This site is all about the parish of Crich, which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burial Plots B1 – B65


Plots B1to B65 are at the back of the church near the houses

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Date of death


Valeries notes


B1 Elisah unknown       could be Elizabeth Burgoyn Feb 1729 a guess Gritstone Tomb
B2 Ruth Davis unknown 12/09/1971     Marble Tablet
B2 William Davis unknown 19/02/1980     Marble Tablet
B3 Harry Knowles 77 18/04/1982     Granite Tablet
B4 William Rowe 50 28/05/1799 of Crich   Sandstone Tomb
B4 Elizabeth Wood 65 20/09/1816 of Crich nee Hay, was wife of William Rowe Sandstone Tomb
B5 Samuel Rowe 69 28/05/1799 a Publican of Crich   Sandstone Tomb
B5 Mary Rowe 80 26/04/1841 wife of above nee Hostone Sandstone Tomb
B6 John Redfern 66 03/01/1852 Late of Brackenfield   Sandstone Headstone
B7 Robert Hay 17 06/04/1770 son of Edward & Susannah   Slate Headstone
B8 Thomas Oldfield 32 10/11/1766 son of Robert & Elizabeth of Wingerworth   a Slate H/Stn
B9 Robert Hay 80 29/09/1880 of Crich Chase   Limestone Coped
B9 Ann Hay 76 12/02/1879 wife of Robert   Limestone Coped
B10 George Hay 38 08/10/1813 Farmer of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
B11 Robert Hay 85 26/04/1855 of Crich Chase   husband of Elizabeth Sandstone Tomb
B12 Elizabeth Hay 32 22/01/1802 wife of Robert nee Marlow Slate Headstone
B12 Elizabeth Hay 8mth 03/05/1798 daughter of Robert & Elizabeth   Slate Headstone
B13 Elizabeth Willmot 27 11/02/1859 of Darley Dale wife of John William   Limestone Headstone
B13 Elizabeth Willmot 6 weeks 07/02/1859 Infant daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
B14 Florence Maria Oakden 12 06/09/1885 Daughter of Josiah & Ann   Marble Headstone
B15 Dorothy Amat 42 05/11/1822 wife of Thomas of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B16 Robert Alsop Wass 55 09/12/1895 killed at Watstandwell Erected by the workmen at the Duke's Quarries Whatstandwell as a token of respect and sympathy in loving memory of of Robert Alsop Wass who was accidentally killed on the Midland Railway at Whatstandwell. In the midst of life we are in death He was in James Jeffries will 1875 Marble Headstone Broken
B16 Susannah Wass 69 16/08/1910 wife of Robert of Crich Carr. At rest nee Alsop daughter of Robert b1810 Marble Headstone Broken
B17 Martha Buckley 63 10/04/1812 wife of John of Holloway nee Amatt Gritstone Headstone
B18 Thomas Amat 86 23/04/1827 of Leashaw Late of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B19 Jeremiah Amatt 16 12/12/1834 of Leashaw he hanged himself Gritstone Ledger
B19 Hannah Amatt 8mth 13/01/1835 of Whatstandwell Bridge daughter of Thomas & Mary   Gritstone Ledger
B19 Elizabeth Amatt 2 24/10/1835 of Holloway Ashover daughter of James & Ann   Gritstone Ledger
B20 Ann Greenhough 74 25/05/1897 of Lindway Lane unmarried daughter of James & Hannah Marble Headstone
B21 Ann Ollerenshaw 44 27/05/1823 of Holloway wife of George nee Flint Gritstone Headstone
B21 Hannah Ollerenshaw 20 16/04/1825 of Ashover daughter of above   Gritstone Headstone
B21 George Ollerenshaw 81 24/12/1858 of Crich husband of Ann   Gritstone Headstone
B21 George Ollerenshaw 6 21/04/1847 of Holloway Grandson of the above   Gritstone Headstone
B22 George Key 71 11/04/1897 of Ridgeway   Marble Kerb double grave
B22 Polexener Key 71 01/03/1905 wife of above   Marble Kerb double grave
B23 Joseph Robinson 57 26/11/1859 of Workhouse Row Crich   Limestone Headstone
B23 Emma Robinson 22 26/04/1853 daughter of Joseph & Ann   Limestone Headstone
B24 William Taylor 3 05/05/1850 son of George & Hannah   Sandstone Headstone
B25 Robert Gaunt 32 16/02/1796 See photograph South Wingfield Gritstone Headstone
B25 Hannah Gaunt 1 11/11/1789 daughter of Robert & Truth   Gritstone Headstone
B26 Robert Gaunt 65 14/08/1891 of Saw Mills Heage husband of Johannah   Limestone Headstone
B26 Mary Ann Lees 41 13/04/1892 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
B26 William Gaunt 36 29/12/1890 son of Robert   Limestone Headstone
