which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Agnes Radford dated 1550

Transcribed by Terry Radford and reproduced with his permission

RADFORD Agnes died 1550 wife of Peter Radford(deceased) Mother  of Henry, Margaret and Elizabeth

In the name of god Amen the xxviij day of April in the year of our Lord God A thousand five hundred and fifty.

I Agnes Radford widow Late wife of Peter Radford departed of perfect memory, Lord be to God, make my last will & testament in manner & form following. First I bequeath my Soul to All mighty  God to our Lady Saint  Mary And to All the holy company in heaven & my body to be Buried in the Saint Catherine’s quire in the church of Allhallows in Derby near unto my father & mother.

I give & bequeath for my mortuary, according to the statute ordained for that purpose.

I give & bequeath to Johan (Joan) Radford the daughter of Thomas Radford departed a fedderbedde & A matterese & bowlster & A pillow, A pear of flaxen shetes my best bedioneryng
A pair of canvas sheets ij coverlid’s & the bed stokes in the parlour,  An Ambrye that standeth in the howse

To Agnes Dawson my cow, A fedderbed, ij sylver spoones, my brass morter and the pestell.

I give to the said  Margaret  Dawson ij leddes standynge in A forme so long as she inhabyteth Derby & if she departs from Derby then I give theme to my daughter  Elisabeth Fletcher..  I give to the said Margaret  Dawson the lease of my house durynge the term  therof. I gyve to the said Margaret Dawson a trough of stone standyng in the kitchen and A great Ark standing in the parlour.

I give & bequeath to everyone of my children, A sheep And to everyone of their children A sheep

I give & bequeath to Agnes Hey the Daughter of Rychard Hey A sheep.

I give & bequeath to John Leper & Katheryne Leper either of them A sheep.;

I give to my Sister Leper my best gown.

I give to Robert  Fletcher my pewter canne (can?) & to Elsabeth his wife my kyrroll beds & ij silver spoons to Alyce their daughter my Silver pynne.(pin?)

I give & bequeath to the Highy Alter  iijs iijd  

I order & make Robert Fletcher my son in law and my son Henry Radford and Margaret Dawson my Executors to fulfil this my last will and testament

All my other goods not bequeathed my legacies payed and I honestly brought home I give & bequeath them to my iii children. Henry Radford,  Elisabeth Fletcher & Margaret Dawson to be divided among they by every portion.

It[e]m I order & make my brother Richard Hey my Supervisor to see that this my last will & testament be fulfilled and to have for his pains taking vjs viijd

This witness Sir Roger Bartholomew and Sir Richard Jordan (also) present Edward Bonsall
and John Melburne

I give to Katheryne Leper my violet kyrtell.

I give to Agnes Hey & Margary Hey either of they A kerchyfe

I give to Margaret Dawson & Joan Radford the daughter of Thomas Radford my flax to be divided between them; the said  Roger Rychard Edward and John Bearynge (are) witnesses

Will of Agnes Radford 1550

Agnes Radford, Crich, 1550
Reproduced by kind permission of the Lichfield Record Office.

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