which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Roger Radford dated 1575

Transcribed by Terry Radford and reproduced with his permission

ROGER RADFORD  died 1575 in Crich , husband of Margaret(deceased) and Elizabeth.

Father to William, Thomas, Francis, Ralph and Elizabeth.

In the Name of God amen: The iiijth daye of Marche in the year of our Lord
God 1575 I Rodger Radford of Pleastowe in the parish of Cryche
being of good perfect mind and remembrance laude and praise be
to Almighty God make and ordain this my present last will
and testament in manner and form following:

First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God the maker and redeemer of the
Son  and my body to be buried within my parish Church of
Crych in the same place as Margery my wife was buried in and
also I will that I be honestly brought home in the day of
my burial of the whole of my goods  also I will that Elizabeth
my wife and Thomas my son shall assignees of my house
and farm for the Reversion of those years that are specified in
my Indenture  and Thomas my son to have two parts of my house
farm and grounds, and Elizabeth my wife to have the third part.

Also I bequeythe to Thomas my son my great panne.

To Elizabeth my daughter my great panne (but one).

To Wylliam my son my great pot:

To Elizabeth my wife one Cow

To Elizabeth my daughter my greattest heifer.

To Raffe (Ralph) my son one heifer.

To Elizabeth my wife my ambelynge(ambling?) mare.

To Wylliam my son my felley and my best Jacket

To John Dayne my beast shirt:

To Elizabeth my wife and Elizabeth my daughter my best dublet

To Robert Bunttynge children one lambe

And for Truly fulfilling of this my present last
Will and Testament, ] I ordain make and Constitute Elizabeth
my wife and Thomas my son  faithful and lawful
Executors to see  that this my present last Will and Testament be
Justly done and fulfilled in every pointe and article hereof:

And I charge all my Children of my daily blessing that
they do lovingly agree together

Also I will that after I brought home my beode buryed my debts paid all
legacies and bequeaths Justly done and fulfilled I freely
give and bequeath  the Residue of all my goods  bequeathed equally to be divided betwixt Elizabeth my wife and all my Children: 

This being witness:
Nicholas Dayne: George Bunttynge: John Dayne: and
German  Normantom, the Parish  Clerk of Cryche,
on the Daye and Year above written

Will of Roger Radford 1575

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