which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burial Plots F302 – F655


Plots F302to F3655 follow on from F301 Plots

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This new section is in the new cemetery, separated from the churchyard by a wall. Access to it is by the road at the side of the church or a gate on the right of the church. All these graves are numbered. This information was last updated by Valerie Jones (nee Lynam) on 11/08/2008.

NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valeries notes Monument
F302 Lily Bainbridge 84 05/11/1980 my dear sister unmarried daughters of Silas & Elizabeth Ann Bainbridge. Granite Headstone
F302 Annie Bainbridge 89 07/08/1992 sister of above   Granite Headstone
F303 Victor Wagstaff 61 27/05/1980 a dear husband and father Lived 23 Chatsworth Crescent Bullbridge Granite Headstone
F304 Polly Johnson 81 20/04/1980 wife of Arthur   Granite Headstone
F304 Arthur Johnson 92 17/10/1987 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F305 George Stables 61 30/04/1980 a brother of Muriel & Ruby   Marble Open Book
F306 Sydney Smith 73 unknown in memory   Marble Vase
F307 Alfred Leonard Burrows 72 17/09/1980 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F307 Emily Burrows 85 17/10/1992 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F308 Desmond Sellors 70 28/09/1980 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F309 Harry Howitt 69 14/10/1980 in loving memory   Marble Open Book
F310 Florence May Swindell 63 28/11/1980 wife of William   Granite Headstone
F311 Francis Herbert Royston Brumwell 62 12/10/1980 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F312 James Tomlinson Duffield 84 18/01/1981 born 6/3/1896 at rest   Granite Headstone
F312 Mabel Duffield 90 14/11/1990 born 20/3/1900 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F313 Ivy Else 64 02/09/1981 wife of Owen   Granite Headstone
F313 Owen Else 85 01/07/1996 husband of above Lived 16 Westbank Ave Crich Granite Headstone
F314 John Will Wragg 52 16/03/1982 son of Eliza and John Wragg Lived 12 New Road Crich Marble Headstone
F315 Manny Williams 78 1903-1981 buried with wife   Handmade Wood Cross
F315 Fanny Williams 84 1904-1985 wife of above   Handmade Wood Cross
F316 Leonard Spencer 61 03/02/1981 a dear husband and grandfather Lived 9 Coasthill Crich Granite Headstone
F317 Charles Harold Riley 61 04/03/1981 a dear husband and grandfather Lived 93 Nottingham Rd Derby Granite Headstone
F318 Audrey Briddon unknown 25/10/1981 loved as a mother and wife Lived 54b Norman Rd Ripley Granite Headstone
F319 John Sparham 58 25/04/1981 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F319 Lorna Sparham 75 28/06/1995 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F320 Jennie Ashman 75 25/06/1981 a dear wife, mother, and grandmother   Granite Headstone
F320 Geoffrey William Ashman 85 29/07/1994 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F321 Margaret Cowlishaw 82 07/01/1981 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F322 William Bowmer 76 17/07/1981 of Whatstandwell a loving husband Lived 1 Main Road Whatstandwell Granite Headstone
F323 Nita Mason 48 1932-1981     White Marble HS
F324 Margaret Anne Chorley 51 24/11/1981 born 27/8/1930 in loving memory   Marble Open Book
F325 Vincent Benjamin Greenhough 73 01/10/1982 born 6/12/1908 buried with wife Granite Headstone
F325 Lenora Greenhough 82 21/04/1994 born 22/4/1912 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F326 Mary Olive Ashman 81 08/12/1981 wife of Frank   Granite Headstone
F326 Frank Ashman 72 02/04/1984 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F327 James Greenall 65 27/02/1982 a dear husband, father & grandfather Lived Incline Cott Dimple Lane Crich Granite Headstone
F328 Thomas Ault 73 15/01/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F328 Edna Amy Ault 86 25/10/2000 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F329 Walter Kneebone 75 29/05/1982 a beloved husband   Marble Headstone
F330 Judith Anne Hodkinson 41 15/05/1982 a dear wife   Granite Headstone
F331 Grenville Towle 27 25/01/1982 a loved husband, son & brother   Granite Headstone

