Whatstandwell and Alderwasley Coronation Celebrations in 1911


The Coronation of George V took place on 19 June 1911.

The Derbyshire Times, Saturday June 24, 1911

Arrangements were made for a very unique celebration, and right well everything was carried out. A most elaborate printed programme had been issued, and this alone testified to the determination of this community, which includes Whatstandwell, Coddington, Thurlow Booth, Robin Hood, Crich Carr, and Holmsford, some 600 adults and children, to show their neighbours what they could do. At noon the public were asked to assemble over the Derwent Bridge by the three trees, where each child was handed a flag. The procession, headed by the Ilkeston Salvation Army Band, started at one p.m., and proceeded to Chase Cliff, where a 30 minute programme was given, consisting of hymns, choruses, a Maypole dance, and the National Anthem. A special feature of the procession was the decorated mail carts, cycles, horses and drays, and general fancy dress, for which prizes were awarded. The procession then proceeded to the Cricket Field, where the National Anthem was sung. Tea was provided for all the children in the Primitive School. The general inhabitants sat down to a knife and fork tea in the Day School. Each child (200 in all), received a coronation mug. At 5 o'clock the sports commenced, and over 80 prizes were offered to boys, girls, and adults. Everybody had a share. Mrs Deacon, of Chase Cliff, distributed the sports prizes, and also those won by competitors in the procession. Later the day scholars game and entertainment, consisting of the Maypole and Coronation dancers, and this and the general rejoicing went on until nightfall, when the bonfire was lit and fireworks and balloons were sent up.

Never before in the history of the rural village have decorations been on such a lavish scale. At the Derwent Hotel three large garlands were hoisted, while at Mr W Peacock's over the canal bridge there commenced a beautiful avenue of garlands etc. over Mr Peacock's premises were to be seen over a hundred fairy lights in the crown and sceptre. Mr Hinds and Mrs Harris had a garland, while Mr Epersons had also garlands and motto. At Mr Wandsworth's a beautiful triangular garland crossed the main road, and their premises were profusely decorated. Next came Messieurs Cowlishaw and Flints triumphal arch. Garlands were interspersed by Mr Curtis near the day school. Miss Peacock and Mr Griffith had a beautiful and neat archway at the school entrance. Mrs Kirk, Mrs Stewardson, and Mr Bowmer at the post office all displayed garlands with lanterns, flags etc. At Wood Gate Mr Snow showed off this prominent situation to a niceity, while at Chase Cliff clear the entrance to the mansion was varied in effect with design and colour. Mrs Jno Sims at Coddington, Mrs Cooper (Ludway Bank), Mr Lakes (Top Lane), Mr Bunting (Eden Bank) all display decorations in various designs. On the Middle Green Mr Cowlishaw and party were prominent in their loyalty. On the Middle Lane Mrs A Sims erected a garland and decorated the entrance to the sports field and bonfire. Mrs Taylor, Mrs Greenhough, and Mrs Merchant, four old age pensioners, worked a garland with their own hands, which reflected much credit. Mr Hedley Bennett, the secretary of the Coronation festivities, illuminated his house porch with fairy lights, also strung a garland along the front of his residence, which with flags etc flying presented a good appearance. Mr Jno Lynam had a garland of real flowers.

The Coronation officers were: Chairman, Mr J Sims; vice-chairman, Mr William Peacock; treasurer, Mr EF Taylor; secretary, Mr Hedley Bennett; vice secretary, Mr Frank Bunting.

Executive Committee: Messrs J Curtis, JE Lake, E Eperson, C Godfrey, H Mountney, J Lynam, HS Dawes, L Wragg, E Ashman, H Workman, H Sanderson, G Harrison, T Hinds, S Taylor, E Sanders, F Cowlishaw, W Mee, HH Smith, W Sellers, H Stewardson, W Wandsworth, W Wass.

