde all former wills & bequeths by me formerly made whatsoever and then ***
  10. debts being paid & my funerall charges being likewise payd & discharged  and the same beinge ded**tters and
  11. taken out of my in stuffe & howshould goods saveinge at theis presons noe oather goods to dispoase of (savinge) what
  12. moeney I loane by my executor to doe & performe the same & what moeney shall or maye bee dewe unto me by
  13. one bond of one hundred & three score pounds for the trewe payement of foure score pounds by five pounds a
  14. yeare duringe my naturall lyffe of the said soome foure score pounds be not fully satisfied beffore my decease
  15. then the remaynder thereof to bee & remayne unto John Wetton my grandchild. Item I do hereby ordayne devise will
  16. give and bequeath unto my said grandchild John Wetton all my woodden wares boards formes bedsteads *oas**s spits
  17. coaberts and all other wooden & yoarne ware & husbandrie gayres whatsoever at or in or any wayes belonginge to
  18. my howse at wheatcroft & not herein otherwayes bequeathed.  Item I ordayne devise will give & bequeath unto
  19. Troathe Wetton and Alles Wetton all the moeney that I have owinge me by Bille or Bonds (savinge)
  20. what moeney there broather John Wetton oweth mee the wh* I freely give him the said John Wetton my
  21. granchild.  I do devise will give & bequeath unto the said Troathe & Alles Wetton my grandchildren all & every my
  22. pewter brase & beddinge & all my apparrell lynnen & woollen & all my oather lynnens whatsoever the
  23. moeney dewe by the said bonds & all my beddinge & apparrell lynnes equally to be divided
  24. betwixte them.  Item I give & bequeath unto the said Troathe & Alles eather of them a coaser of myne & three
  25. silver spounes to bee devided betwixt them and to Troathe Wotton my saddell & brydell cloake & sauegarde
  26. Item I will give & bequeath unto Raphe Wetton my granchild the whole & juste some of fiftey shillings of current
  27. moeney of England to bee payde unto him by my executor within two years next after my decease.  Item I will give &
  28. bequeath unto William Wetton my granchild the whole & juste some of fiftey shillings of like moeney to bee
  29. payde unto him by my executor within fowre years next after my decease over & above the ten pounds forr
  30. him by bonde wh* I will that it be truly payde.  Item I will give & bequeath unto John ****on
  31. fowre pounds of like moeney & one silver spoon.  Item I will give & bequeath unto the children of John
  32. Shercuine the suome of theirtey shillings to bye them some sheepe withall.  Item I give & bequeath unto R**h**
  33. Jenkinson twentie shillings to bye him some sheepe withall. I give & bequeath unto Robert Newton
  34. five shillings to bye him one sheepe.  I give unto Richard Boardmoare five shillings.  Item I give
  35. & bequeath unto every godchilde that is nowe livinge twelve pence and I will that all these smale legacies
  36. bee paye by my executor within one whole yeare next after my decease.  I ordayne devise will give and
  37. bequeathe unto the poore within the towneshipe of Criche the whole & juste soome of five pounds of currante
  38. moeney of England to be set forthe to theire use to some honeste may that boathe cane & will give securite by bond
  39. to the churche warddens & overseers of the poore for the tyme & in their names & the same to bee set foarth
  40. by the churche wardens & by the advice of the vicare for the tyme beeinge for eaver & at the rate of eighteene pence
  41. a pound & not above & that the said bonds bee soe taken that the use or intereste moeney dewe by the said bonds may
  42. be yearely dewe one St Andrews day yearely for eaver to be in a readines to be dealte & distributed yearely *ers**s
  43. as my gifte one St Thomas daye next before chrismas amongste the fifteen of the poareste widdowes aged
  44. sume impotent & poore distressed people within the townshipe of Cryche for eaver & I will that this plea
  45. my will bee entered into parchement regester booke of Cryche whereby the poore may have knowledge of the
  46. same for eaver and that James Wetton & John Wetton & theire children & childrens children see the same
  47. yearely dealte as aforesaid.  Item I ordayne devise & will give & bequeathe unto the poore of the parishe of
  48. Kynsley in the countey Staffoard being the parishe wherein I was boarne the whole & juste some of
  49. five pounds of currant moeney of England to bee for foarthe for their use by the churche wardens and
  50. oversers of the poore for the tyme being yearely and for eaver & by the advice of the person likewise for the
  51. tyme beeinge for eaver & the bonds to be taken in the names of the churche wardens for the tyme beeinge as the use
  52. of the poore & the same to be let to some honeste man that boathe cane & will give good securitie by Bond for
  53. the trewe payment of the some & that the use or intereste moeney dewe thereby maye be dewe one St.
  54. Andrews day yearely for eaver to bee in a readines to be dealte one St Thomas daye next before Chrismas
  55. As my gifte for eaver & the same to be let eighteen pence the pound and not above and alsoe
  56. that this part of my will bee entered in to the regester booke in parchement in Kinsley as aforesaid
  57. whereby the poore maye take notice for eaver.  And the same to bee given dealte & distributed
  58. amongste fifteen of the poorest widdowes aged persons lame impotent & poore distressed people
  59. there for eaver.  And I hublie entreate my lovinge kinsmen William Bradshawe the soone of Richard
  60. Bradshawe & John Sherwine to see the same dealte & that the will appoynt their children & childrens children to see this
  61. intereste moeney dealte yearely as aforesaid for eaver.  Item I will that these towe legacies concerninge
  62. the poore be payde by my executer within one whole yeare next after my decease & to eather parishe
  63. a pte of this my will concerninge this my gifte to those poore to bee entered as aforesaid.  Item I will
  64. give & bequeath unto the children of James & Milicent Wetton all the moeney dewe unto me for a mare to
  65. bye them some sheepe to goe forwards with them.  Item I give & bequeath unto George Boardsley
  66. towe shillings of usuall moeney of England.  Item I will give & bequeath unto John Wetton my said
  67. granchild the whole & juste soome of sixe pounds of currante moeney of England towards Bringinge of
  68. *eet honestly home amongste my neighbours.  Item I doe hereby give & bequeathe unto the said John
  69. Wetton my grandchild all the rest of my goods cattells & chattells pesonaull estate what soever or
  70. where soever & not herein formourly bequeathed.  Item I ordayne devise will constitute appoynte
  71. & make the said John Wetton my grandchild as aforesaid my full whole & soale executer of this my
  72. present last will & testament well hopinge hee will well & truly performe the same as my truste
  73. is in him and lastly I entreate my two lovinge frends & neighboures Robert Wilcokson of Wheatcrofte
  74. and John Bowler of the same to be overseers of this my presente last will & testament & to see the
  75. same well & trewly performed as my trust is in them.

