which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of Robert Wylcokson of Crich made 1564

Probate 1568

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

The asterisks **** show letters I cannot understand.

Red text words, or letters, are ones of which I am not convinced.

In the will I have transcribed most of the words into their modern spellings however I have left the words in the inventory in their original spellings.

  1. In the name of God Amen the twentieth day of May the year of our Lord

  2. God 1564 I Robert Wylcokson Over Holway in the parish of Crich

  3. Being of good perfect mind & remembrance laude and praise be unto

  4. Almighty God make & ordain this my last will and testament

  5. In manner and form following: Firstly I give and bequeath my soul

  6. To Almighty god my maker & redeemer beseeching him for to be at

  7. To he great *er** when he graoyouse pleasure ye as my tr*cfte

  8. Is that he will so do for my faith & belief sake that I ****

  9. Have had & have ps**antly in him and my body I bequeath

  10. To be buried within the holy sanctuary of Crich also

  11. I will that my mortuary be paid according unto the kings

  12. Aotes made thereof also it is my last will and mind that

  13. I be honestly brought home in ye day of my burial of the whole of my goods: Also I will

  14. That Richard my son shall be mine esynegnes of my house & farm: Also

  15. I will that Agnes my wife shall be ye head ruler at my house so

  16. long as she keeps her self sole & in my ra**e. And if she do marry

  17. Again then I will that she shall have her third part of goods ( and

  18. Lovingly to depart from my house & farm and any part & parcel thereof

  19. Also I will that all my children shall be brought up and

  20. Kept at my house & farm until such times as they shall

  21. Come to lawful years of age and to be ruled & ordered by the

  22. decisions and oversight of Agnes my wife. John Greenesmythe & Ranf Wylcokson

  23. and at such times as any of my children do come

  24. To their lawful years of decisions, then I will it they have

  25. Their childs part of goods delivered unto there at ye oversight of

  26. The above named: Agnes John and Ranf. Also I charge all my children

  27. Of my dearly blessing if they do lovingly agree to go there and if

  28. Any unquietnes or discord should be among them at any time or times

  29. That there I will it both my wife & all my children shall be ruled &

  30. Ordered by my said friends above nominated and for a true full

  31. Filling of this my last will & testament I ordain make & constitute Agnes

  32. My wife and Richard my son my true & faithful executors and of ye execution

  33. Of the same I ordain and constitute John Greenesmythe & Ranf Wylcokson

  34. The overseers of this my present will & testament to see that this my will

  35. Be instantly done & fulfilled every part & article thereof witness

  36. ** Richard Bancks vicar of Crich John Greenesmythe & Ranf Wylcokson

  37. With other mee ye day and year above said.

me Richard Bancks
Vicar** *d*cot **


An inventory of all the goods of Robert Wylcokson of
Over Holloway in the parish of Crich made ye 9th
Day of June the year of our lord god 156(7/9) praysed
By iiii honest and indifferent men that is to wytt
Thoins Meacoke, Robert Redf, James Amos & Henry *y**

    £ s d
Impremis iiii bullookes 5 0 0
Item One horse & one mayre 0 26 8
Item iii kyne 0 40 0
Item xx sheepe 0 ????? ???
Item x olde & bayre shepe 0 20 0
Item ii pans A more & lesse 0 10 0
Item ii lyttell pottes 0 4 0
Item One olde skellett 0 0 4
Item One ch*synge dyshe and c*dylft 0 0 12
Item vi pewter dyshes 0 4 0
Item ii lyttell sawoers (saucers ??) 0 0 4
Item The appell for the boady 0 13 4
Item One olde mattress, iiii olde Coverledes and ii blankets 0 11 0
Item One peare of sheets of *** of hempe and ii peare of canvas 0 7 0
Item One olde yron ba**ce wayne 0 10 0
Item One olde plowgh and hasrawe th**r yanlks and one peare of Cooves 0 4 0
Item One axe and hachet b*rd yron the rokenteates ye pot h*oke& one peare of tonges ***** and *eft wy*cbull 0 2 0
Item One towel one korde shoothe 0 2 0
Item One ganner one gosse and ii hennes 0 0 12
Item One olde kymnell (wooden tub) ii water ketts and preased all to geyther 0 2 0
  In Totalis 15 12 0


© Alan Wilcockson

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