which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of John Wylcokson dated 9th June 1554

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

Will of John Wylcokson 9th June 1554

The will is ripped on the right hand side so some words cannot be transcribed, I have marked these with *****. Words I am not sure of are shown in a red font. The inventory for this will has not survived if it ever existed.

  1. In the name of God Amen the viiii day of the month of June the year of our lord one

  2. thousand five hundredth fifty fourth . I John Wylcokson of Hover Halloway of the parish of

  3. Crich being of whole mind and good perfect remembrance *a*de and praise be unto almighty

  4. God make and order this my present testament. Concerning herein my last will in manner and

  5. Form following; Firstly I commend my body unto Almighty god my maker and redeemer for

  6. Blessed lady saint Mary the holy virgin and the all the blessed company of heaven

  7. And my body to be buried within the holy sanctuary of Crich: Also I will that I be

  8. Honestly brought home in the way of my burial of the whole of my goodes: Also I

  9. Will that my mortuary be paid according unto the kings acts made thereof

  10. Also I give and bequeath to Ranf my son my greath panne my greath iron spitte

  11. Also I give and bequeath to Robert my son my second panne my second iron spitte

  12. With my iron cupboard my crow of iron my great vatt. my heere for the kylne:

  13. With all other things their belonging: my great bonid that stands within

  14. My house. my iron bowne wayne: ii oxeson ii cazuls with ploughs. harness:

  15. And all that belongs unto my draught with all my crop of corn both

  16. Growing in the fields and within any barn: *peing therefore unto Ranfe my

  17. My son. And my other iii daughters each one of them: xiii shillings iiii pence: Also I bequeath

  18. To each one of my childers children one sheep: Also I will that when I brought

  19. Home my body buried my debts paid all legath bequeaths *nsteln d**e

  20. And fulfilled. I freely give and bequeath the residue of all my goods unbequeathed

  21. To be divided equally among all my children and so a g**e fulfilling

  22. Of this my last will testament. I ordain make and constitute Ranf

  23. And Robert my sons my true and faithful executors and either *** *** have

  24. For their pains taking as is ***re *a***: and of the execution of **is my present

  25. Testament I ordain and constitute my right worshipful Mister Thomas Daby**ton of Dedicke

  26. To be the supervisor and he to have for his favourable kindness 6s 8d. And utterly

  27. Revoke And adimlle all and any other former testaments & wills. Lega*** bequeath &

  28. ***ters and overseers by me in any wile before this time made. *ac*ed willed

  29. And bequiethed these being witness. ** Richard Bancks vicar of Crich. Roberte

  30. Bunttinge of Tannesley and Godfrey Nor**tor the parish Clerk of Crich with

  31. Other *** the day and year afore said

© Alan Wilcockson

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