which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Family history notes for Sarah Ann Wragg (née Allsop) 1866-1949

The following notes have been submitted by Rick Tuck.

Sarah Ann Allsop was born Jun 1866 in Crich Carr. She married Albert Wragg in April 1888. Albert was born in Bakewell in Oct 1867.They had three children that were also born in Crich Carr.

In 1891 they were living in the Myrtle House in Crich Carr, on Glenn Road.

Albert's father Charles and his stepmom Ann were living in the cottage next door. The three children names were:
1. Samuel Wragg, born Sept 27, 1888 (my great grandfather)
2. Dora Wragg, born Mar 10, 1890
3. Anna Rebecca Wragg, born Nov 28, 1891

In Aug 1892 Albert emigrated to America by himself. His wife Sarah Ann and the three kids followed in November 1892. (Can you imagine to travel alone with three children ages one to four years old?)

The 1901 England census shows that Leonard Wragg was living in the Myrtle House and Ann Wragg was living in the cottage. Leonard was Albert's brother and Ann was Albert and Leonard's stepmother. It looks like when Albert and Sarah Ann came to America his brother Leonard (born 1866) and wife Emma moved into the home. I am not sure when the last Wragg or descended moved and or sold the house or cottage. Who knows there could still be a distant cousin living there.

They are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in South Amherst, Ohio.

graveston of Albert Wragg

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