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F332 Fred Allwood 81 18/05/1982 a devoted husband and father   Granite Headstone
F332 Phoebe Allwood 94 31/03/1994 wife of above Lived Park Head Crich Granite Headstone
F333 Leslie George Clarke 62 20/06/1982 a dear husband and father Lived 21 Culland View Crich Granite Headstone
F334 Martin Alan Slaney 23 07/11/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F335 James William Heappey 58 27/07/1982 a dear husband, dad & grandad   Granite Headstone
F336 Dorothy Carol Broughton 38 28/06/1982 a beloved wife and mother   Marble Headstone
F336 Edward Broughton 63 05/01/2002 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F337 Harriet Annie Brown 82 27/07/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F338 Kathleen Sheila Beeson 56 27/08/1982 wife of Derek   Granite Headstone
F338 Derek George Beeson 56 19/09/1984 husband of above Lived 141 Rickneld Rd, Littleover Granite Headstone
F339 Hazel Wragg 44 09/12/1982 a dear wife, mother & grandmother   Marble Headstone
F339 William Wragg 72 27/05/2003 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F340 Olive Siddons 75 14/10/1982 of Fritchley a dear wife & mother   Granite Headstone
F340 Josiah Siddons 85 10/02/1994 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F341 Samuel Oliver 73 28/08/1982 a dear husband   Marble Headstone
F342 Maurice Heappey 42 17/09/1982 a dear son and brother Lived 22 New Road Crich Granite Headstone
F343 Reginald Walter Hawley 77 31/10/1982 a loyal husband and father Lived Moorlands Moorwood Moor Crich Granite Headstone
F344 Herbert Henry Hartshorne 78 15/12/1982 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F344 Sarah Elizabeth Hartshorne 93 31/12/1995 wife of above Lived The Scycamores The Common Crich Granite Headstone
F345 H Edge unknown 01/01/1983     No Stone
F346 Glenys Elliott 42 14/02/1983 wife of Tony & mother of Paul   Granite Headstone
F347 Robert Frederick Heappey 51 20/12/1982 a dear son and brother Lived 22 New Road Crich Granite Headstone
F348 Frederick Catford unknown 25/12/1983 husband of Nellie   Marble Headstone
F348 Nellie Catford unknown 12/11/1991 wife of Frederick   Marble Headstone
F349 Frank Thomas Higginbotham 65 05/02/1983 a devoted husband and father    
F349 Irene Higginbotham 82 16/05/2007 wife of above    
F350 Miriam Eyre Glossop 77 b1906-1983 wife of John Anthony   Marble Headstone
F350 John Anthony Glossop 80 b1904-1984 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F350 John Layton Glossop 74 b1929-2003 son of above Lived Avonmore Aldwick Marble Headstone
F351 Florence Brown 88 07/07/1983 in loving memory   Reconstituted Vase
F352 Gladys Marsh 73 17/06/1983 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F353 Sidney Topham 57 15/07/1983 a dear dad and grandad   Granite Headstone
F354 Vera Eleanor Bull 66 15/08/1983 a dear wife and mother Lived Melkridge House, Dimple Lane Crich Granite Headstone
F355 Mavis Mason 42 20/08/1983 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F356 Cyril Fantom 73 19/07/1983 a dear husband, father & grandfather   Granite Headstone
F356 Grace Ellen Fantom 76 14/05/1992 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F357 Annie Elizabeth Ingram 77 11/12/1983 buried with husband   Grey Marble Headstone
F357 Leonard Ingram 85 04/01/1991 husband of above Lived 2 Chapel St, Fritchley Grey Marble Headstone
F358 Georgina James 75 02/04/1984 a dear wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F358 Albert James 85 29/08/1990 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F359 Joseph Norman Seals 68 04/12/1984 of South Winfield Park a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F359 Beatrice Alice Seals 84 24/07/1998 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F360 William Fox 80 11/11/1983 in loving memory Lived 156 Peasehill Rd Ripley Granite Headstone
F360 Minnie Fox 82 02/05/1988 wife of above Lived St Catherine's Home Glenfield Granite Headstone
F361 Ivor Lester 76 28/04/1984 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F361 Gladys Lester 93 01/11/2006 wife of above Lived Coasthill Crich Granite Headstone

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F362 Lucy Ruth Martin unknown unknown     Stone Pot
F363 Sydney Tomlinson 51 13/05/1984      
F364 Leslie Clarke Martin 60 17/06/1984 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F365 Florence May Matthews 70 07/08/1984 a loving wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F365 Eric Matthews 83 11/09/1996 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F366 Joseph Self 95 20/05/1984 in loving memory Christened 14/7/1889 son of Stephen and Sarah Self of Crich Carr a Gardner) Granite Headstone
F367 Darren Clinton Painter 16 17/06/1984 a dear son killed in a motor cycle accident Lived 1 Jeffries Lane Crich Granite Headstone
F368 Dorothy Carol Broughton 38 28/06/1982 with husband   White Marble Headstone
F368 Edward Broughton 63 05/01/2002 buried with wife   White MarbleHeadstone
F369 Cornelius (Neil) Turner 73 08/03/1984 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F370 Mary Fowles 79 09/04/1984 wife of Samuel Lived 18 Church St Fritchley Granite Headstone
F371 William Crosbie 80 25/09/1984 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F372 Violet Shaw 86 19/12/1984 in loving memory Lived Chadwick Nick Lane Fritchley Granite Headstone
F375 John Nicholson Paddison 59 31/12/1984 husband of Enid   Granite Headstone
F376 Edith Florence Mary Higton 84 10/02/1984 wife of Noel Thomas   Granite Headstone
F377 Arthur E Wragg 74 15/02/1985 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F378 Frederick Raymond Gregory 67 03/03/1985 husband of Grace   Marble Headstone
F378 Grace Esme Gregory 71 12/09/1991 wife of Frederick   Marble Headstone
F379 James Irving 64 03/10/1985 a loving husband and father   Granite Headstone
F379 James Irving 64 03/10/1985 a loving husband and father   Granite Headstone
F380 Thomas Daniel Rix 4 19/03/1985 born 2/11/1980 a dear son & brother   Limestone Headstone
F381 May Worth 77 20/06/1985   Lived St Michaels Close Crich Marble Headstone
F382 Lancelot George Leonard Petts 78 07/01/1985 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F383 Mabel Hilliard 88 07/08/1985 saved and safe Lived 23 The Common Crich Granite Headstone
F384 John Howitt 76 18/07/1985 a dear brother Lived 1 Lavender Walk South Wingfield Granite Headstone
F385 Walter Goodall 87 07/02/1985 born 5/9/1897 Lived 42 Alfreton Rd South Normanton Marble Headstone
F386 George Perkins 55 14/10/1985 a beloved husband and father Lived 6 Rutland Place Bullbridge Granite Headstone & Vase
F387 Winifred Doreen Waring 55 22/07/1985 a dear wife   Marble Open Book
F388 Ida Mary Jones 56 07/05/1985 a loved wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F389 John Henry Williamson 86 21/10/1985 born 4/7/1909 husband of Ivy   Marble Headstone
F389 Ivy Williamson 77 12/02/1993 born 25/12/1915 wife of John   Marble Headstone
F390 Florence Turner 80 01/07/1986 a devoted wife Lived Pump Cott Dimple Lane Crich Granite Headstone
F390a Robert Joseph Curzon Jones unknown 20/06/1988 "Bobby Joe"   White Marble Headstone