Ladies Committee: Mrs H Mountney (chairman), Mrs F Cowlishaw (vice-chairman) Mrs R Stewardson (secretary), and Mrs J Sims, Mrs HS Dawes, Mrs W Cowlishaw, Mrs Wragg, Mrs Hines, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Eperson, Mrs Wadsworth, and Miss Peacock.

Chairman Provision Committee, Mr L Wragg; vice, Mr J Curtis.

Sports and Bonfire Chairman, Mr J Curtis; vice, Mr HS Dawes; secretary Mr E Ashman.

Tent Committee: Mr JE Lake, chairman; day scholars chairman, Mr LH Griffiths; conductor, Mr Fred Cowlishaw; marshals, messrs J Lynam, R Stewardson, G Lockey, and H Workman; organist Mr Stanley Mee.

The prizes were awarded by Mrs Deacon as follows: –
Procession – Drays and horses: 1st Mr J Sims: 2nd Mr W Farnsworth; 3rd Mr Jim Mountney; specials, messrs H Mountney, S Wright, E Epperson, and F Wilkinson – Cycles: 1st Miss E Whitmore; 2nd Mrs Roe. – Mail carts: 1st Mrs Blundell; 2nd Mrs Varty.
General – Fancy dress: 1st Miss E Griffin (Gypsy); 2nd Miss Cowlisaw (Italy); 3rd Ms Hodgkinson (milkmaid); 4th Mrs Wright (Spain). – Special prizes given by Mrs M Deacon: Ladies: 1st Mrs Fern (Wales); 2nd Miss L Epperson (Gypsy); 3rd Miss E Whitmore (coon); 4th Miss E Epperson (Scotland). Gents: 1st Mr W Wadsworth (clown); 2nd Mr E Ashman (minstrel). – Specials from a friend: Miss L Hurst (Ireland); Miss A Cowlishaw (England); Mrs Stewardson (Mother Hubbbard).
Children. – Girls: 1st Bluebell Stewardson (Bluebell); 2nd G Smith (Read Rose of England); 3rd May Durham (fairy); 4th Hilda Wetton (Britannia). Boys: 1st C Martin (boy blue); 2nd C Smith; 3rd F Flint (Bishop); 4th Wadsworth

Alderwasley, including Longway Bank, had issued an excellent programme. At 1.30 teachers and scholars assembled at the Day Schools, and paraded through the Drive, headed by the Whatstandwell Band, to the church in Alderwasley Park, where the service was held. At 3 p.m. Mrs Hurt the wife of the squire presented each child with a Coronation medal, tea being served to them in a large tent set out in the park grounds. The public had tea later and 5 there were sports, for which prizes to the value of £10 were given.

A beacon fire was lit on Allport Heights, and fireworks concluded the day's entertainment.

Officials: Chairman, Mr FCA Hurt, JP: treasurer, Mr JH White; secretary Rev MD Wardrop; general committee, messrs HH Middleditch, W Peacock, J Redfern, G Petts, D Jackson, E Sanders, F Coxon, W Spendlove, B Lee, A Lee, R Twigg, J Allsop, F Snow, A Wood, T Sanders, J Meanley, E Taylor, F Bunting, R Chevors, S Carrington, T Ashton, J Wardman, EF Taylor, J Thorpe, W Allsop, J Slack, Miss Attridge, Miss D White.
Refreshment Committee: Mrs Middleditch, Mrs White, Mrs Bunting, Mrs Ashton, Mrs Ogden, Mrs Carrington, Mrs Slack, Mrs Sanders, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Spendlove, messrs Peacock, Snow, Taylor, Harrison, Wood, Sanders, Lee, Petts.
Bonfire Committee: messrs G Petts, F Bunting, W Spendlove, D Jackson, B Chevers, J Eardman, C Harper, J Redfern, S Carrington, W Allsop.
Sports Committee: Mr George Petts (chairman), the members of the Alderwasley Park Cricket Club together with Mrs EF Taylor and CE Birch, Thorpe.
Judges of Sports: Mr FCA Hurt, Rev MD Wardrop, Mr HH Middleditch, Mr JH White, Mr W Twigg. Starter Mr Ashton.