which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Belper Workhouse Records

Extract from Crich (Belper Union) records of 12 Jan 1839. Crich villagers asking for help to the overseer for the poor.

Joseph BLAND 40, wife 45, Hannah 17, Elizabeth 10, George 6, Eliza 4, Ellen 18m. He is employed in fetching coal from the pits with asses, earns 10/- a week. Hannah has a weak mind and has been badly burned. Overseer found them destitute of bed linen.

Ann RADFORD 50, widow, John 17, William 13, James 9y 9m, Jane 8, Peter 2y 6m. Asks for 4lb of bread more and a bed rug. John stocking maker earns 5/-, William works on railroad earns 3/-, she earns 1/- seaming stockings, has bad health and subject to fits. Overseer promises to enquire into their earnings.

Lucy WETTON 72 single. Received 4lb of bread and 1/6 a week. She has a life interest in the small cottage she lives in. The roof was blown off in the storm last week and asks for an allowance towards repairing it. Refused. To go to Alfreton Workhouse.

Hannah WILSON 35, widow. Six children under eleven, one now dead. Now lying in of twins and very ill. Overseer ordered coffin and pd fees. Midwife applies for 5/- fee. To relieve at discretion.

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