which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically


IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
F502 Janet Doreen Ablett 62 03/12/1994      
E113 Caroline Adams 90 14/10/1953 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
E227 Elizabeth Ann Adkin unknown 09/08/1947 my dear wife   Granite Vase


Esme Akers 70 03/07/1998    


F543 Thomas Akers 74 01/07/2005   Lived 136 The Common Crich  
B33 Hannah Allen 20 19/04/1846 of Wheatcroft daughter of Thomas & Ann   Gritstone Headstone
B33 Joseph Allen 22 10/04/1858 of Wheatcroft son of above   Gritstone Headstone
B33 Henry Allen 25 05/02/1859 of Sheffield son of above   Gritstone Headstone
E55 William Henry Allen 75 17/01/1956 husband of Florence   Marble Headstone
E55 Florence Allen 89 03/09/1972 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F552 Joyce Allen 73 17/10/1998      
D241a Mary Allen 76 25/02/1922 nee Bunting, born 1503/1846 in Bonsall Information from Alan Flint No marker
F552 George Alfred Allen 78 06/06/2005 husband of above    
C154 Thomas Allison 80 03/08/1849 of Wheatcroft   Gritstone Headstone
D156 George Brough Allison 60 08/08/1858 of Crich   Limestone Headstone
E240 John Frederick Allsop 68 02/08/1940 husband of Alice   Granite Headstone Kerb
E240 Alice Allsop 78 07/06/1950 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E383 Mary Ellen Allsop 78 14/07/1925 wife of John   Gritstone Headstone kerb
E383 John Allsop 47 18/04/1892 husband of above   Gritstone Headstone kerb
GR88 Gordon R Allsop 80 16/08/2004     Granite Tablet
F272 Florence Naomi Allsopp 63 22/02/1978 a dear wife, mother and grandma   Granite Headstone
F272 R Allsopp unknown unknown   not on stone Granite Headstone
E214 Thomas William Allwood 74 01/06/1940 husband of Elizabeth   Limestone Kerb
E214 Elizabeth Allwood 77 17/02/1941 wife of above   Limestone Kerb
E215 Albert Allwood 61 12/11/1958 husband of Phoebe   Marble Headstone Kerb
E215 Phoebe Allwood 82 04/08/1979 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F112 George Allwood 73 27/03/1967 husband of Lily   Granite Headstone
F112 Lily May Allwood 71 20/01/1968 wife of above Lived 21 Heath Rd Ripley Granite Headstone
F192 E Allwood unknown unknown     No Stone
F332 Fred Allwood 81 18/05/1982 a devoted husband and father   Granite Headstone
F332 Phoebe Allwood 94 31/03/1994 wife of above Lived Park Head Crich Granite Headstone
F174 Sarah Hannah Allwood 80 13/02/1970 in loving memory Lived Wakebridge Granite Headstone
B27 Robert Alsop 47 21/03/1806 of Crich   Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B27 Ellen Alsop 79 02/10/1843 of Ridgeway Duffield wife of Robert nee Haslam Sandstone & Granite Tomb
D34 Millicent Smith Alton 37 12/10/1894 born 5/10/1857 wife of Winfield Alton   Marble Cross kerb
D34 Winfield Alton 70 12/11/1924 of Ambergate husband of above of Ambergate son of Joseph & Sarah Alton (nee Lynam) Marble Cross kerb
B15 Dorothy Amat 42 05/11/1822 wife of Thomas of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B18 Thomas Amat 86 23/04/1827 of Leashaw Late of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B19 Jeremiah Amatt 16 12/12/1834 of Leashaw he hanged himself Gritstone Ledger
B19 Hannah Amatt 8mth 13/01/1835 of Whatstandwell Bridge daughter of Thomas & Mary   Gritstone Ledger
B19 Elizabeth Amatt 2 24/10/1835 of Holloway Ashover daughter of James & Ann   Gritstone Ledger
D241 James Amatt 33 19/01/1922     Limestone Headstone Kerb
E291 Edith Mary Andrews 89 06/05/1960 in loving memory   Marble Vase Kerb
D149 Hannah Anthony 74 22/09/1871 of Wingfield Park wife of Edward   Gritstone Headstone
D16 Mary Archer 47 04/08/1911 wife of William of Fritchley   Marble Headstone kerb
D16 William Archer 75 03/11/1940 husband andof above   Marble Headstone kerb
F117 Thomas Eric Archer 62 11/08/1967 at rest   Marble Vase
F117 Frances Elizabeth Archer 86 24/04/1990 wife of Thomas   Marble Vase
F117 Roy Ernest Archer 58 13/01/2002 son of above   Marble Vase
E173 Joseph Henry Argile 77 13/03/1950 husband of Mary Ellen   Granite Headstone Kerb
E173 Mary Ellen Argile 74 27/12/1949 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
C139 John Armstrong 42 14/11/1866 of Crich Common   Limestone Headstone
E201 James Ashbey 78 11/01/1949 husband of Susannah   Marble Headstone Kerb
E201 Susannah Ashbey 83 26/06/1962 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E378 Edward Ashbey 59 26/12/1940 beloved husband of Ann   Marble Headstone kerb
D223 James Ashby 60 02/12/1903 of Wheatcroft & husband of Susan   Marble Headstone Kerb
D223 Susan Ashby 58 29/12/1906 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E112 Mary Ann Asher 46 10/03/1953 wife of John   Marble Headstone
F405 Elsie Minnie Ashman 72 12/10/1986     White Marble Headstone
E272 Edgar A Ashman 71 10/03/1948 husband of Sarah   Marble Vase
E272 Sarah Ashman 82 10/04/1961 wife of above   Marble Vase
F320 Jennie Ashman 75 25/06/1981 a dear wife, mother, and grandmother   Granite Headstone
F326 Frank Ashman 72 02/04/1984 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F451 A Ashman unknown unknown     No Stone
F451 L Ashman unknown unknown     No Stone
F452 Arthur Evan Ashman unknown 20/02/1991     White Marble Headstone
F452 Lily May Ashman Ashman unknown 31/01/2000 wife of the above Lived School House Whatstandwell White Marble Headstone
F326 Mary Olive Ashman 81 08/12/1981 wife of Frank   Granite Headstone
F320 Geoffrey William Ashman 85 29/07/1994 husband of above   Granite Headstone
D57 Thomas Ashton 81 18/10/1931   husband of Ann Marble Headstone Kerb
D57 Ann Eliza Ashton 78 09/08/1937   wife of Thomas Marble Headstone Kerb
F411 Lyndon Clive Askew 23 31/05/1987 only son and brother   Grey Marble Headstone
GR49 Stephen W Askew 48 08/02/1995     Granite Tablet
F518 Frederick Geoff Roy Askew 59 21/01/1996      
D60 G. Atkins   25/05/1917 Private T.R.5/86863 91st Training Reserve   Gritstone Headstone
F328 Thomas Ault 73 15/01/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F328 Edna Amy Ault 86 25/10/2000 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F129 Thomas Melvyn Austin 26 09/12/1968 a dear husband and father Lived 87 Derby Rd Ambergate Marble Open Book


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