which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burial Plots A1 – A57

Plots A1 to A16 are near the main road side

A16 to A57 are all in the path from the porch to the gate and others are buried under the turf and may have names and dates on them

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Monument
A1 Job Nightingale 68 20/01/1830 of Wheatcroft   Sandstone Tomb
A2 Mary Curzon 83 20/05/1889 wife of George nee Tomlinson Limestone Tomb
A2 George Curzon 83 03/06/1895 Crich Common   Limestone Tomb
A3 John Hancock 59 30/01/1893 of Crich   Marble Headstone
A3 Sarah Hancock 66 02/11/1912 wife of John nee Curzon, daughter of Mary and George A2 Marble Headstone
A4 William Fletcher 77 03/05/1762 of Wingfield Park   Sandstone Tomb
A5 William Wheatcroft 64 27/06/1775 of Wessington   Sandstone Tomb
A5 Margaret Wheatcroft 67 02/10/1800 Wife of William   Sandstone Tomb
A5 John Wheatcroft 80 30/08/1842 of Wessington Son of above   Sandstone Tomb
A6 William Taylor 32 08/10/1901   could be husband of Elizabeth Limestone Headstone
A6 James Taylor 36 23/10/1887 son of James & Bessie could be husband of Eliza Limestone Headstone
A7 William Wells 72 20/02/1837 Late of Duffield   Sandstone Tomb
A7 Elizabeth Wells 69 11/01/1833 Wife of William   Sandstone Tomb
A8 Anthony Wood 74 26/03/1782 Late of Holloway wife of Johanah nee Hunt Sandstone Tomb
A9 Benjamin Taylor 69 16/02/1875 Brother of Mary   Limestone Headstone
A9 Mary Barker 76 22/01/1875 Sister of Benjamin   Limestone Headstone
A10 Mary Ann Bowmer 72 05/10/1936 wife of John nee Hartshorne Granite Headstone
A10 John Bowmer 88 27/01/1952 husband of Mary Ann   Granite Headstone
A10 Alfred Bowmer 86 09/12/1972 son of John   Granite Headstone
A10 Elsie Bowmer 93 04/10/1983 wife of Alfred nee Gaunt Granite Headstone
A11 Vernon Bowmer 24 09/10/1919   WW1: MC medal, Crich Roll of Honour. Husband of Dorothy Phillipa Perrett Granite Headstone
A11 John James Bowmer 79 20/01/1973 husband of Hannah brother of Vernon Granite Headstone
A11 Hannah Bowmer 85 03/06/1981 wife of John James second wife Granite Headstone
A12 James Taylor 67 07/10/1881 of Crich husband of Elizabeth   Limestone Headstone
A12 Elizabeth Taylor 65* 28/10/1889 of Fritchley wife of James (nee Betsey Baker) * 65 or 77 re PR Limestone Headstone
A12 Hannah Taylor 11mth 21/05/1849 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
A12 James Taylor 6 weeks 03/07/1850 son of above   Limestone Headstone
A12 Joseph Taylor 9mth 15/04/1858 son of above   Limestone Headstone
A12 Benjamin Taylor 1yr 10mth 11/01/1865 son of above   Limestone Headstone
A13 Hannah Taylor 90 8/12/1807? Wife of Thomas   Limestone Headstone
A14 Joseph Barlow 73 09/04/1826 of South Wingfield   Sandstone Tomb
A14 Ann Barlow 65 11/08/1826 wife of Joseph   Sandstone Tomb
A15 Christopher Silvester 56 09/02/1818 of Crich   Sandstone Tomb
A15 Mary Silvester 66 06/02/1829 wife   Sandstone Tomb
A16 to A57 are all in the path from the porch to the gate and others are buried under the turf and may have names and dates on them
A16 T H   01/01/1831     Sandstone Headstone
A17 S H   01/01/1821     Sandstone Headstone
A18 Ann Wildgoose 31 20/02/1811 of Plaistow nee Beastall Sandstone Headstone
A18 George Wildgoose 39 17/02/1816 Husband of Ann   Sandstone Headstone
A19 unknown unknown 72 27/05/----   This could be Henry and Elizabeth Tomlinson? Sandstone Headstone
A19 Elizabeth unknown 78 03/01/---- wife   Sandstone Headstone
A20 Thomas Taylor 69 06/03/1835 of Crich   Sandstone Headstone
A20 Ann Taylor 74 23/02/1853 wife nee Poyser  