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F391 Kenneth Bown 61 15/01/1986 a devoted brother & uncle Lived 24 The Tors Crich Granite Headstone
F391a Kenny Lloyd Denman 5 1986-1991 a child Lived 10 Bulling Lane Crich Marble Headstone
F392 William Harold Hunt 55 15/01/1986 In loving memory Lived 7 Bulling Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F393 Arthur Cooke 81 1905-1986 husband of Olive   White Marble Headstone
F393 Olive Cooke unknown unknown wife we will meet again   White Marble Headstone
F394 I Needham unknown unknown     No Stone
F395 George Thomas Fowler 77 22/04/1986 husband of Rosie   White Marble Headstone
F395 Rosie Winifred Fowler 91 28/12/2003 wife of George   White Marble Headstone
F396 Reginald William (Bill) Critchlow 72 28/01/1986 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F397 Violet Wragg unknown unknown   wife of Cyril 2 White Pots
F397 Cyril Wragg unknown unknown   husband of Violet 3 White Pots
F398 Martyn Roy Parker Slack unknown 05/08/1986 born 14/5/1984 Lived 18 Bulling Lane Crich Grey Marble Headstone
F399 Alfred Holmes 85 18/01/1986 a dear husband and father   Black Marble Headstone
F399 Jessie Holmes 84 11/09/1988 wife of Alfred Lived 28 St Michaels Close Crich Black Marble Headstone
F400 Marjorie Slack 71 19/07/1986     Black Marble Headstone
F401 Marion Edith Glossop 70 18/07/1986 wife of Walter   White Marble Headstone
F401 Walter Scott Glossop 86 15/02/1989 husband of Marion   White Marble Headstone
F401a Revd Canon Gordon Kenneth Bathie 62 09/09/1986 Vicar of Crich 1912-1986   Grey Stone Headstone
F401a Effie Taylor Bathie 87 01/06/2008 wife of above   Grey Stone Headstone
F402 Ian Griffiths 19 11/11/1986     Black Marble Headstone
F403 Violet Mary O'Reilly 79 12/03/1986 wife of Tom   Black Marble Headstone
F403 Tom O'Reilly 61 22/12/1986 husband of above Lived 28 The Tors Crich Black Marble Headstone
F405 Elsie Minnie Ashman 72 12/10/1986     White Marble Headstone
F406 Henry Victor Smith 88 17/11/1986 born 27/11/1897 husband of Edith parents were Joseph Roe Smith a Wheelwright & Annie Elizabeth Grey Marble Headstone
F406 Edith Smith 84 27/03/1988 wife of above born 7/8/1903   Grey Marble Headstone
F407 Desmond Wragg 54 20/01/1987     Grey Marble Headstone
F408 Terence Byard 58 02/05/1987     White Marble Headstone
F409 Horace Ivan Percy Taylor unknown 14/02/1987 husband of Jessie   Black Marble Headstone
F409 Jessie Taylor unknown 23/12/1995 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F410 Edna Spencer 68 04/12/1987     Black Marble Headstone
F411 Lyndon Clive Askew 23 31/05/1987 only son and brother   Grey Marble Headstone
F412 William Henry Day 67 27/04/1987 husband of Florence   Black Marble Headstone
F412 Florence May Day unknown 29/12/1999 wife of above Lived 3 New Road Crich Black Marble Headstone
F413 Mary Ellen Martin 72 unknown   must be 1987 Home made Wood Cross
F414 Sheila Lindsay Stewart 81 08/05/1987 wife of Donald   Black Marble Headstone
F414 Donald Stewart 86 05/11/1990 husband of above Lived 94 The Common Crich Black Marble Headstone
F415 Dorothy Elizabeth Lodge 58 14/09/1987     Black Marble Headstone
F416 Irene Wragg 67 13/11/1987 wife of Ernest   Black Marble Headstone
F416 Ernest Wragg 58 05/12/1988 husband of above Lived 80 Park Ave South Wingfield Black Marble Headstone
F417 Henry Basford 71 12/10/1987 husband of Kathleen   White Marble Headstone
F417 Kathleen Emma Basford 80 21/12/1998 wife of above   White Marble Headstone
F418 William Kedal Daykin 79 19/09/1987 born14/4/1908 husband of Florence   Black Marble Headstone
F418 Florence Peggy Daykin 75 03/03/2001 born 24/10/1925 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F419 Derek R Heappy 60 28/02/1988 husband of Doris   Black Marble Headstone
F419 Doris Heappy 69 30/08/1988 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F420 Gerald Wood 49 18/07/1988   Lived 22 Chestnut Ave Riddings Black Marble Headstone
F421 Maud Althea Dawes 63 13/08/1987 wife of Peter   Grey Marble Cross
F421 Peter Dawes 80 09/06/2003 husband of above   Grey Marble Cross
F422 Lily Taylor 76 21/12/1988   Lived 37 Spencer Rd Belper Grey Marble Cross
F422a Hayley Leanne Greave 2mth 30/11/1991 born 4/9/1991   White Marble Book
F422b Sian-Ann Shortland unknown 28/07/1992 a child   White Marble Heart
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F423 Elizabeth Ann Williamson 46 17/01/1989     Black Marble Headstone
