which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Inventory and Administration of George Willcockson1638.

Transcribed by Dr Alan Wilcockson

The Will of George Willcockson of Lea has not survived but his Inventory has. At the bottom of the Inventory can be found in Latin the Grant of Administration which includes the name of his wife and children as well as the other executor (see document below). I have retained the original spelling in the inventory. Red text shows words or letters I am unsure of and ******** unreadable words or letters. One of the few ambiguous words in the Inventory is George's trade which could be either Miller or Milliner but seems to be written as Millner.

The Inventory itself is facinating in the detailed description it gives of everyday household and husbandary items, many of which I had not come across before. I have therefore looked up the words and provided a numbered footnote against each describing what the items were and what they were used for. hopefully someone will find them as interesting as I did.

An Inventory of all the goods cattell chattels of George Willcockson of the Lea in the parishe of Ashover in the Countye of Derby Millner deceased taken and praysed the 9th day of Marche 1638 by Thomas Allyn of dethicke yeoman, Robert Willcockson of Chrich yeoman, William Adamson of Whatstanwell yeoman and Anthony Wood of Ryber myner in manner and fform ffollowing:

  £ s d
Imprimus his purse and Apparell 5 0 0
Item Wollen Cloth 2 15 0
Item 9 payre of sheets 3 pillowbeeres1 2 tablecloathes 6 table napkyns and a dyper napkyn 2 6 8
Item 10 coverlidds2 6 blanketts and one beddehilling3 5 3 4
Item 5 fflockbedds 6 boulstors and 5 pillows 3 0 0
Item 8 cushoons one windosheete 8 yards of linnen cloth and certayne sackes 1 4 0
Item half a ston of woll 13 slippings4 linen yarne 1 0 0
Item 4 bedsteeds 5 chests and 2 boxes 1 8 0
Item one kimnell5 5 loomes6 3 barrells one churne and one fflesh tubbe7 1 1 6
Item 2 ston of hempe and fflaxe 0 10 0
Item 2 cubbords 1 0 0
Item 3 chayres 2 buffett stooles8 6 boules 4 kitts9 and 2 piggens10 2 brakes11 and certayne other wodden ware 0 13 4
Item hempseed 0 1 0
Item 14 pewter dishes one pewter canne 7 sawcers 3 salte one pewter cuppe and a dozen and a halfe of spoones 1 3 6
Item 3 brass potts 4 little pannes 4 kettles 2 brasen candlestickes 2 chaffinge12 dishes one skimmer and one bastinge ladle 3 19 0
Item one table 2 table plankes and some rayles and 20 boards with certayne other wood 1 3 6
Item 3 bottles 3 cannes a dozen and a halfe trenchers13 and certayne dishes and other wodden trifles 0 5 0


Item 2 landirons a brand iron a payre of rackentayles14 2 payres of pothookes a spit a payre of iron cobbards an iron mall 3 wedges a stonne picke a harrowe a heckle15 a cowrake 5 pickefforkes one ffowling peece 2 axes 2 hatchets 4 nogars 3 picks a payre of tongues and certayne other iron trifles and a dreeping panne and a pestell 2 13 0
Item 2 backstoones16 7 earthen potts a saltpiche17 6 ould sythes an iron crow and a mattocke and a lanthorne18 and a hand saw 2 mawnds19 2 wisketts20 A lopper 3 spinning wheeles and a ffrying panne and 5 meale baggs and an iron pott 1 10 0
Item 4 bacon fflitches and some grease 2 13 4
Item 2 potts of butter 0 6 8
Item Corne thre ston and unthreshen 6 7 9
Item 10 strikes21 of mault 2 4 0
Item 2 spades and certayne dust 0 2 6
Item haye in the barne and on rickes 2 3 4
Item 6 sives and riddles 0 6 0
Item certayne maynure and other trisles 1 3 4
Item the halfe of 4 hives of bees 1 6 8
Item 2 geese a duck and certayne pullen 0 4 0
Item 2 swyne 1 10 0
Item 6 kyne22 2 heiffors and 4 calves 27 6 8
Item 2 mares their saddles and a ffillye 12 0 0
Item 49 sheepe younge and ould 13 6 8
Item the reversion of his lease of the hie layes 8 0 0
Item debts owing unto him 37 2 2/ob


