which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of Ralph Wylcokson dated 1575

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

Will of Ralph Wylcokson 1575, Probate 1575/76

**** show letters I cannot understand and red text words or letters of which I am not convinced. In the will I have transcribed most of the words into their modern spellings however I have left the words in the inventory in their original spellings.

Page 1

Anno Domini 1575
  1. In de*n**e *** the twenty third day of November

  2. The date of our Lord God 1575 and

  3. in the 17th year of the reign of our

  4. Sovereign lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of

  5. England France and Ireland *******

  6. I Ranfe Wylcokson of Whetcroft in the

  7. Parish of Crich and in the county of Derby

  8. England and being of good perfect mind

  9. And remembrance laude and praise be

  10. To Almighty God, do make & ordain

  11. This my present last will & testament

  12. In manner and form following: first I do

  13. Give & bequeath my soul to almighty

  14. God my maker & redeemer of the s***e

  15. And my body to be buried & interred

  16. within our parish church yard so near

  17. Unto Elizabeth my wife as may be: Also

  18. I will that my mortuary be

  19. Paid out ordain ** the statute made thereof

  20. Also I will that in t*** days of my burial

  21. All that I be honestly brought home also

  22. The whole of my goods also it is my

  23. Last will & mind that William my son

  24. Shall be mine asinge of my house and

  25. Farm for the reversion of my years

  26. And my lease in like manner of all mine

  27. tenths both corn & hay and all

  28. my husbanning geyre. both wayne pel**

  29. *******  teames harrows axes *******

  30. With all other iron wayne and my greates

  31. Pan & greates pot that was my

  32. fathers and one mattres

Page 2

  1. Also I give and bequeath to Margaret my wife

  2. Her pot & pan that she brought

  3. With her at the day of our marrying  together

  4. Item I give & bequeath Elenna my daughter

  5. My best pot (but one) and my pan

  6. That was Jane Blawctes and one redde

  7. Calve. And mattress that was her mothers

  8. Item I give and bequeath to Margaret my wife

  9. One mattress that she brought with her : and

  10. One of the best sheets it she browth he & other sheets

  11. Also I bequeath to Thomas my son one pot

  12. And one coverled whette & blacke

  13. Also it is my last will & mind that John

  14. My son shall be found at my house and

  15. Farm so long as it shall please my land

  16. Lord that my son may be his tenant and

  17. My said son John to have honest a***

  18. ***t* for the holy day & work day and

  19. Honest meat & drink and loaggeng (lodging ?) and

  20. That I charge William my son to fulfil

  21. And be it instely done the oversight

  22. Of Robert Orisdishe and Robert Redfirth of

  23. Crich and if it **ortmie that John my son

  24. can not agree with William my son then

  25. I will that John my son shall be ordered

  26. At all times by Robert Orisdishe & Robert

  27. Readfirth of Crich.

  28.  Item to Esobell my sister one lamb and to

  29. Each one of my godchildren  2d

  30. Also I bequeath to my parish church

  31. Of Crich for the repaco**s thereof ii shillings

  32. Also I will that after I brought home my

  33. My body buried my debts paid all legacies

  34. And bequeit & instately done and fulfilled I free

  35. –ly give and bequeath the residant of all my

  36. Goods unbequeathed to Margaret my wife

  37. And all my children equally to be divided

  38. Amongst them.

Page 3

  1. Also it is my last will and mind that

  2. Margaret my wife shall have and occupe

  3. The thride (3rd ?) part of my farm (the tenth only

  4. excepted) that I will that William my son

  5. Shall have whole so long as she keeps her

  6. In my name

  7. Also I give and bequeath to William my

  8. Son my greate arke (i.e. dome lidded chest) & greate falle (i.e. felle: animal skin with hair on)

  9. Item I bequeath to Elenne (Ellen ?)my daughter

  10. One arke which was her mother’s

  11. Item I bequeath to Robert Orisd  John Kirk & Robert Redfiche of

  12. There one hogge sheep

  13. Also for a T****  ***lsilling of

  14. This my last will and testament I ordain

  15. Make and constitute Margaret my wife

  16. And William my son my faithful executors

  17. To so this my present last will and testament

  18. done and fulfilled in every part and

  19. article hereof

  20. And I ordain and constitute Robert Orisdishe

  21. John Kirkland and Robert Readfooth of

  22. Crich to be ye sipvcsies (supervisors) of this my present will

  23. To help with their good and holsam (wholesome)

  24. S***sell mine executors at all times

  25. So ofte as Nedd shall require

  26. Either being witness Robert Wyld senior

  27. Edmunde Bowlar, John Kirkelande Raalf Redf

  28. Of South Winfeld and German Norman on ***

  29. Ather mae the day & year above

  30. Written.

*r*otn  Mr Ricard
Banks vicar*** d


A inventory unde of all ye goods & cattell that aperteyneth or belongith
Ralfe Wylkocson of Whetcroft the 29th day of November at the
cight of these four men Robert Wyldof. Edmond Lovler
Edmon Nurthed & Thomas Seylers

Item £ s d

First in hys porse 12d ** cots to doblets to payre off hose to sherts one cape one payre of sh*r*

0 13 4

Imprymos fryst to small oxsen

4 0 0

Item other to oxsen the prye

3 0 0

Item to smalle bulocks

0 40 0

Item three Kyne (Cows)

4 0 0

Item to heefers

0 30 0

& to yere oulde calles

0 20 0

& three weaning calves

0 15 0

Item two mares one horse one foal

0 33 4

Item one beffe calf ye prye

0 20 0

Item xxix shepe

4 0 0

Item xxx hoggs shepe

0 40 0

Item thre wyne & four shutes

0 15 4

Item foure gese to hennes & ***kocke

0 3 0

Item corne & hay & bladeas & felde (i.e. probably felle)

5 0 0

Item vii bras palts & vii bras pannes foure ohasyng dyshes vii skeylets v candels

0 40 0

Item xxii puter dishes x seysers vi pott *h*ers & thre s**ts

0 20 0

Item x cosserlets & thre mattres xii p**yr*os shets v blankets v other napre ware with to bolsters to *peles forte

0 6 8

Item one arke one falle (i.e.animal skin with hair/wool on) & one kymnell with all other tro**re ware

0 5 0

Item one payre of recke (i.e.abbreviation of reckentine) & char *es one payre of tonggs pot hokes

0 0 12

Item to spytts one payre off gobers (i.e. possibly cobers: iron for supporting the spits in front of the fire) & a brandy iron

0 2 0

Item one yrone bounde wayne three youkes one haras one plough one axse & one wimble with all other yrne ware

0 20 0

Item halfe stonne a woll (i.e. wool) one halfe ston hempe one bakon flecke of bakon

0 5 0

Sum is

36 9 8

First kyrse k***otts

0 13 4

*he ohe pares off oryoht

0 9 3


© Alan Wilcockson

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