B26 Johannah Poyser Gaunt 69 06/12/1895 born 25/7/1826 wife of Robert also two Gaunts in infancy Limestone Headstone
B27 Robert Alsop 47 21/03/1806 of Crich   Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B27 Ellen Alsop 79 02/10/1843 of Ridgeway Duffield wife of Robert nee Haslam Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B27 George Key 71 08/08/1870 of Ridgeway Heage a boatman on marriage Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B27 Mary Key 72 17/08/1875 wife of George Key nee Alsop Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B28 Frederick William Self 36 30/10/1913     Marble Headstone & Kerb
B28 Martha Rebecca Self 56 04/01/1938 wife of above   Marble Headstone & Kerb
B29 Samuel Hambleton 18 25/03/1873 son of Richard & Phoebe   Gritstone Headstone
B29 Mary Hambleton 22 02/08/1878 of Park Head daughter of Richard & Phoebe   Gritstone Headstone
B30 Eliza Wightman 79 02/11/1927   wife of James Marble Headstone & Kerb
B31 Lewis Merchant 54 13/11/1879 of Crich   Limestone Headstone
B31 Mary Merchant 61 03/02/1886 wife of above nee Bowmer Limestone Headstone
B31 William Merchant 61 26/02/1895   brother of Lewis Limestone Headstone
B32 Benjamin Radford 33 31/01/1902 son of Benjamin & Rebecca   Slate Headstone
B32 Benjamin Radford 62 16/01/1903 father of above & husband of Rebecca   Slate Headstone
B33 Hannah Allen 20 19/04/1846 of Wheatcroft daughter of Thomas & Ann   Gritstone Headstone
B33 Joseph Allen 22 10/04/1858 of Wheatcroft son of above   Gritstone Headstone
B33 Henry Allen 25 05/02/1859 of Sheffield son of above   Gritstone Headstone
B34 Elizabeth Johnson 13 29/11/1819 of Edge Moore daughter of Richard & Betty   Gritstone Headstone
B35 Ann Jessop 21 07/06/1833 daughter of James & Ann Wightman   3 Slate insets in Wall
B35 William Wightman 2 25/06/1810 son of James & Ann of Fritchley   4 Slate insets in Wall
B35 Joseph Wightman 43 27/11/1861 of Fritchley   5 Slate insets in Wall
B35 Albert James Wightman 16mth 06/02/1857 son of Joseph & Ann   6 Slate insets in Wall
B35 Thomas Wightman 85 13/03/1888 of Fritchley husband of Hannah a wood turner on marriage 7 Slate insets in Wall
B35 Hannah Wightman 50 01/02/1851 of Bullbridge wife of Thomas nee Frost 8 Slate insets in Wall
B35 Ann Wightman 70 22/02/1853 wife of James of Fritchley   Sandstone Tomb with Railings
B35 William Wightman 47 11/12/1860 of Fritchley   Sandstone Tomb with Railings
B35 James Wightman 69 11/07/1844 Late of Fritchley husband of Ann   Sandstone Tomb with Railings
B36 Jeremiah Odanavant 60 13/10/1797 Late of Leek Staffs fell in house of Samuel Rowe Innkeeper Sandstone Headstone
B37 Hannah Berrisford 51 08/06/1868 wife of George   Slate Headstone
B37 Mary White 2 28/08/1875 of Darnell nr Sheffield Grand child of above   Slate Headstone
B37 Hannah White 23 30/04/1895 of Shirland & Grand child George & Hannah Berrisford   Slate Headstone
B38 George Berrisford 48 12/11/1858 Husband of Hannah   Sandstone Headstone
B38 Hannah Berrisford 16 08/03/1849 second daughter of George   Sandstone Headstone
B38 Mahala Berrisford 11 15/11/1858 seventh daughter of George   Sandstone Headstone
B40 James Lee 51 06/05/1859 of Crich Carr son of John & Hannah   Slate Headstone
B40 Isaac Lee 73 16/07/1880 brother of above & son of John & Hannah   Slate Headstone
B40 John Lee 54 20/11/1893 of Crich Carr & nephew of above & son of Henry & Elizabeth   Slate Headstone
B41 Ellen Tipping 63 26/12/1895 of Fritchley wife of William Slate Headstone
B42 George Bowmer 26 15/07/1857 of Crich Carr they are brothers Limestone Headstone
B42 James Bowmer 26 18/03/1863 of Crich Carr they are brothers Limestone Headstone
B43 William Holmes 55 12/02/1863   son of George & Ann Slate Headstone
B44 William Francis Smith 32 13/07/1900 of Fritchley son of Samuel & Elizabeth son Samuel & Eliza Smith she was Eliza Petts re first marriage Marble Cross
B45 Mary Riley 32 07/11/1873 of Pinxton wife of John   Slate Headstone
