which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Will of Richard Willcockson dated 1625 (probate 1626)

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson.

I have transcribed the will into modern English but retained the original spelling in the inventory. Red text shows words or letters I am unsure of and ******** unreadable words or letters.

This will is particularly interesting in that it refers to "Elizabeth now my wife" and "Henrie Wilcockson now my son". This indicates that Elizabeth was not his first wife and Henrie is not his natural blood son. Instead he is probably Elizabeth's son by an earlier marriage.
The bulk of his worldly goods he leaves to "Robert Wilcockson my son" without saying if he was the son of an earlier marriage or a son of his marriage to Elizabeth.

Last Will and Testament of Richard Willcockson of Over Holloway, Crich 1625 (probate 1626)

1) In the name of God Amen the 8th day of March in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred twenty five I Richard

2) Willcockson of Over Howay in the parish of Crich in the county of Derby husbandman sick of body but of good and perfect remembrance

3) Praised be Almighty god. Do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and following. First I give and bequeath my soul

4) Unto the Almighty and ever living god hoping by the Merits of the death and Blood shedding of his son Jesus Christ my and his saviour

5) To be Accepted Among the elect people of god in his celestial kingdom world without end And my body to be buried in the churchyard of

6) Crich as near to my father as conveniently may be And as touching my worldly goods. I will that the same shall be disposed of in the manner

7) and form as followeth.. First I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth now my wife the some of twenty pounds of lawful money of

8) England to be paid to her by my executor within two months next after my decease. Item I give and bequeath to Henrie Wilcockson

9) now my son The some of forty pounds of lawful money of England to be paid to him by my executor within one year next after

10) my decease. Item I will that Elizabeth now my wife shall be kept and maintained at my house in Over Howay by my executor during

11) her life natural with all things necessary fit and belonging to her. The rest of my goods not hereby bequeathed. I being

12) honestly brought home and my debts legacies and funeral expenses paid and discharged of my whole goods. I wholly and absolutely

13) give and bequeath the same and every part(s) and parcel the rest to Robert Wilcockson my son whom I make my true and lawful

14) Executor of this my last will testament to perform the same as my trust is in him.


These being witnesses
George Flint his mark
William Mecocke his mark
John Allyn

(Will is followed by twenty six words of Latin Text including that shown below)
Fiat probatum testamenti suprascripti et administra* bonor & dicti sef Robert Wilcockson filio (son) d**
defuncti executori in eodem nominat. Comissio Mr Edwardo wooley vicario de Crich

Thomas Tayler Jur.


An Inventorie of all the goods and chattels of
Richard Wilcockson late of Over Hollaway in the parish
Of Criche in the Countie of Derbie husbandman deceased
Taken and praised the 17th day of March
In the year of our lord god one thousand six hundreth
Twentie and five by Francis Burton, William Mecocke,
George Flinte and Dianise Allsoppe husbandmen in the
manner and forme as followeth

Item £ s d
Imprimis his purse and apparell 3 6 8
Item four oxen 20 0 0
Item eight cows 20 0 0
Item one horse and two mares 10 0 0
Item twelve young beastes 20 0 0
Item six scare and sixteene sheep 35 0 0
Item certaine corne and hay 6 13 4
Item all the husbandrie ware 3 6 8
Item two young swyne 0 10 0
Item certaine pullaine 0 3 4
Item four flickes of bacon 0 20 0
Item certain beddinge 5 0 0
Item certain pewter and brass 0 40 0
Item one cupbard a dishbard a table with other wodden ware 0 20 0
Item certain mannure 0 6 8
Item lease of the house 3 13 4
Some 135 0 0

Debt oweing unto Richard Wilcockson without specianltie

Item £ s d
Imprimis John Ive 0 20 0
Item Jottary Johnson 0 8 0
Item Thomas Langdon 0 5 0
Item George Madducke 0 10 0
Item William ****coke (text missing) 0 10 0

Debts owing by bonds

Item £ s d
Imprimis by George Mather and George Blyth 10 16 0
Item George Radford and George Mather 8 8 0
Item by John Buxton and Henrie Mecocke 10 16 0
Item by Nicholas Reynolds 3 13 4
Item by Thomas Bunlinge 0 22 0
Item by Thomas Allen 0 20 0
Item by William & John Bowne 0 13 0

Francis Burton
William Mecocke – his mark
Dianise Allsoppe – his mark
George Flinte – his mark

28th March 1626
(Followed by nine words of Latin text)
Rich: Brondirth

© Alan Wilcockson

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