which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Thurstan Radford dated 1534

Transcribed by Terry Radford and reproduced with his permission

In the name of God, Amen, the 16th day of May in the year of our Lord God 1534 [I Thurstan] Radford of the parish of Crich being of good and whole mind make my will and testament as followeth. [First I] give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God and to his mother Saint Mary and to all the saints in heaven and [my body to be] buried within the holy sanctuary of Crich. Item to be speedy about my burial as pleaseth mine executors and friends. Item I will that the rest of my goods after my burial be divided in three parts, that is to say one part to the bringing of me home and to the paying of my debts, the second part to my wife and the third part to be divided among all my children ext annes according to right and if anything remain of my part after my body be buried and my debts paid I will that it be divided among my wife and my children each one like much in value, and for this will well and truly to be performed and fulfilled I ordain and constitute Joan my wife and Richard my son my true and faithful executors and Roger Alsebrobroke [sic] to be overseer that this my will be performed. In witness hereof Sir William, Vicar of Crich, my ghostly father, Christopher Normanton, John Hendman and other the day and year beforesaid. Item I will that Richard my son have all my working tools for to be good to his mother and his sisters

Thurstan Radford wll 1534
Thurston Radford, Crich, 1534
Reproduced by kind permission of the Lichfield Record Office.

Thurstan Radford Inventory (died 1534)

Wife Joan, son Richard, daughter Alice.

An inventory of the goods of Thurstan Radford late of the parish of Crich  of September appraised by Harry Hill , ? Jackson, Ralph Cock and William ?
Firstly six oxen, the price of the first yoke
Item the second yoke 24 shillings
Item the third yoke being  bullocks 20 shillings
item four cows  40 shillings
Item 2 heifers 16 shillings
Item 2 stirks 6 shillings 8 pence
Item a calf 2 shillings
Item a small gelding 10 shillings
Item a mare foal 2s 8d
Item 10 ewes 8s 4d
Item a ram 20d
Item 5 pans 21s 4d
Item 3 pots & a posnet 7s
Item 2 skilletts one chafingdish 2 Chandlers1  3s 4d
Item 13 pewter dishes 5s 2d
Item 11 pottingers & 2 saucers
Item 2 old mattresses with 2 bolsters
Item 6 coverlets with 3 blankets
Item four pairs of flaxen sheets 5 shillings
Item four pairs of canvas sheets 2 shillings
Item barley and oats 11 shillings
Item a sow and 2 piglets
Item an Aumbry
Item trantyllmentes of howse2

1 A stand for a candle
2 OED has a Scots word trantles or trantlums meaning trifling or petty articles, and claims that it derives from the ecclesiastical Trental. 

Item to be pulled forth of this for  the said Thurstan owing due to be paid
Item to the King five shillings
Item to Roger Allsebrokke ten shillings
The debts paid

Inventory Thurston Radford 1534
Thurston Radford, Crich, 1534
Reproduced by kind permission of the Lichfield Record Office.

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