F424 Catherine Smith Lynam 65 01/02/1989   nee Watson Grey Marble Headstone
F424 George Richard Lynam 77 11/02/1998 Market House Crich, husband of above   Grey Marble Headstone
F425 Leslie Bunting 71 02/07/1989     Black Marble Headstone
F426 Elizabeth Mary Brown 70 23/03/1989 wife of late Henry Brown   Black Marble Headstone
F427 Isaac Mareson 87 16/05/1989 of Whatstandwell   Black Marble Headstone
F428 Carol Linda Dodds 46 28/03/1989 born 19/10/1947 Lived 29 Starthe Bank Heanor Grey Marble Headstone
F429 George William Brown 69 1920-1989     Grey Marble Headstone
F430 R Leafe unknown unknown     Black Pot No Name
F431 Derek Tomlinson 60 23/08/1989     White Marble Headstone
F432 Andrew Frank Heappy 79 29/07/1989 husband of Dora   Grey Marble Headstone
F432 Dora Heappy 82 26/04/1994 wife of above Lived Beech House The Common Crich Grey Marble Headstone
F433 George Edward Cartwright 78 29/11/1989 born 7/5/1911 husband of Rhoda   Grey Marble Headstone
F433 Rhoda Sylvia Cartwright 83 24/09/1996 born 8/10/1912 wife of above Lived Cowper Lane Farm Crich Grey Marble Headstone
F434 Olive Katherine Redfern 80 09/12/1989 wife of Henry   Black Marble Headstone
F434 Henry Redfern 84 30/04/1995 husband of above Lived 50 The Common Crich Black Marble Headstone
F435 Ronald Berrisford 77 01/04/1990 from Whatstandwell Lived Culland View Crich. (his sister Irene May married Norman Lynam) Grey Marble Headstone
F436 Blake Beresford 73 24/01/1990 born 13/7/1916 husband of Mary   White Marble Book
F436 Mary Beresford 72 19/07/1991 born 25/11/1919 wife of above   White Marble Book
F437 S Cowlishaw unknown unknown     No Stone
F438 M Pekar unknown unknown     No Stone
F439 Roy Lynam 68 26/04/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F440 Clifford Litchfield 71 13/06/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F440 Olive Mary Litchfield 86 20/11/2007 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F441 William Kneebone 81 27/06/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F441 Beatrice Olive Kneebone 80 04/04/2000 wife of above    
F442 Maria Gillway 88 09/12/1900   Lived Prospect House Denby Black Marble Headstone
F443 Dennis Wain 57 13/06/1990     White Marble Book
F444 James Herbert Lynam 80 09/02/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F445 W Kirk unknown unknown     White Pot with no name
F446 Baden Wragg 62 11/02/1990   Lived 7 Bulling Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F447 John Wallace 60 11/02/1990     White Marble Headstone
F448 Frederick Wragg 72 13/11/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F448 Mary Elizabeth Wragg 86 30/05/2006 Wife of above Lived 4 Jeffries Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F449 Joyce May Wragg 62 14/10/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F450 Dora Wallace 78 06/08/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F450 Charlie Griffin 61 24/10/1990 Partner of the above   Grey Marble Headstone
F451 W Hill unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F451 M Hill unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F451 A Ashman unknown unknown     No Stone
F451 L Ashman unknown unknown     No Stone
F452 Arthur Evan Ashman unknown 20/02/1991     White Marble Headstone
F452 Lily May Ashman Ashman unknown 31/01/2000 wife of the above Lived School House Whatstandwell White Marble Headstone
F453 Jedidiah Henry Land 91 28/02/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F453 Doris May Land 84 02/09/2001 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F454 Leonard Wilson 51 unknown     Home Made Cross
F455 Mary Harriet Alice Emmas-Williams 76 03/05/1991     Black Marble Book
F455 William Hugh Emmas-Williams 87 21/05/1992 Schoolmaster & Freeman of Amber Valley Lived 35 Denby Rd Ripley Black Marble Book
F456 Clarence Crookes 72 31/03/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F457 Ellis Lynam 83 30/03/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F457 May Lynam 80 17/03/1993 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F458 Frances Moss 65 04/11/1991     White Marble Headstone
F458B Joseph Victor Smith 80 06/04/2007 born 30/7/1928   Grey Marble Headstone
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F459 Mary Hunt 67 20/04/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F459 Elland Victor Hunt 83 26/03/2006 Husband of above Lived Rose Cott Amber View Rd Crich Black Marble Headstone