A21 Ralph Taylor 3 02/04/1807 of Crich Erected in Memory of four sons and one daughter of Thomas and Ann Taylor (nee Poyser) Gritstone Headstone
A21 Israel Taylor 1 31/05/1810 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A21 Elizabeth Taylor 3 06/08/1814 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A21 Joseph Taylor 1 18/12/1821 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A21 William Taylor 6 23/10/1823 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A22 Nathaniel Buxton 58 09/05/1837 of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
A23 Kezia Johnson 17 20/09/1827 daughter John & Ann Crich Carr   Sandstone Ledger
A23 Martha Bullock 28 02/04/1836 daughter John & Ann Johnson and three daughters who died in infancy Sandstone Ledger
A23 Joseph Johnson 23 25/02/1838 of Crich Carr   Sandstone Ledger
A24 Millicent Else 47 14/04/1840 wife of John of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
A24 John Else 14 29/07/1839 son of above John & Millicent of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
A25 John Mather 25 04/05/1839 of Crich Carr   Slate Headstone
A25 William Mather 8 15/09/1842 son of above killed by windmill sail   Slate Headstone
A26 Mary Spencer 62 19/04/1819 wife of John of Crich Carr   Gritstone Headstone
A26 John Spencer 77 25/03/1830 husband of Mary   Gritstone Headstone
A26 Sarah Spencer 45 25/07/1827 wife of John second wife? nee Wragg Gritstone Headstone
A27 Ann Leam 24 11/11/1830 wife of John of Fritchley   Gritstone Headstone
A27 Mary Ann Leam 11 days 13/01/1828 of Fritchley daughter of above   Gritstone Headstone
A28 John Storer 39 20/11/1823 husband of Mary   Fragment only
A28 Mary Storer 56 14/07/1843 of Holloway wife of above nee Barnes Fragment only
A29 J P unknown unknown     Sandstone Headstone
A30 Ann Lee 54 08/05/1830 wife of Thomas of Wheatcroft late of Cliffwood House   Gritstone Headstone
A30 Hannah Buckley 88 21/04/1828 Ann's mother   Gritstone Headstone
A30 Thomas Lee 76 30/09/1834 of Crich Carr husband of Anna   Gritstone Headstone
A31 Ann Greenhough 37 16/02/1858 of Crich Carr after long affliction   Gritstone Headstone
A31 Matilda Greenhough 19 20/03/1855 her sister of Crich Carr   Gritstone Headstone
A32 William Buckley 53 24/10/1844 Whatstandwell Bridge   Slate Headstone
A32 Mary Ann Buckley 78 06/01/1879 of Chesterfield his wife   Slate Headstone
A33 Phebe Cowlishaw 4 22/03/1770 daughter of William and Mary   a Fragment
A34 Peter Pearson 78 28/03/1855 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A34 Hannah Pearson 62 25/05/1845 wife of Peter nee Hall her second marriage, a widow on this marriage Gritstone Headstone
A35 John Spencer 59 23/02/1839 Late of Crich Carr   Gritstone Headstone
A36 Edward Sellors 84 10/06/1856 of Fritchley   Gritstone Headstone
A36 Hannah Sellors 81 13/12/1856 wife of Edward Sellors nee Vallans Gritstone Headstone
A37 Rebecca Spencer 82 21/12/1841 of Crich Carr wife of Samuel nee Flint Gritstone Headstone
A37 Samuel Spencer 88 14/12/1842 Husband of Above   Gritstone Headstone
A38 Elizabeth Smith 15 21/01/1856 of Holloway to William & Hannah   Gritstone Headstone
A39 Martha Nightingale 71 22/03/1838 of Wheatcroft wife of Joseph   Broken Slate Headstone
A39 John Nightingale 71 17/07/1858 son of Joseph & Martha   Broken Slate Headstone
A40 John Piggin 57 03/01/1818 of Crich   Slate Ledger
A40 Phoebe Piggin 74 14/10/1840 wife of above   Slate Ledger
A40 John Piggin 49 04/11/1878 of Crich Common son of William & Ann?   Slate Ledger
