which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of Joan Wylcokson of Crich dated 1553

Probate awarded 1559

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

**** show letters I cannot understand and red text words or letters I am not convinced of. In the will I have transcribed most of the words into their modern spellings however I have left the words in the inventory in their original spellings.

  1. In the Name of God Almighty the fifth day of the month of April in the year

  2. Of our Lord God 1553 I Jone Wylcokson of Whetcroft widow of the parish

  3. Of Crich being of good perfect mind and remembrance la**de and praise be unto

  4. Almighty God make and ordain this my present will and testament in manner and

  5. Form following; First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God my maker

  6. And redeemer for our blessed Lady saint Mary the holy being and for all the

  7. Holy company of heaven and my body to be buried within the holy sanctuary

  8. Of Crich. Also I will that in the day of my burial that I be honestly

  9. Brought home of the whole of my goods. Also I bequeath to Robert Redserthe

  10. Of the son of Rodger Redserthe of Crich one bullock calf and one hog (i.e. young unshorn sheep) sheep

  11. Also I bequeath to Rodger Redserthe of Crich one hog sheep and one pair of geese

  12. Also I bequeath to Mary Redserthe younger daughter of Rodger Redserthe of Crich ii hogs

  13. Sheep and one coverled Also I bequeath to Jone Walker my god daughter one

  14. heffer of two years old: ii ewes and ii lambs one coverled one blanket

  15. And one pair of canvas sheets one *nblar and my garments : Also I bequeath

  16. To Thomas Almone my by**cint one coverlet one pair of canvas sheets and one pair

  17. Of Geese. Also I bequeath to William Banckes of Whetcroft one pair of geese

  18. Also I bequeath to Margaret the wife of William Banckes one violet kirtelett (i.e. any type of loose over garment) Also

  19. I bequeath to Katherine Bowlar one petticoat: Also I bequeath to

  20. Grace Breddes one good petticoat and one canvas smock: Also I bequeath to John

  21. Wylcokson ye son of Ranf Wylcokson one mattress one coverlet : my best

  22. Blanket one towel and one Arke: Also I bequeath to William Wylcokson ye son of Ranf

  23. Wylcokson one window sheet and one Arke (i.e. chest with domed lid): Also I bequeath
    Thomas the son of Ranf Wylcokson

  24. One Arke: Also I bequeath to Robert ye son of Ranf Wylcockson one hog sheep

  25. Also bequeath to Joan Roweboythum one hog sheep: Also I bequeath to Ranf Wylcokson my

  26. *yns**b *** and pair of geese: Also I bequeath to Elizabeth the wife of Ranf Wylcockson

  27. One borde clothe: Item for Thomas Wyld iii lbs of welle: Item to Thomas Hellon iii lbs of whelle

  28. I bequeath to John Whalley one canvas sheet: Item to the wife of Robert Peeces iii lbs of whelle: Also I bequeath

  29. To Jone Walker my god-daughter the one half of certain linen yarns and Robert Redserthe

  30. And Elizabeth Wylcokson to have the other half of the said yarns: Also I bequeath to each one

  31. of my god-children one hog sheep: (excepted onely Jone Walker and grace Breddes whiche

  32. have theire parts bequeathed theim before expressed: Also I bequeath to each one of Ranf

  33. Wylcokson my husbands godchildren one hog sheep: Also it is my last will and

  34. minde that one cow it is at my house shall be sett f**the to the halves **sn

  35. Honest ma** at the oversight of Ranf Wylcokson and Robert Redserthe of Crich : And

  36. Ranf my husband my brother John Blunnte another of my friends to be **ened for

  37. ***** If it please god that ye said cowe do prosper and I will that the said

  38. Ranf Wylcokson and Robert Redserthe shall have anctery for to sett and let the said cowe

  39. At all times: Also I will that when I brought home my body buried my debts

  40. Paid all legacies and bequeathed instantly done and fulfilled I freely give and bequeath

  41. The residue of all my goods unbequeathed to Ranf Wylcokson my kinsman and for

  42. A true fulfilling of this my last will and testament I ordain make and constitute

  43. Ranf Wylcokson my kinsman and Robert Redserthe the son of Roger Redserthe of Crich

  44. My faithful executors to see that this my last will be instantly done and fulfilled

  45. ** e*** **onte and article hereof: This being witnessed by Richard Bancks the

  46. vicar of Crich: Robert Wild of Whetcroft and Ranf Kirkland of the same with other ***

  47. the *** *** *** said ** and Richard Banks un ****.


An inventory of all the goods of Joan Wylcokson
Of Whetcroft of the parish of Crich made
Twentyforth day of the month of April in
The year of our lord god 1554 and praised
By iiii honest and indifferent men that is to
wytt. Robert Wild Humphrey Kirkelande
Ranf Kirklande and Rodger Redsertthe

    £ s d
Impremis ii Oxeson 0 40 0
Item iii kyne and one heffer 0 49 0
Item i old maere 0 10 0
Item iii year *y*g* Calves 0 10 0
Item One way*e**ge Calve 0 3 4
Item xx hogge sheepe 0 26 8
Item vi old sheep 0 12 0
Item One young pygge 0 0 15
Item One gander and one gosse 0 0 12
Item One Kooke and one hame 0 0 6
Item One bacon flecke 0 0 20
Item One littell panne and one skellet 0 6 8
Item One old pot 0 3 4
Item iiii littell pewther dishes 0 2 8
Item One little candylstyke 0 0 4
Item One Chafynge dyshe 0 0 8
Item Corn in the barne 0 10 0
Item Haye in the barne 0 2 0
Item One old mattres iii Coverledds one wyndercloathe & iii pears of sheets 0 10 0
Item iii old sackes 0 0 8
Item One borde cloothe & one ****ell 0 0 16
Item One old gawne. One kyrtell ii old petecooth , ii hapnes, ii kercheffes and ii smocks 0 9 0
Item v pears *** hoose 0 6 8
Item vi shepeinge of yearne 0 2 0
Item ix lbs of r**ght walle 0 0 18
Item iii old arket 0 0 22
Item One peare of rackentenle and one peare of potehooks 0 0 6
Item One forme and one cheare what other thinge where praysed all togayther 0 0 12
  In Totalis 10 18 6
© Alan Wilcockson

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