F460 Harold Ellis Hunt 63 27/04/1990     Grey Marble Headstone
F461 Stanley Barratt 76 03/09/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F462 Thomas Brown 85 27/05/1991 born 31/5/1906   Black Marble Headstone
F463 Olive Elizabeth Bendall 70 31/05/1991     White Marble Book
F463 Percy Bendall 71 16/07/2004     White Marble Book
F464 Sidney (Sid)Lynam Harrison 69 06/10/1991     White Marble Book
F464 Joan Mary Harrison 76 25/07/2002     White Marble Book
F465 Irene Curzon 81 19/06/1991 born 9/10/1910   White Marble Book
F465 Joseph Curzon 67 17/02/1966 born 27/9/1899 husband of above   White Marble Book
F466 Dorothy Mary Taylor 69 14/10/1991     White Marble Book
F467 John Wilfred Booth 68 22/10/1991   Lived 17 Chatsworth Ave Crich Black Marble Headstone
F468 Helen Boswell 51 20/11/1991     Grey Marble Headstone
F469 Catherine Mary Bowmer 82 29/11/1991   nee Danby Black Marble Headstone
F469 Alan Bowmer 81 06/09/1996 Husband of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F470 George Gregory -- 12/10/1991 born 13/12/1913   Black Marble Headstone
F471 Eileen Mary Thorpe 62 18/12/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F471 George Thomas Thorpe 69 06/09/1992 Husband of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F472 Len Shaw 68 21/12/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F472 Brenda Shaw 65 12/12/1998 wife of the above Lived 33 Hawthorn Drive Cromford Black Marble Headstone
F473 Sarah Ann Rawson 92 12/03/1992     White Marble Heart
F474 G Stinson unknown unknown     Black Pot no name
F475 Ernest Key 82 03/03/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F476 C Smith unknown unknown     No Headstone
F477 Annie E Wilson 90 30/03/1992     White Marble Book
F478 Roy Brewer 66 16/04/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F478 Bessie Brewer 71 04/12/1998 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F479 Phoebe Agnes Smith 81 03/05/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F479 George Smith 84 27/10/1998 Husband of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F480 Joseph Albert Hodgson 86 25/05/1992     White Marble Headstone
F481 Janet Mary Bowmer 69 1923-1992   nee Toplis White Marble Headstone
F481 Alban Bowmer 72 1907-1979 Husband of the above   White Marble Headstone
F482 Thomas Bowmer 72 31/10/1992 of Fritchley   Grey Marble Headstone
F482 Eleanor Bowmer Bowmer 86 09/01/2001 wife of above nee Burdekin Grey Marble Headstone
F483 John Lynam 87 11/06/1992   of Dial Farm Black Marble Headstone
F483 Hannah Lynam Lynam 82 29/11/1997 wife of above nee Stringer Lived 110 The Common Crich Black Marble Headstone
F484 Roderick Newborough 48 02/04/1993   Lived 11 St Michaels Close Crich Black Marble Headstone
F485 Gordon Barton 84 04/02/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F486 Frank Lee 72 19/02/1993   Lived 3 St Johns Terrace Derby Black Marble Headstone
F487 Bernard Stanley Northridge Julian unknown 03/08/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F487 Vera Julian 96 28/07/2007   Lived 13 Laund Close Belper Grey Marble Headstone
F488 Roy Smith 29 13/04/1993   His photo on the stone Black Marble Headstone
F489 Emily Knowles 75 05/06/1993     Black Marble Headstone
F489 Leslie Knowles 82 05/07/2000 husband of above   Black Marble Headstone
F490 Lizzie Wetton 81 13/07/1993   Lived 3 Chapel Row Crich Black Marble Headstone
F491 Annie Dooley 65 08/06/1993   Lived 26 Aldene Court Chilwell Nottingham Grey Marble Headstone
F492 J Wingfield unknown unknown     Tin Vase no name
F492 D Wingfield unknown unknown     Tin Vase no name
F493 John Joseph Bell unknown 10/10/1993 born 23/9/1923   Grey Marble Headstone
F494 Charles Denis Hodgkinson 78 10/11/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F494 Maud Elizabeth Hodgkinson 81 16/01/1996 wife of the above   Grey Marble Headstone
F495 Marjorie Freer unknown 27/10/1993     White Marble Headstone
F496 John William Bradley 83 30/11/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F496 Tony Bradley 8mths 18/04/1947 son of the above   Grey Marble Headstone
F496 Lily Bradley 90 17/06/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F497 Mary Maycock 82 20/12/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F497B Alexander James Dawes Hemp unknown 13/10/2007 son of Simon & Nicky   Teddy Bear Grey Headstone