A40 Joseph Piggin 40 06/10/1880 of Manchester son of William & Ann? rest of stone is buried Slate Ledger
A41 John Piggin 28 04/05/1826 son of John & Phebe   Gritstone Headstone
A42 Rebecca Kirk 29 21/01/1813 wife of Thomas of Crich Carr nee Allsop Gritstone Headstone
A42 Hannah Kirk 27 08/02/1837 daughter of above   Gritstone Headstone
A43 Joseph Cowlishaw 23 17/09/1833 Machine House son of Thomas & Etty   Gritstone Headstone
A44 Joseph Nightingale Hopkinson 61 10/10/1896 born 16/6/1835 of Wheatcroft   Marble Headstone
A44 Mary Jane (Pollie) Hopkinson 24 13/05/1894 daughter of above   Marble Headstone
A44 Sarah Hopkinson 78 19/02/0191 widow of Joseph   Marble Headstone
A45 Sarah Lowe 16 28/04/1804 daughter of John & Mary lived Ashover   Limestone Headstone
A45 Mary Lowe 40 24/09/1804 wife of John of Ashover first wife Limestone Headstone
A45 John Lowe 78 30/09/1840 of Lea Ashover   Limestone Headstone
A45 Mary Lowe 79 23/03/1847 of Brampton Chesterfield second wife of John Limestone Headstone
A46 Mary Willott 71 21/06/1890 of Alderwasley unmarried daughter of George & Phoebe Marble Ledger
A46 Susannah Willott 74 25/03/1892 of Alderwasley unmarried daughter of George & Phoebe Marble Ledger
A46 Phebe Young 65 11/09/1890 interred at Hockley Birmingham wife of George A Young   Marble Ledger
A46 Ann Buckley 80 16/07/1894 interred at Middleton Wirksworth wife of William & daughter of George and Phebe   Marble Ledger
A47 Elizabeth Orgill 50 08/02/1816 Late of Washington in this Parish (Wessington)   Gritstone Headstone
A48 John Fox 86 04/08/1854 of Wessington son of William and Mary   Gritstone Headstone
A48 Ann Fox 72 14/02/1846 daughter of William & Mary of Wessington   Gritstone Headstone
A49 Joseph Radford 65 22/02/1837 of Holloway died Poorhouse Gritstone Headstone
A49 Jemima Radford 66 25/02/1840 wife of above of Holloway Ashover   Gritstone Headstone
A50 Charles Young 83 30/08/1807 of Holloway   Gritstone Ledger
A50 Ann Young 76 20/03/1808 wife of above   Gritstone Ledger
A51 John Else 66 16/06/1819 of Lea Mill Ashover   Gritstone Ledger
A51 Marina Else 78 25/04/1834 of Holloway Ashover wife of John nee Martha Young on PR Gritstone Ledger
A52 William Weston 80 09/04/1867 of Heage a boatman on marriage Eroded Gritstone Headstone
A52 Ann Weston 44 08/11/1845 of Crich Carr wife of above nee Roper Eroded Gritstone Headstone
A53 John Walker 72 12/03/1821 Late of Wessington   Slate Headstone
A53 Mary Walker 84 11/09/1834 wife of John nee Bowmer Slate Headstone
A53 John Walker 55 03/11/1834 of Wessington son of above   Slate Headstone
A53 Mary Walker 71 11/02/1851 of Sutton wife of John   Slate Headstone
A54 George Walker 39 15/08/1839 of Cliffwood   Gritstone Headstone
A54 Elizabeth Walker 86 31/12/1878 or Whittington wife of George   Gritstone Headstone
A55 Robert Limb 47 19/06/1838 of Moorwood Moor Wingfield   eroded Gritstone Headstone
A55 Bridget Limb 81 14/09/1838 of Moorwood Moor   Gritstone Headstone
A56 William Fox Fox unknown 23/05/1801 of Wessington   Gritstone Headstone
A56 Mary Fox 8mth 08/03/1772 daughter of William & Mary of Moorwood   Gritstone Headstone
A57 Mary Wetton 20 17/07/1809 of Crich children of George Strelley Wetton & Martha Gritstone Headstone
A57 Hannah Wetton 6 27/12/1814 of Crich children George Strelley Wetton & Martha Gritstone Headstone
A57 Thomas Wetton 19 03/04/1818 of Crich children George Strelley Wetton & Martha Gritstone Headstone
A57 Martha Ann Wetton 23 03/01/1827 of Crich children George Strelley Wetton & Martha Gritstone Headstone
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