B46 Hannah Marshall 44 20/06/1796 wife of Thomas of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B47 Daniel Petts 66 18/07/1869 late of Fritchley   Sandstone Tomb
B47 Mary Petts 78 11/03/1878 of Fritchley wife of above   Sandstone Tomb
B48 John Hardstone 85 21/12/1862 of Park Head   Limestone Headstone
B48 Ann Hardstone 49 01/11/1831 of Park Gate first wife Limestone Headstone
B48 Elizabeth Hardstone 60 05/12/1840 of Park Head nee Taylorsecond wife Limestone Headstone
B48 Joseph Hardstone 28 27/01/1858 son of above of Park Head   Limestone Headstone
B49 Sarah Ann Holden 15 28/01/1859 1st daughter of Nahum & Elizabeth of Crich   a Slate Headstone
B49 Nahum Holden 26 19/09/1880 son of Nahum & Elizabeth he was interred at Barrow in Furness Cemetery he died at Walney Channel a Slate Headstone
B50 Nahum Holden 65 30/10/1886 huband of Elizabeth   Limestone Headstone & Kerb
B50 Elizabeth Holden 72 27/01/1892 wife of above   Limestone Headstone & Kerb
B50 Hannah Martin 58 25/01/1927     Limestone Headstone & Kerb
B51 John Beighton 62 12/09/1842 of Wessington   Gritstone Headstone
B51 Hannah Beighton 47 02/03/1836 wife of above nee Greaves Gritstone Headstone
B51 John Beighton 5 14/08/1839 son of above   Gritstone Headstone
B52 Henry Lovegrove 39 29/10/1811 of Plaistow   Gritstone Headstone
B52 Ann Lovegrove 8 27/03/1812 daughter of Henry & Sarah   Gritstone Headstone
B53 James Hodgin 75 20/11/1854 of Wessington   Sandstone Headstone
B54 Ann Topham 50 06/01/1863 of Wessington Brook   Limestone Headstone
B55 Thomas Storer Storer 31 23/11/1840 of Whatstandwell Bridge   Slate Headstone
B55 Abigail Storer 72 26/02/1882 of Lea Shaw Wood wife of above   Slate Headstone
B56 Mary Storer 70 02/07/1834 wife of Richard Storer & later Thos Alsop should be Mary Alsop a Gritstone H/stone
B57 Thomas Clay Marshall 51 06/09/1897 of Plaistow Green Crich   Marble Headstone & Kerb
B57 Margaret Marshall 83 13/01/1931 wife of above   Marble Headstone & Kerb
B58 David Marshall 62 07/03/1869 of Plaistow Green Crich   Gritstone Headstone
B58 Sarah Marshall 88 02/08/1899 born 11/1/1811 daughter of Francis Clay &wife of David Marshall   Gritstone Headstone
B59 Francis Clay 86 14/03/1838 of Tansley Moor   Limestone Headstone
B59 Martha Clay 72 24/06/1836 wife of above   Limestone Headstone
B60 Hannah Harrison 71 17/01/1904 born 8/4/1832 of Park Head 5th daughter of Francis & Sarah Briddon of Park Head Sandstone Headstone
B61 William Cook 79 07/06/1790 of Tansley   Sandstone Headstone
B61 William Cook 42 07/12/1790 of Crich son of above   Sandstone Headstone
B62 Henry Bestwick 82 27/01/1800 of South Wingfield Lodge   Slate Headstone
B62 Ann Bestwick 62 19/11/1786 wife of above   Slate Headstone
B62 Honor Bestwick 28 07/04/1800 daughter of above   Slate Headstone
B63 Jane Elizabeth Steeple 11 19/10/1858 only child of Obadiah & Mary   Limestone Headstone
B64 John Noble 24 26/01/1864 of Wessington son Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
B64 George Noble 22 17/08/1848 son of Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
B64 Samuel Noble 26 30/06/1850 son of Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
B65 Alexander Watson 73 25/03/1833 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
B65 Elizabeth Hampshire 69 26/12/1833 of Bolehill Wirksworth wife of Thomas   Gritstone Headstone
B65 Thomas Hampshire 84 26/05/1855 of Bolehill Wirksworth husband of above   Gritstone Headstone
B65 Ann Tomlinson 67 26/12/1859 Park Head Wingfield wife of Joseph Tomlinson & niece of above   Gritstone Headstone

Burial records ©valerie jones

Alphabetical Records


Plots A1 to A16 are near the main road side

Plots A16 to A57 are all in the path from the porch to the gate and others are buried under the turf and may have names and dates on them

Plots C1to C162 are at the front of the church near the porch and War Memorial

Plots D1to D257are at the altar end of the church

Plots E1to E396 follow on from D Plots

Plots F1to F399 follow on from E Plots

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