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F498 Gordon Robert Charles Isaacs 70 01/01/1994      
F499 John Perry 78 27/01/1994 born 5/9/1915    
F500 Frederick Brown 69 17/02/1994      
F500 Betty Brown 69 20/05/1998 wife of the above    
F501 Grace Gwendoline Fantom 90 25/02/1994      
F502 Janet Doreen Ablett 62 03/12/1994      
F503 William Henry Fox 73 unknown      
F503 Vera Maud Fox 61 unknown wife of the above    
F504 Edna Mary Flint 87 09/06/1994      
F505 Katherine Marie Ball 31 20/07/1994      
F506 Stanley Hughes 70 26/07/1994      
F507 Jennifer Evelyn Richardson 57 09/05/1994      
F508 William Hodgkinson 86 01/05/1995      
F508 Hannah Hodgkinson 91 14/03/1998 wife of the above    
F509 Harry Davenport 64 15/02/1995     Grey Marble Headstone
F510 Frederick Sydney Morris unknown 04/10/1999     White Marble Headstone
F510 Kathleen Morris 89 12/03/2007 wife of above    
F511 Violet Morris unknown 1909-1994      
F512 David Hayton Moncrief 88 05/12/1995     Grey Marble Headstone
F513 Ellen Lynam 86 06/12/1995   nee Humphries third wife Frederick Joseph) Headstone
F514 Nina Hilda Mary Cooke unknown 1913-1995   Lived 8 Cromford Rd Crich Headstone
F515 Robina Harrison 73 14/08/1995      
F515 Dennis Harrison 79 29/09/1999 husband of the above    
F516 Charles William Painter 71 11/03/1995      
  Hazel Painter 70 20/01/2002 wife of the above    
F517 Harold Byard 83 23/11/1995      
F518 Frederick Geoff Roy Askew 59 21/01/1996      
F519 Dennis Wilfred Perry 74 28/11/1995      
F520 J P unknown unknown     No Stone
F521 Albert Whitehead 68 02/04/1996      
F522 George Mitchell Hallam 94 06/07/1996   Lived 88 The Common Crich Headstone
F523 Joseph Patrick Poyser 69 19/06/1996   born 1926 Brother of Ralph Leonard Poyser mother (nee Holmes)  
F524 Violet Gladys Murphy unknown 08/04/1996 born 9/5/1912 The Actress, Singer & Dancer Vie Kay    
F525 Ronald Bacon 71 14/08/1996   Lived 76 Nottingham Rd Ripley Headstone
F526 Pat Bowmer 89 22/08/1996 of Whatstandwell wife of William & mother of Graham see husband's grave F322  
F527 Lydia Louise Bowker 66 10/09/1996      
F527 John Bowker 80 12/05/1999 husband of the above    
F528 Betty Bertenshaw unknown 12/11/1991 born 13/8/1934    
F528 Robert Bertenshaw unknown 13/10/1996 born 14/2/1929    
F529 Joseph William Vallance 92 31/12/1996      
F529 Beatrice May Vallance 94 02/04/2000 wife of the above   Headstone
F530 Jean Winifred Cotton 75 01/08/1997      
F530 Arthur Cotton 77 30/03/1999 husband of the above    
F531 Eva Cowlishaw unknown 27/02/1997 born 28/11/1917    
F532 Joseph Redfern 71 31/12/1996   Lived 43 Cromford Rd Crich Headstone
F533 W Glossop unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F534 Colin Mills unknown unknown     Wooden Home Made Cross
F535 Ruth Louisa Hinds 89 04/02/1997 born 19/12/1908   White Pot
F536 Elsie Jones 101 1896-1997      
F537 P P unknown unknown     No Stone
F538 Grace Evelyn Lewis 80 12/06/1999      
F538 Fred Lewis 64 23/01/1979 husband of the above    
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F539 Katherine Annie Sampson unknown 21/01/1998 born 18/6/1916 Sue  
F540 Gladys May Wheatcroft 76 25/01/1998      
F540 Jim Wheatcroft 78 20/04/1999 husband of the above    
F541 Arthur Turner 83 02/03/1998      
F541 Nellie Turner 49 12/08/1968 wife of the above    
F542 Arnold Fritchley 81 21/02/1998   Lived 1 Ripley Rd Ambergate Headstone
F543 Esme Akers 70 03/07/1998     Headstone
F543 Thomas Akers 74 01/07/2005   Lived 136 The Common Crich  
F544 Anthony Nigel Bunting 33 19/03/1998      
F545 Michael Cowlishaw 63 30/04/1998      
F547 Albert Herbert Jordan 74 18/03/1998      
F548 James Henry Barber 76 17/06/1998      
F549 Amanda Jane Jordan 18 27/06/1998 born 15/11/1979    
F550 Colin White 63 10/10/1998 born 4/6/1935    
F550 Eileen Yvonne White 61 28/09/2000 born 2/5/1939 wife of the above    
F551 Joyce Lester 92 25/06/1998      
F552 Joyce Allen 73 17/10/1998      
F552 George Alfred Allen 78 06/06/2005 husband of above    
F553 Douglas Arthur Williamson 76 10/10/1998      
F553 Dora Williamson 79 03/05/2001 wife of the above    
F554 Kenneth John Bates 71 11/03/1998      
F555 Arthur Barry Street 66 01/05/1999      
F556 Lilian Emma Williamson 56 28/02/1999   Lived Fishpond Farm Plaistow Green Crich Headstone
F557 Dorothy Sylvia Coombes 79 07/08/1999      
F557 Charles Stanley Coombes 81 23/07/1993 husband of the above    
F558 Robert Ellis Mason 71 01/07/1999      
