which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell


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Magna Britannia 1817: Crich Glover's Directory 1833 Pigot's Directory 1835 Bagshaw's Directory 1846 White's Directory 1857
Harrison & Harrod Directory 1860 Slater's Directory 1862 Bulmer's Directory 1895    
Kelly's Directory 1887 Kelly's Directory 1891 Kelly's Directory 1895 Kelly's Directory 1899 Kelly's Directory 1908
Kelly's Directory 1912 Kelly's Directory 1928 Kelly's Directory 1932 Kelly's Directory 1941  
Crich Illustrated Guide 1914 Crich Illustrated Guide 1915 Crich Illustrated Guide 1925 Coronation Programme 1953 Crich Fire Station anniversary 1990
Fritchley Historical trail The Open Door Fritchley Festival 1993 Whatstandwell History trail Auction of the Hurt Estate 1920
Coronation 1902        
General articles
Village of Crich Crich Church Article on Nonconformist Chapels in Crich Crich Rechabites and temperance Crime and punishment
NHS in Crich Crich shops & businesses WW2 memories Women's Land Army Crich Memories, Tony Lester
Crich Carnival 1934 National Service History of Crich Football WW2 Evacuees to Crich Crich Brass playing
Crich Scouts & Cubs Crich Gides and Brownies PoW in Crich WW1 Pacifist trouble WW1 Trades people 1880
Crich Pottery Filming of Peak Practice Wilcockson Gate Road Boundary stones Brackenfield Barn Murder 1896
The Great Matlock Will Case Travelling fun fairs and circuses Parish Phone Boxes Attempt to blow up Crich police station in 1877 Kings Garter
Crich childhood 1910–1925, Vera Julian        
Crich Stand and Crich Memorial Tower
Brief history of Crich Stand Crich Stand Presentation Bible 1851 Photo-history of 1853 Crich Stand History of 1923 Crich Stand by Ludlam Opening Crich Memorial Tower programme 1923
Photo-history of 1923 Crich Stand Frank Heapy saves the day at Crich Stand Guide to Crich Stand 1951 Crich Beacon Memorials at the Stand
1953 Guide to Crich Stand        
Employment: Mines, quarries, farms, mills, framework knitting, ...
Framework Knitting in Crich Stone Workers & Lead Miners Lead mining at Crich - N Kirkham Mines & Quarries 1817 Cotton & Linen manufacture 1817
Barmaster records Crich map of mines 1834 Bobbin Mill, Fritchley Windmills Further Notes on Crich by S.L. Garlic
Butterley mineral railway Wheatcroft Coal Mine & Brickworks Notes on Crich Hill: 1894 Ambergate Lime Kilns Lime in Farming
Crich Mineral Railway – accidents and events 1841–1934 Dawbarns fire 1909 Ambergate Wireworks (Johnson & Nephew) History of Johnson & Nephew 1949 Memories of Crich Quarries by Tony Lester
Memories of collecting coal by Tony Lester Wakebridge mine      
Education in Crich History of Crich Schools Briars Youth Centre School history 1875-1900 Parish Life with a troubled vicar
Parish history
Done's History of St Mary's Roger Shelley's Brief History 1999 Crich & South Wingfield in the 18th Century by John Reynolds Key Players in Crich 1875-1900 Life with a troubled vicar 1875–1900
Bishop's Visitation 1772 Children's Employment Commission 1842 Cox: A Parochial Chartulary of the Fourteenth Century WakebridgeChapel Change of parish boundary 1897
Crich field names 1849 The Manor of Crich by A.B. Watkins History of Fritchley by Keith Clark Hurt Presentation Bible 1851 Crich Pottery
Property sale 1859 Places of Worship Landslip of 1882 Historical walk around Fritchley Whatstandwell photos
Enclosure maps of 1876 Whatstandwell historical trail Miners' Welfare Hall Crich Reading Rooms Wilcockson Gate Road
Friendly Societies & Sick clubs Crich Fire Stations Parish Room Whatstandwell History trail Auction of the Hurst Estate 1920
Primitive Methodist chapels in Crich Carr Landslip poem of 1892 In praise of Crich 1906 Tent Evangelist 1924  
Quaker History
Claye's Barn Quaker burials Friends Meeting House, Fritchley Bobbin Mill, Fritchley Besse: Suffering of Derbyshire Quakers
Quaker newspaper article Quaker horse in WW1 Relief Fund WW1 Conscientious Objectors WW1  
Highways and Byways
Unbuilt turnpike 1829 Turnpikes through Crich Parish Highways & Byways 1905 Ancient trackway through Crich Bowns Hill
Wilcockson Gate Road Boundary stones      
Whatstandwell Station History Whatstandwell Station memories-W.E.Glossop Whatstandwell Station memories-A.C.Phillips Whatstandwell Station Staff 1859-1866 Whatstandwell Station Staff 1871-1908
Whatstandwell Bridge station drinking fountain Butterley mineral railway Telegraph Offices History of Whatstandwell Railway Footbridge Railway challenges
Damage to Midland Railway 1897
Friends of the Cromford Canal River Derwent River Amber Cromford Canal 1829 New reservoir 2015
Crich parish water and its early reservoirs Crich Reservoir early photos      
Sites of Interest
Shuckstone Cross Crichware Pottery Boundary stones Crich drinking troughs Pit-steads at Linda spring
Trough at Gratten's Bridge Crich Chase Meadows Hurt stone seats Crich Cross Beler's Tower
Smith's Cemetery. Wingfield Park Whatstandwell of old Tollbar houses Canon's Court and Manor House Boundary stones
Buildings of interest
Friends Meeting House, Fritchley Article on Nonconformist Chapels in Crich Briars Youth Centre Claye's Barn Inns of Crich
Listed buildings Beech Farm, Wheatcroft Cruck Barns Whatstandwell Coffee House & Reading Rooms Lindway Farm
Photo album of places of worship Photo album of inns and pubs Green's Edwardian Tea Rooms Oakhurst House Smith's Memorial Hall
Schools in the parish Bobbin Mill, Fritchley Windmills Picture House Stone House, Crich Carr
Coddington Farm, Crich Carr The Wheatcroft Institute Candle Factory and WW1 PoW quarters Wheatcroft Manor/Pot House Beler's Manor House
Beler's Watch Tower Crich Cricket Club Pavilion Orchard House Mansion House The Mount
Plaistow Hall Chasecliff Farm Site of Clay's Manor House Crich Reading Rooms & Miners' Welfare Hall Fire Station
Parish Room New shop build of 1793 Whatstandwell History trail Primitive Methodist chapels in Crich Carr Crich Police Houses
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Church struck by lightning 1945 Local Militia 1809 Frame wreckers 1811 Noisy Parish Meeting 1884 Wheatcroft news clippings
Newspaper snippets from 1700s Pacifist trouble WW1 Fritchley Quakers Whatstandwell in 1972 Whatstandwell celebrations 1911
Damage to Midland Railway 1897 Coronation 1902 Penfold Tent Evangelist 1924