which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Wolley Charter 1588


British Library: Catalogue of Wolley Charters

Wolley Charter iv.53

Type of document: Grant and Power of Attorney
Language: Latin and English
Original date: 6 January, 30 Elizabeth
Modern date: 6 January 1588
Measurements: 164 x 296 mm
Medium: Vellum

Grant, for £81, by Richard Wylde of Nettleworth, co. Nott., gentleman and Godfrey Wylde of the same place, tanner, his brother, to William Butler of Crich, tanner, of a messuage and tenement and a close or pasture called Nunne close or Nunne feld in Barowcote alias Borowcote in the parish of Crich, and all other messuages and lands in Crich now in the possession of the said William, to hold of his manor of Bradney in co. Lincoln, in free socage and not in chief. And the said Richard and Godfrey have appointed George Radforthe and Henry Butler as their attorneys to deliver seizin.

Sealed subscribed and delivered as the deed of the within-named Richard [and Godfrey] in the presence of T. Bamforthe. Thomas Browne, by mark, Robert Oldam, by mark, Henry Cropper, by mark, George Pole, Tho. Bamforthe. Sealed and delivered as the deed of the within-named Godfrey in the presence of, George Radford, Thomas Goode, John Bamforth. Possession and seisin taken and delivered by the within-named George Radford on 12 April 1588, in presence of Anthony Bradshawe, Thomas Thatchers, John Morter, Thurston Radford, John Ine, George Fixowud, John Ince, Thurston Radforth, Robert Fixowud, Thurstand Watiner. Date. 6 January 1587. Richard Wilde & Godfrey Wylde to William Butler. Deed poll of Feoffment of Nune close or Nunefield in Barowcote in the parish of Crich.

T. Bamforthe
Thomas Browne
Robert Oldam
Henry Cropper
George Pole
Thomas Bamforthe
George Radford
Thomas Goode
John Bamforth

Richard Wylde of Nettleworth, co. Nott., gentleman
Godfrey Wylde of Nettleworth, co. Nott., tanner

William Butler of Crich, tanner

Pendent Tag only, seal missing
Pendent Tag only, seal missing

Full list of places
Criche [Crich, co. Derby]
[Nettleworth, co. Nott.]
[Bradney, co. Linc.]

Thanks to Terry Radford for this reference.


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