F559 Annie Evelyn Gregory 85 03/02/1999     Headstone
F559 John Gregory 91 27/05/2003 husband of the above Lived Coddingham Hall Farm Crich  
F560 Mona Evelyn Cooke 73 19/05/1999      
F561 Mavis Harrison 77 26/05/1999      
F561 Robert (Bob) Harrison 87 04/07/2000 husband of the above    
F562 Ronald John Bates 58 16/07/1999 born 5/3/1941 Lived 22 New Road Crich Headstone
F563 Graham Hardwick 56 31/07/1999     Headstone/Book
F564 John Wragg 72 09/07/1999      
F565 Keith Petts 60 11/11/1999      
F566 Norman Marchant 83 1916-1999      
F566 Enid Elizabeth Marchant 87 1914-2001 wife of the above nee Joiner  
F567 Alfred Truswell 77 18/12/1999      
F568 Gordon Brown 72 31/12/1999      
F569 Colin Heappey 71 26/05/2000      
F570 Pauline Slack 55 06/10/2000      
F571 Iris (Billi) Etere 72 19/07/2000 born 24/10/1928 Lived 100 Highfield Way Ripley Headstone
F572 Dorothy May Warboys 81 01/09/2000      
F572 Harold White Warboys 84 07/06/2001 husband of the above    
F573 June Daniel 65 08/04/2000      
F573 Steve Daniel 68 25/09/2000 husband of the above    
F574 Joseph William Richardson 75 08/10/2000     Black Marble Headstone
F574 Margaret Richardson 77 25/10/2006 wife of above Lived 14 Bulling Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F575 James Frederick Wragg 79 09/09/2000 born 10/6/1921   Headstone
F575 Joan Elizabeth Wragg 80 01/02/2004 born 28/1/1923 wife of the above Lived 100 The Common Crich Headstone
F576 Desmond Grainger 73 01/04/2001     Black Marble Headstone
F576 Olive Muriel Grainger 74 15/10/2006 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F577 Evelyn Mary Crawford unknown 22/01/2001      
F577 Frank J Crawford unknown 22/11/2002 husband of above & father of Rod, Robert & daughter Jill    
F578 Clifford Gration 90 03/03/2001   Lived Mansion House Market Place Crich Headstone
F579 Vera Annie Hay 83 28/03/2001     Headstone
F579 Alfred Hay 91 09/08/2007 husband of above Lived 49 Woodlands Allestree Headstone
F579 Gillian Margaret Chilvers 61 04/08/2004   Lived 33 Birchover Way Allestree  
F580 Lawrence (Lol) Siddons 64 31/05/2001 born 6/6/1937    
F581 Ronald Holtam 65 24/07/2001   Lived Ivy Dene Market Place Crich Headstone
F582 William Abraham Brown 82 24/12/2001     Red Marble Headstone
End of row at path
Start of new row at hedge
F583 Kevin David Ruston 49 11/08/2001 born 5/11/1952   Black Marble Headstone
F584 Harry Redfern 82 14/11/2001   Lived 12 The Tors Crich Black Marble Headstone
F585 Violet Mary Ball 83 16/01/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F586 Thomas Colin Smith 62 14/02/2002   Lived 26 Chapel Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F587 Kenneth John Barber 50 24/02/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F588 David Heappey 57 19/11/2001   Lived Victory Ave Ripley Black Marble Headstone
F589 Mary Newton 77 14/01/2002 born 21/4/1924   Black Marble Headstone
F589 George Alfred Newton 79 29/07/2004 born 8/8/1914 Husband of above   Black Marble Headstone
F590 Baby Boris Pye unknown 27/02/2002     Grey Marble Block
F591 Florence Heathcote 82 04/10/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F592 Colin Massey Fantom 78 22/05/2002     Black Marble Headstone
F593 Julie Marie Spencer 64 28/05/2002 born 7/5/1938 Lived 35 Hill St Ripley Brown Marble Headstone
F594 Dorothy Edith Thorpe 85 14/06/2002   Dolly Black Marble Headstone
F595 Peter Mills unknown unknown     Brown Marble Headstone
F596 William Frederick Scott 78 13/11/1999 born 27/3/1921   Black Marble Headstone
F596 Agnes Betty Scott 80 14/09/2002 born 13/8/1922 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F597 Desmond Roy Brewell 68 23/09/2002     Black Marble Headstone
F598 George Henry Storer 88 15/10/2002     Black Marble Headstone
F599 Daniel Robert Jones 19 09/07/2002 born 14/8/1983   Grey Marble Headstone
F600 Edna Brown 81 11/10/2002 of Plaistow Green   Grey Marble Headstone
F601 Jervis Willoughby Byard 74 22/12/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
F602 John Joseph Smith 73 21/01/2003 of Cross Farm   Black Marble Headstone
F603 Peter James Woodward 57 15/02/2003 born 25/6/1946   Black Marble Headstone
F604 Dermot Cormal Walshe 68 18/03/2003 born 10/5/1935 Irish Black Marble Headstone
F604 Diarmuid Cormal Breathnack 68 18/03/2003 born 10/5/1935   Black Marble Headstone
F605 Freda Weston 82 22/03/2003     Black Marble Headstone