  £ s d
Soma Totall 151 15 11/ob
  £ s d
Debts owing bt the said George Wilcockson 17 0 0

Thomas Allin
Robert Wilcokson
William Adamson, his mark
Anthony Wood

Latin Probate:
1) ffiat administrac* onim et singular bonorum iurium et creditum
2) dict def(uncti) et finc Robert, Ellene, Dorothea, Margarete,
3) Elizabeth, Maria, Ellinorre et George libeur* dicti defuncti
4) Catherine relict dict def

5) ob dict Catherine Wilcockson de lea in ctie derby
6) wid et ffranciscus Allen de ear husbandman

Jurat24: Catherina Wilcokson
Carolus Twysden

Probate Translation;
1) granted administration of all and singular goods rights and credits
2) of the said deceased and ***** Robert, Ellen, Dorothy, Margaret
3) Elizabeth, Maria, Eleanor, and George children of said deceased
4) Catherine widow of the said deceased

5) for the sake of  the said Catherine Wilcockson of Lea in county derby
6) widow and Francis Allen of dethick husbandman

More Latin Text at Extreme Bottom of Page
1) Robert Ellin Dorothea Margaret Elizabeth Mary Ellinorre George
2) Catherine relict
3) Mr Bourne of Ashover Matlock

Latin Translation of Text at Bottom of Page
1) Robert Ellen Dorothy Margaret Elizabeth Mary Eleanor, George
2) Catherine widow
3) Mr Bourne of Ashover Matlock

1 Pillowbeeres: Pillow Cases
2 Coverlidds: Bed covering made of various materials but frequently woven by a coverlet weaver
3 Beddehilling: Bed covering
4 Slippings: Skeins or hanks of yarn
5 Kimnell: Wooden tub
6 Loomes: In this case an open vessel of any kind; tub, bucket or vat not a weaving loom.
7 Fflesh Tubbe: Tub for salted meat
8 Buffett Stooles: Set of stools for use at a long table
9 Kitts: Circular wooden vessel made of hooped staves, bound with iron bands, sometimes with a lid, for containing milk, butter and other foods; also for washing clothes
10 Piggens: Small wooden vessels made in the manner of half barrels, with one stave longer than the rest to form a handle
11 Brakes: various meanings including a toothed implement for dressing flax and hemp
12 Chaffing Dish: Small enclosed brazier containing hot coals, usually charcoal, for heating food and drink
13 Trenchers: Flat plates of wood, originally of bread, on which food was served. Some were square with a small depression in one corner for salt; others were round and some were stained or painted
14 Rackentayles: Vertical band of iron which hung from a fixed bar in the chimney, from which hhooks were suspended to take pots and kettles
15 Heckle: Comb-like implement for dressing tow or flax, so that fibres were straight and smooth
16 Backstoones: Large flat stones or iron plates on which oat cakes were baked over a fire
17 Saltpiche: Salt box
18 Lanthorne: Poles for carrying lanterns on
19 Mawnds: Wicker or woven rush basket with handles, also a hand basket with two lids, used by market women to carry eggs, butter etc
20 Wisketts: A straw basket in which provender was taken to cattle. It had no handle but a hole at each end for the hands
21 Strikes: A measure of one bushel
22 Kyne: plural of cows
23 A Robert Wilcockson is recorded as having sworn at Ashover to the Protestation Return on 20th June 1641
24 Jurat: The official memorandum at the end of an affidavit (i.e written declaration on oath), showing the person making the declaration, the date of the declaration and the person before whom it was made.

© Alan Wilcockson

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