Sealled delivered and
published to bee my
laste will & testament
in the presence of
R Wilcokson
Bartholmewe Turner

Signed  Joane Bradshawe
              And her mark


ffiat proba* hunc testament et ado omnium et singular bonor iurium et creditum dict deft Johanin Wetton executore in eodem juriat
                                                    Comissrio Mro Thoma Shelmerdyne vicarie de criche


Carolas Twysden




Rough Translation of the Latin text


Granted probate this testament and administration of all and singular goods rights and credits of the said deceased Johm Wetton
sworn executor in this
                                                  Confirmed Mr
Thomas Shelmerdyne vicar of Crich


A trewe and perfecte inventorie of *****
goods & personaull estate of Joane Brad
shawe of wheatcrofte in the parishe of
Chryche & countey of derby widdowe lately
deceased taken vewed & poocysed the
five & twentieth daye of februarie 1639
by John Keirkland John Bowler Robert
Wilcokson & George Beighton

      £ s d
    Imprimus her purse girddell1 & Appaorell 3 6 8
    Item: Three feathers beds three boulsters and sixe pillows 3 12 0
    Item: sixe coverlids one bed hilling2 & three blankets 4 0 0
    Item: one flockebed seaven ould chase beds five coverlids towe blankets five chase boulsters 0 18 0
    Item: eight payres a haulffe of canvice sheets fowre fowre canvice table cloathes towe wallets3 fowre cushens a coveringe for a table & one benche cloathe 1 10 0
    Item: fowre payres a haulffe of flaxen sheets towe table cloathes fowre towells neen pilloweboares4 & towe dowsen of napkines 5 14 0
    Item: Three ould brase potes three kettelles three pannes & on skellet5 3 10 0
    Item: sixteen pewter dishes three candlesticks one dubble saulte 3 poddingers6 4 sawcers one chamber pote one pewter bason one beaker one chaffinge dishe7 1 16 8
    Item: five silver spounes 1 5 0
    Item: eight bedsteads seaven coaffers fowre cheares 3 buffets8 towe tables & foames one table frame two kymnells9 towe cloafe kets10 fowre loames11 towe fates12 one greate arke13 3 barrells towe longewheeles one strike14 one hoope15 & 2 peckes16 one [ one line of text missing] towe formes & five stooles 6 6 8
    Item: towe spits one payre of goeberts17 and one payre of rackenchaynes18 0 6 0
    Item: In debts owing by bond 52 15 8
    Item: one peece of beefe one pote of butter and one pecke of wheat 0 5 0
    Item: one goose & one hen 0 1 6
    Item: one side saddell & cloathe & briddell one pestell & one mustard powle a smothinge yoarne one yoarne flyce & one stoane of flaxe 0 13 6
    Suma Tolalis 86 0 8

    1 Girddell: A belt
    2 Hilling: A covering
    3 Wallet: Bag with two pouches in it, for holding provisions or clothes on a journey.
    4 Pilloweboares: Pillow Cases
    5 Skellet: A cooking vessel of various metals, with three feet and a long handle to stand over a fire.
    6 Poddingers: Bowls of silver, pewter or earthenware for soup or porridge.
    7 Caffinge dishe:  Small enclosed brasier containing hot coals, usually charcoal, for heating food and drink
    8 Buffets: joined forms or set of stools for use at a long table
    9 Kymnell: Wooden tub
    10 Kets (Kitts): Circular, usually wooden vessel made of hooped staves, bound with iron bands, sometimes with a lid, for containing milk, butter and other foods: also for washing clothes.
    11 Loames (Loomes): Open vessel of any kind, tub, bucket of vat also weaving loom, usually identified by gears or other tools of the trade.
    12 Fates: Vats
    13 Arke: Chest or coffer with a domed lid.
    14 Strike: A measure of one bushel
    15 Hoope: A measure of 4 pecks used for corn
    16 Peck: Vessel for measuring two gallons of dry goods
    17 Goeberts (Coberds): irons for supporting the spit in front of the fire.
    18 Rackenchaynes (Rackentine): Vertical band of iron which hung from a fixed bar in the chimney, from which hooks were suspended to take pots and kettles.

    © Alan Wilcockson

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