which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of Francis Radford died 1630

Transcribed by Terry Radford and reproduced with his permission

He was the son of Roger (d 1575) and Margery Radford

He had six children John, Ellen, Margaret, Thomas, Francis and William

I Francis Radford, Yeoman in the County of Derby being sick in body but of sound & perfect
rememberance thanks be to God and becoming ? contayne then ? the hour of death & not minding to die intestate do Constitute and Ordayne & make this my last will & form following:

First I give & bequeath my soul unto Almighty God the Father, my creator & to Jesus Christ the ? soon my Redeemer & God the Holy.

My Body to be buried in the Parish Church Yard of Wirkseworth at the discression of my
executors & overseers.

And for the dispossiossion of my ? unto my three youngest children William,Margret & Frances to every one of them fifty shillings yearly to be paid out of ? years until such time as my Eldest son (John) soon shall accomplish the age of twenty one years

Item I give unto the three eldest (children): Thomas to every one of them Twenty shillings to be paid likwise yearly out of the Increase of my landes & goods yearly until such (he) shall accomplish the age of twenty one years.

Item I give unto John Radford my Eldest son one great brass pan , one cupboard ? year all tables & bedsteads belonging to the house & also one fowling peece (shotgun)

Item I give unto my daughter Margret one piece, ? shillings

Item I give unto my son Frances four (King)d Edward shillings & a swarm of Bees which are in the possession of Thomas Bunting

To my three other ,children Thomas, Ellen & William every one of them Two shillings.

Item I give Margret Reasson my servant ? & a half of Cavice Cloath, one Elne of Russet Cloath to make her to make her a waiste coat & one ewe, puge? to be delivered unto her at my decease.

Item I give unto my three youngest children William, Margret & Frances, all my wovenClothe s & yarn, both Linen& Woollen ? this sixe years until my eldest son shall come to the age of one & twenty years.

Item I give unto my three Children Thomas ? swarms of Bees standing in the garden & my daughter Margret to have the first swarm of bees ? increase that shall come of the same.

Item Thomas Buntinge one doublet & one pair of shears

Item I give George Flinte one pair of kersey stockings.

Item I give unto Ellen & Margret all the apparel that was my late wifes equally to be divided betwixt them.

Item My will is that my son John , ? to my five younger children every one of them five pounds within one whole year after he shall accomplish the age of twenty one ? said lands

Item My will is that all the wood growing within the Cliff shall be sold at the
discression of of my Executors & ? fyne unto the Lord of the Manor shall be payed out of the same & the rest of the money to go to the use of my younger ?

The rest of my goods, alive & dead, moveable & unmoveable, my legacies & funerall expenses discharged ? my children Thomas, Ellen, William, Margret & Frances to be Equally devided amongst them.

Item I constitute, ordeyne and ? Brothers Anthony Wood & Robert Boothe, my true & Lawfull Executors of this my last will & testament trusting ? last will & testament performed as my hope is the will, and I give each of them twelve pence.

And do will ? Henry For, the Thomas Boothe, Thomas Buntinge & John Ancote to be overseers of this my last will and testament ? of them six pence.

In witness whereof I have to this my last Will & Testament I have set my
hand and seal on ? January in the year of the Reign of our Soveraigne Lord, Charles by the Grace of God of King of England & Scotland being Defender of the Faith & c. The fifte 1629

Witnesses Jurati executores
per me Gervasum Hall deputatum
fiat probacio testamenti suprascripti et administracio bonorum
dicti defuncti executoribus in eodem nominatis
pro educacione Johannis, Ellene Thome, Will[elmi Margrete
et Francisci Radford liberorum defunctiin minore etate
existen[tium Anthonio Wood et Roberto Booth executoribus]in
eodem nominatis

Translation of above Latin Text
Let a probate of the Will above written and administraction of the goods
of the said deceased be granted to the executors nominated in the same
An order for the education of John, Ellen, Thomas, William, Margaret
and Francis Radford children of the deceased now in the minorities
granted to Anthony Wood & Robert Booth the executors in
the same Will nominated

Francis Radford will 1630
Reproduced by kind permission of the Lichfield Record Office.

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