F606 Joan Evelyn Smisson 81 02/11/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F607 Bernard Smith 74 28/04/2003   Lived 24 The Tors Crich Grey Marble Headstone
F608 Stephen Alan Wathall 37 05/02/2003     Black Marble Headstone
F609 Shaun Derryck Beresford 48 13/06/2003 born 11/12/1954 Angel Man Grey Marble Headstone
F610 Bertram Taylor Fisher 84 24/10/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F611 Elsie Snowden 67 25/04/2003 born 16/3/1936   Wooden Cross
F612 John Derrick Gratton 85 20/05/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F613 Leonard Gee 84 21/05/1998     Black Marble Headstone
F613 Jane Olive Gee 88 11/01/2003 wife of above   Black Marble Headstone
F614 Michael John Perkins 42 11/10/2003   Lived 77 Alfreton Rd Westhouse Black Marble Headstone
F615 William Kenneth Etchells 86 22/12/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F615 Betty Etchells 85 31/10/2002 born 11/10/1917 wife of above   Grey Marble Headstone
F616 David Charles Coulton 68 11/02/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F617 George Holmes 74 01/03/1989     Black Marble Headstone
F617 Annie Holmes 88 02/02/2004 wife of the above Lived 20 The Tors Crich Black Marble Headstone
F618 Dennis Frank Townsend 88 15/04/2004 born 26/6/1915 Husband of Mary   Black Marble Headstone
F619 E Brunt unknown unknown     No Headstone new grave
F620 Rita Pritchett 57 23/05/2004     Black Marble Headstone
F621 Iris Black 75 09/04/2004     Wooden Cross
F621 Dennis William Black 74 15/11/2004 husband of above   Wooden Cross
F622 Baby Regan Leah Thomas unknown 10/10/2004 daughter of Shaun Thomas & Gaynor Barns   Grey Marble H Stone
F623 Tevor William Rodrick Hallam 73 12/01/2004 born 31/8/1931   Wooden Cross
F624 Patricia Ann Spray 58 18/05/2002 born 29/4/1944 of Robin Hood   Grey Marble Headstone
F625 Joseph William Bernard Petts 84 14/05/2005     Black Plaque only
F625 Mary Petts 84 26/06/2007     Black Plaque only
F626 Frank Brown 77 29/07/2005     Grey Marble Headstone
F627 B Holtam unknown unknown     No Stone
F628 John James Murphy 81 22/12/2005     Black Marker only
F629 T Dawes unknown unknown     No Stone
End of row near path This part now full
End of all Gravestones at this time June 2007
New Part started across the path again and bottom of this field started in 2006
Path Edge
F630 Mary Elizabeth Seals 69 01/07/2020     Black Marble Headstone
F631 Michael Francis Hallam 61 14/01/2006     Grey Marble Headstone
F632 Janice Bates 56 04/05/2006 born 30/3/1950   Black Marble Headstone
F633 Nellie Margereson 92 06/06/2006     Black Marble Headstone
F634 Joan Anne Mellors 38 13/07/2006 born 3/1/1968   Black Marble Headstone
F635 Colin Hubbard 64 08/11/2006 born 1/2/1942   Grey Marble Headstone
F636 John Barry Swift 73 23/10/2006     Wooden Cross
F637 Lilian May Wheatcroft 95 12/10/2006     Black Marble Headstone
Next Row
F638 Clifford Hall 81 12/11/2006     Black Marble Headstone
F639 Julie Christine Bland 42 22/12/2006   nee Petts Black Marble Headstone
F640 Mary Charlton Hand 84 28/02/2007     Grey Marble Headstone
F641 Linda Linbourn 62 06/11/2007     Black Marble Headstone
F642 Joan Mary Thorneycroft 91 1915-2007     Black Marble Headstone
F643 Jean Bowmer 65 21/07/2007 born 31/12/1941   Grey Marble Headstone
F644 Maurice Hall 80 08/02/2007     Wooden Cross
F645 Will Wragg 91 08/05/2007     Wooden Cross
F646 Edward Grice 88 23/08/2007 born 23/4/1929 husband of Coral brother of John   Grey Marble H/Stone
F647 John Brown 79 08/02/2008     Wooden Cross
F648 Bernard Redfearn 84 14/07/2008     Wooden Cross
F649 Mary Hawley 83 06/06/2008     Wood Cross
F650 Unknown            
F651 Charles Carson 78 21/01/2008     Wood Cross
F652 Sam Turner 72 08/01/2008 born 2/11/1935   Wood Cross
F653 Mabel Irene Parkin 86 14/12/2007     Wood Cross
F654 Violette Siddons 70 11/09/2007     Black Marble Headstone
F655 William Bates 82 14/07/0200     Wood Cross

Burial records ©valerie jones

Alphabetical Records

Plots A1 to A16 are near the main road side

Plots A16 to A57 are all in the path from the porch to the gate and others are buried under the turf and may have names and dates on them

Plots B1to B65 are at the back of the church near the houses

C Plots 1-162 are at the front of the church near the porch and War Memorial

Plots D1to D257are at the altar end of the church

Plots E1to E396 follow on from D Plots


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